World of Warships – Cossack First Impression

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Checking out the , appears to need some adjustments but I share my thoughts on the ship. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Destroyer Cossack Replay


  1. 1st comment!!!! 😀

  2. Shit man. I got the Gallant from a Christmas container and I think it’s bad. Not terrible but I would have never bought it by itself. Only reason I like it is because it was free.

    • Gallant is WAY TO DECENT DD. I have it. Never feel bad or good to have it. It’s just too decent.

    • Love me Gallant, mate.

    • Sensha-dō Chi-Ha Tan

      I will take Anshan over the Gallant any day.
      Anshan No. 1 …

    • Lazyboygame describes Gallant very well.
      It is very much a jack of all trades, master of none. Decent guns, torps, stealth etc but not the best in any category. No weak points, no strong points. There are better torp boats, there are better gun boats. It is a Jack of all trades, master of none.
      Myself, I prefer specialist ships that are particularly good at one thing, a particular strong point that I can leverage.

    • I do pretty good with it. I like her. I do better in the Sims and Lenningrard, but I am happy I got her.

  3. The worst premium he say. and how about the Vampire?

  4. the original cossack had 4 x 2 turrets, they only swapped one of the rear turrets for extra AA during the war. Don’t see why they cant have a 4 x 2 version. The Byls has 7 guns and 2 torps. * guns and 1 torp sounds a reasonable variation

    • Did the Cossack ever get the wartime AA-upgrade? Going with the 4×2 turrets (and worse AA rating) could be the gimmick she needs as a premium.

    • Those main guns are actually dual purpose, they should be AA capable.

    • They are dual purpose – but they downgraded the X-turret to twin 100mm guns, obviously 100mm are more effective AA than 120mm.

    • HMS Cossack was never converted she was sunk in 1941, so this should be a hull upgrade on the tribal class in game but also in this case should have the 20 mm Oerlikon guns for aa.

    • just throwing it here that Błys cannot fire torps one by one like all brit ships can…

  5. This sounds like the perfect premium like in the old days of world of tanks when premiums where worse than any fully upgraded line vehicle of the same tier.

    • Ushio01

      Yeah but sadly the current meta means that that makes it shit…

    • Sadly, trouble with that is something called “buyer’s regret” It discourages spending. “I bought this thing and its crap. Okay I won’t buy anything. The bought stuff is crap.” Not good if you rely on people spending voluntarily in order to make money. People won’t analyse the pros and cons of each item. They just table flip and walk off.

    • Oh don’t worry. After that WG will most likely buff it. And then…..

      New Video: ” Cossack, the new Belfast”. XD

    • Sensha-dō Chi-Ha Tan

      Premium vehicles are supposed to be equally good as researchable vehicles and not better neither worse. In the end of the day people purchase these premium things with real money so we shouldn’t get trashes in return.

  6. Such a famous ship such a shame that WG are such c***s. This should be way better than any other tier 7 dd.

    • Taigan why?
      Why not make it balanced?

    • 80 years ago, some brits designed a destroyer with low speed, bad gun angles and not enough torpedoes. BLAME IT ON WG!!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneone


    • WG makes a premium better than a non-premium = “F*CK WOWS DAMN P2W MONEY GRABBERS”

      WG makes a premium equal or weaker than a non-premium = “UUH WG YOU CUCKS WHY DON’T YOU GIVE ME MY MONEY’S WORTH!”

  7. Maybe they are planning to give this dd away?

    • Give us some halfway-decent and sanely structured missions somewhere in difficulty between those for Vampire and DOY and I’ll grind for her like nobody’s business, as-is, no changes.

  8. If the went with the original fit of 4 primary mounts instead of the 4” DP guns in the X position and just made it a great gun boat.

  9. Notser you can press F to reload your topr launcher even if you haven’t sent all torps. BTW I doubt that the Roma captain had concealment expert or he’d had disapeared long before being killed. Nearest ship was at 13 kms and they were still firing on him.

    • Quo Niam

      Whoa… wait… whut?

      “Press F to reload”?

    • Yeah, but doesn’t that reload ALL tubes, so if you have fired 2 , well you lose those?

    • I don’t remember but I think that it does reload every tube on the launcher, so if you launch two torps and press F, you’ll have to wait, but try it on a British cruiser to check because I always forget about that feature. It is still useful when you have nothing in range and that you need a full launcher for the next run because your launcher will remain on the remaining unlaunched torps if you don’t fire all torps on the launcher.

    • @ Narcosis Yeah it is not a quote nor a joke.

  10. They should just give it the 4.7″gun configuration for X turret. That’s what it had during its moment of glory at Narvik.
    4×2 4.7″ would save this ship. As it is right now I ain’t touching this ship.

  11. Ya; a 4×2 main battery would be historically justifiable on a Tribal class as this is how they were originally built. The current Cossack test configuration represents a refit to the Tribals that was started in the second half of 1940 wherein the 4.7″ X-position turret was swapped for a HA 4″ turret with better AA capability. I’m not sure Cossack herself ever recieved this refit as she was lost in May 1941. Regardless, even if she did get this refit she didn’t carry it for very long. Further, during her most famous engagement — the Altmark raid February in 1940 — she definitely would have been in the original 4×2 4.7″ configuration. All this makes WG’s decision to model her with a 3×2 4.7″ main battery fairly nonsensical it provides neither historical accuracy nor gameplay balance.

    • Having the one turret removed was correct as if you read, they were all called in and had one turret removed and replaced with an AA mount after becoming the primary target for the Luftwaffe.

    • Clearly you did not read my post as that’s exactly what I said. As built, and at the outbreak of the war through the Norwegian Campaign, the Tribals (including the Cossack herself) saw combat with a 4×2 4.7″ main battery. From late 1940 on, they were refit to mount a 3×2 4.7″ battery, plus a 4″ HA mount in the X position. So either configuration is historically viable. Since it appears that 4×2 would be a better choice for game balance, which to go with in the game seems a no-brainer to me.

  12. HE shatter and still sets a fire lol. I’m so fucking tired of HE in the game right now. It is the sole reason I’ve given up on the game.

  13. Historically, what WAS the/a unique aspect/benefit of the COSSACK? Perhaps WG can focus/expand on that!?

  14. I want Haida..

  15. Last time Devs listened to community contributors, Duke of york became a useless and not interesting crap.
    So I hope they won’t. Just because you are making videos, doesn’t make your opinion better than others.

    • I completely agree, my opinion is no better than anyone else’s. I’m just sharing the gameplay and hopefully you can gain a good bit of information to decide for yourself

  16. I’m so fcking done with these shit teams every game.

  17. (Graf Zepllen)- “I hold the record for the worse premium”.
    (Cossack) Hold my beer.

  18. “Noster the Tribal was designed with the 8 gun system it was a in war change to 6 guns and 2 102 mm but in this game they are counted as secondary but in reality it was a small drop off in fire power for increase AA (also 20 mm Oerlikon guns added).
    However the HMS Cossack never had the upgrade and was sank with the 8 120 mm gun configuration.” This is wrong I looked at her Jan 41 refit but this happened on a May 40 one (listed as a repair which had threw me).

  19. Call me crazy but… single launch torp systems on DD’s seem to excel in destroyer versus destroyer knife fights…

    You can continually adjust the aim as it usually takes only 2 or 3 trips to sink a DD…

    Or at least that was my experience with the Smith.

  20. I saw this ship in a random battle on the south east asian server today. Not test server live server is it already out ? I know it says WIP but why would this be on the live server in today

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