World of Warships – Cossack Impression

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Testing the tier 8 version of the Cossack, 8 120mm guns and your standard DD traits. Really positive impression and excited to see more DDs show up in the future. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII British Cossack Replay – Discord Server

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  1. Happy 4th to all my Fellow American Naval Enthusiasts

  2. Hello you cheeky little comment reader.

    Have a nice day :3

    Happy Independence Day to the people who celebrate it.

  3. cries in Kagero

    • Agree, they should nerf Cossack’s concealment, what’s the point of kagero then, it gets worse guns, worse torps, arguably even worse smoke, till now it could at least work with it’s consealment 300 m buffer to say ChungMu, or Yuyang is not good, but there is a chance to get away, with this, what’s really the point?

    • indeed. 5.1 concealment is… wow, why play Kagero lol?

    • laughs in *V-25 & Longjiang*

  4. I’m quite happy with this radar meta, makes the game much better keeping the DDs number low for all the matches.

  5. A teamm8 killed a ship with his KIEV and his secondary turret 😀

  6. 5.1 concealment and 2.5 while in smoke. You gotta be effing kidding me WG.

  7. 5.1 concealment with a great gunpower, so you can outspot and surprise torpboats? Yes, perfectly logical.

    • Thats how you ruin the IJN DDs.

    • Yeah but that’s a bit too much historical accuracy. Where is the balance? Let’s not forget this an arcade game.

    • Don’t you mean most of the IJN? Seems as more time goes on, whatever specialties they had have either been nerfed or trumped by another faction (ie. Pan Asian DD’s). Cruisers get better with Zao at the end of the rainbow (though you have to get through Aoba first) but the DD’s and BB’s…… meh.

    • We get that it’s historically accurate for british dds to be good at hunting other dds, but this is gonna make the japanese dds lives even harder than they already were (and they’ve been getting the short end of the stick for a good while already).

    • All you need to do to fix IJN DDs is make their torpedoes stealthier and just use handwavium to say all T-V onwards use oxygen torpedoes, because historically the IJN refitted their ships with oxygen torpedoes as soon as they perfected the design. Even if this is only an upgrade or option available, they need harder to detect torpedoes.
      Also, buff *all* Japanese DDs T-V onwards with 300-500m better concealment.

  8. 5.1 concealment with hydro ?? Really WG ? Pay to win till the end 0.0?

    • Ian Huang ya but no matter how much you try you can’t pay to win with IJN WG still bitter about Tsushima

  9. Why did that buffalo not charge you? You even had torps up at that point, you had 2 ways of killing him easily

    • Also for that last Kiev, could have thrown some torps at the smoke. Charging in for a gun kill left your right flank visible for blapping

    • The DD is not in the tech tree, thus he probably didn’t know that he only had one set of torps. So he was cautious, and probably thinking that Notser was further away in the smoke since he couldn’t spot em where he thought he was located and didn’t want to eat a second set of torps.

  10. i kinda hope they add the Haida to the Commonwealth tree or any Canadian ship for that matter

  11. Seriously i will sell all my IGN DDs. Wtf will you wont to play them anymore. Even my beloved Kami is useless … 🙁

    • There is one IJN DD that is yet to be power-creeped (guns wise)…

      Akizuki would easily slap cossack in a straight-up gun fight. DPM wise, ducky has 30K (+18%) higher HE DPM, 71K (+38%) higher AP DPM while when its sub-6.5KM~, it fires lasers. After all, ducky is the only T8 that can comfortably solo-kill all T10 DDs (gearing and Khaba included).

    • Make The Imperial German Navy Great Again!

  12. All I see in this is Akizuki but better.

  13. The AA is bad because the British 120mms are not truly dual purpose. The “secondary” turret was the twin 102mm AA cannon retrofitted to some tribals.

  14. No win scenario, ultimate Kobyashi Maru.

    • There is a way to win the Kobyashi Maru though. Spock was wrong. Klingons will _always_ duel you if you challenge them to single combat. Flamethrowers at ten paces, and everybody goes home happy.

  15. Are they going to nerf the radar? I was in my Shima yesterday and in every game i played in it i was radared for about 10 minutes in each game. With all the ships now that have radar its killing the DD game play.

    • Is there a lot of radar right now? Yes, but that’s only because of the release of the US light cruisers and the American campaign. Give it time and the game will go back to 5 BB, 5 DD and 2 cruisers like it been like forever on the NA server. We primarily cruiser players have been marginalized for so long its like a breath of fresh air playing right now.

      That being said, simple fix for radar, make it line of sight, like how it works in the real world.

    • Fight stupid with stupid, 20km torp lol

    • Andrew Liu ya and never hit anyrhing

    • Anthony Ware have faith in dumb straight sailing bots

  16. PerfectPotato_EU

    SInce I already like the Haida and the pure hunter aspect AND it is Royal Navy it’s a must buy anyway (collector here). The 5.1 is ridiculous though radar meta or not. Japanese should always have the best concealment given the weak ROF except for the larger AA Line DD’s. I am not much into DD’s yet but it feels the IJN’s always get shafted first when such a beast is released.

    • This is why WG doesn’t give a shit about balancing the game…because people “collect” broken ships just because they are modeled after real world ships. Go build or even buy a model if “collecting” is your thing and stop supporting slimy business practices.

    • PerfectPotato_EU

      Of course not. I will play them to the best of my abilities in whatever meta comes up because I am able to adapt. I don’t whine and blame it on balance when mostly the captains are the far worse factor in matches. XD

  17. its sounds like the british DDs will finally stomp Japanese DDs into 100% impotence.

  18. how can you open up gun angles on a real design? move the guns forward? :prepared for a facepalm:

  19. Leave the concealment at 5.1 km. The Cossack appears to actually be useful at hunting DD unlike most IJN DD’s so why leave the IJN ships with the one trick that is not that useful to them.

    The IJN DD’s need to be completely reworked, WG can’t just rely on concealment being the only unique trait and ignore the generally woeful guns and nerfed torpedoes.

  20. Looks like a good boat, although 5.1km concealment is way too small. I do agree with it matching the IJN DDs, around 5.5 or so, but 5.1 … just no.

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