World of Warships: Cossack Preview – New British DD [WIP]

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of the – she is really bad. The are ridiculously bad.

footage of the destroyer Cossack.


  1. Aerroon, what do you think about the Midway’s fighter nerf?

  2. That destroyer Unsinkable Sam was on and it was sank because of the cat.

  3. I really hope they buff this. If they want to sell this for actual money there is no reason it can’t be as good as the Ghadja Mada which uses DWT by the way.

  4. LOL this ship is like the premium IJN cruiser Yubari ^_^;;
    Equally horrible. Atleast this is a DD and it has smoke. The Yubari acts like a DD but no smoke.

  5. You’re playing it wrong, obviously secondary build is the best way to play this ship

  6. Too bad it isn’t better and I hope it becomes better — HMCS Haida was used as the model for this and is the LAST Tribal Class afloat in Hamilton Ontario and had a proud and active service.. the 4″ Secondary was dual purpose so should be a main as well. Hope the buff it ’cause as a Canuck I want it’

  7. Given previous examples of WG cutting and pasting, why wouldn’t they simply make it a clone of the GM as a starting point? They can then alter it to give it a different flavour if they feel it’s necessary, but if it’s demonstrably worse in significant respects with no compensating strengths you’d be brain dead to want it, especially when you consider the outrageous prices they charge.

  8. Well the hull model and Gun are exactly Gadjah Mada, just they think it is ok to move down the back turret for a secondary it seems.
    Shell arc, dispersion, and torp arc also exactly Gadjah Mada.
    I forgot to check speed, but if it is 36 knot, then it also Gadjah Mada.
    14K HP also same as GM.
    How about the smoke ? Did you see any special trait Aerroon?
    Well pan asian smoke also a distinctive flavor of GM.
    How about fire chance ?
    Is it good enough to make the ship secondaries build ? Like fire rate, calibre, etc.

  9. Yep knowing WG and their way of thinking, to address the rear turrent and torp issues we have removed the rear turrent and torps, k thanks, money pls…

  10. I wonder if the gimmick of firing torps from the front like in the earlier GER dd’s could make this interesting, but it sounds like it desperately needs a whole lot more. Thanks for the review.

  11. This is what happens when the brits make tea at sea

  12. I guess somebody already mentioned it, but you can reload British torp launchers single tube … i.e you fire 1 torp and trigger a reaload ….

    • Yeah, I know, but in that case you might as well fire all of them, right?

    • afaik a single torpedo reload is shorter than full launcher … I think Flambass tried that on the HMAS Vampire. I have yet to test it myself, but basically you can launch a torpedo every 20 or so seconds, which would make for some interesting options at times …

      however I’s still take 2×4 torpedo config over that :-)))

  13. In the latest version of the game, you can reload partially emptied torpedo tubes. It’s the F key if memory serves.

  14. Hey aerroon, why dont you play world of warplanes? because you wanted to play another game right? so why not try it out?

    • No, I don’t want to play other games, because that pulls me away from everything. Besides, when I want to play something else I generally just find something easily. Thanks for the suggestion though. I have thought about trying World of Warplanes out.

  15. I’d free XP past this in a Tech Tree. Zero chance of buying it.

  16. It’s a t7 destroyer, what did you expect? 😛

  17. They could remove the secondary and add another main gun turret.
    Historically the Tribal class were build with 4×2 gun set up but the X turret was removed to allow for the AA mount you see in the Cossack there.
    A weakness of British destroyers in the war was the lack of a good DP gun mount so they had poor AA at the start of the war.

  18. All those crying for Haida will rejoice that the first Tribal class DD in the game is terrible ;p

  19. I know you played well this game because of capping, but this DD is Garbage.

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