World of warships – Cossack WiP

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Here is the brand new ROYAL navy tier 8 DD, the Cossack.
It has something VERY special about it…’s detection.
It’s like nothing else in the game right now, at least not in this tier and I love it.
It’s definitely different and it can inspire you to play different.
Ofc you will have to keep in mind that radars are even more deadly to this thing for obvious reasons.


  1. yay last 🙂

  2. MajesticDemonLord

    I approve of more RN ships…

  3. conspiracy theory…everyone that plays is watching the Flambass live stream on another monitor…

  4. Holy shit…. 5.1 concealment? Wow…. You think RN dd will be that low?

    • Shiun Lee if you look currently at the DevBlog, yes, the T10 for example, has ABX 3×2 turrts wih shit AP, 1.7k HEAlpha, 2.5s reload, 5.5km concealment, and 114mm guns (so you will need IFHE); currently at least

    • nope dev. blog cossack just got it concealment nerfed

  5. finally a DD that suits my crazy super risky decision making that always gets me into a LOT of trouble ahahahahah

  6. 1.33 minute reload for 4 torps? ridiculous

  7. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    One advantage of being a huge potato like that Scharnhorst is that you tend to be totally unpredictable, since you are unable to think like a Homo Sapiens.

    • Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

      Scharnhorst was watching his target indicator… when he is targeted, 1 or 2 sec not targeted and then targeted again… it takes no genuis to know torps are comming. Flambass should have kept the torps selected. So that was a missplay by Flambass.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      Nope that is not how it happened. Period. You are WRONG. Flambass initially targeted him at 6.26 for one second. Then he targeted an other guy, no movement from the Scharnhorst.Then he retargeted the Scharnhorst at 6.35. At 7.31, almost a full minute after the second targeting Flambass starts launching his torps. Still no movement from the Scharnhorst. After a FULL minute of being targeted! And then, suddenly after being still and targeted for all that time at 7.42 he starts moving….That is not how a player that suspects that torps are coming is reacting. If that was the case he should have started moving right after Flambass first targeted him at 6.26.

    • Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

      ok, that has gone past me 🙂 now i understand all the scharnhorst potato comments.

  8. That wasn’t the smartest Scharnhorst ever.

  9. Cro v Eng…. who’d a thunk it?

  10. 5.1 detection range… holy shit.

  11. ”mhm.. ill show you flamu ” :”D

  12. “Go away Flamu .. Umhum … I’ll show you Flamu” XD

  13. WoWs Dev-blog just posted some changes to the Cossack, its detection goes up by approx. 0.5km, but it gains much better firing arcs on the turrets.

  14. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Yeah that one guy it seem to me he might have been Stream sniping.. But i could me wrong, it was to much of a coincidence.. But bro you are a bad man, my wife and i love watching you play this game not many that can hold a candle to you……🚢

  15. is this just another op premium? 5.1 detection on t8 sounds like a dream

  16. And the detection is already going to be nerfed. (better turret angles now, tho)

  17. Cossack in store when? Wallet is anxious.

  18. I like a dd that will allow you to live on the edge.

  19. 2:21 what the?!
    16:02 not again?!
    So Hydro now has activation voice line?

  20. I have one question is AP any good? I saw you deal damage, but from devblog posts and reviews I understood, that british dd AP is trash and one should only use HE, that does tone of damage and has good fire chance.

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