World of Warships – Courbet First Impression

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Taking out the Courbet, 305mm guns and simple layout for a battleship. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IV French Battleship Courbet Replay


  1. Nice Vid Notser.

  2. From what I’ve heard there is some bug or something like it when enemies get too close to islands/terrain and you shoot at them. That might be why that salvo missed completely, but who knows. Battleships are always gonna be battleships every now and then 🙂

  3. Is that the Großer Kurfürst in the outro?

  4. Hey Nots, why dont you upload a world of warplanes video?

  5. The last citadel for the whole day :(((((

  6. Having played all the available BBs, how would you rank them by nation in terms of effectiveness and fun (which might vary) and what are the stand-outs by tier? I know that’s a bit of an involved answer, but I suspect plenty would like to know.
    If you’d like a slightly less detailed version to answer, if you were starting from scratch which nations would you play in order of best to worst?

    • this depends pretty heavily on your play style. IE Alot of people love the German BBs, But even after working all the way to the kurfurst… I basically HATE all of them. Their accuracy is garbage, and later tiers, you cant use all your guns without taking MASSIVE damage. while I find the Japanese BBs fit me best( Manuever to the best spot, weakening the enemy until they cant hold much longer, then Pushing straight through their remaining resistance.)….
      It just depends. But Best line? IMO best balanced line to play is japan Due to good guns, and the ability to disengage at will at most tiers., next being Probably britain just because they can remove bow tanking. then america for good guns, and at later tiers the most overall balanced ships. Germany last, just due to overall issues with accuracy, limited guns, and the need to get close to be most effective( good luck with that on 80% of teams.)

    • Yet I would have chosen IJN BBs last. Favour selfish, static play. Boring. The worst examples of BBs sitting back being worthless are almost always IJN. Not that I’m accusing YOU of that, just to be clear, but I never liked them (and I reached Yamato in Alpha when its AP did even more damage than it does now).

    • Playing bb is all about the guns so I have say my fav is usn line. I value reliable hard hitting guns more than any other things playing bb.

    • USN. NM, Colo, Iowa, and Montana are gods.

  7. Notser the Courbet’s turrets would probably be referred to as AB-PQ-XY pattern. While the Kaiser’s middle turrets(PQ) are in what was called an en-echelon arrangement.

  8. I have the 0.7.1 update but I can’t find french BBs and the relative collection… how can I get them?

    • I read somewhere that French BBs come out in 0.7.2. WG say that the new clan wars T10 “rent” ships will be withdrawn from the renter players with the same patch. Given that the next clan wars finishes April 16th it would seem that we will have to wait until then for full access to the line. That seems a long time to me, so they may come before then I suppose in a, but who knows? The missions that can lead to winning the French ships are presumably around now but you won’t be able to grind the line until full release.

    • Just French Collection to start with unfortunately….
      chance of Mission to unlock & if completed you can Obtain some of their BB’s from the Line Prior to Release…i know, Hype? right?

    • The Collection begins 02/09/2018. French Battleships themselves come out in 0.7.2 so basically within the next 24 hours they should appear depending on your region. Of course if you use mod packs like the Tech Tree Unlocked, you can of course view all ships in the game at any time.

    • The collection comes out in Friday also you have a chance of getting personal mission which you can complete to get some of the French BB’s

    • the Kronshtadt has turned my head???…

  9. Finally someone bothers to review the lower tiers! Thanks man 🙂 Seems to be hard to review a ship that actually DID exist.

  10. “Take me down to citadel city my guns ain’t big but they crit real pretty”
    Theme song of the French BB line.

  11. I surely do look forward to these videos 🙂

  12. “And that’ll probably be the last citadel of the whole game”
    *Caledon sails into range*

  13. Thanks again Notser for this complete review of French ships. Always with objectivity and profesionalism (rather good French pronunciation! 🙂 Hello from Lyon (France) not the Lyon (Mississippi 😉

  14. Love how u say he gonna pull a notser

  15. Wouldn’t have a 19pt commander on a tier 4? You mean I shouldn’t have a 19pt on my Clemson? Because it seems awesome.

  16. i dont even have one 19 point commander highest is 14…have too many ships

  17. I’d love to know which of the French BB Line were real, planned, or pure paper/ WG creation.. could you mention that along the way?

    • I’m not entirely sure but:

      T3-4-5-6 (Normandie + Dunkerque ) -8 were real.
      T7: Real ship but construction cancelled. The last hull is an imaginary US refit.
      Gascogne (T8 premium):real and complete design but cancelled.
      T9: Design supposed to be the successor of Richelieu-class.
      T10: Papership from WG.

  18. For some reason i mixxed up notser with i chase

  19. Well… I have a seventeen-point commander on HMAS Vampire and a sixteen-point commander on SMS Nassau (#GloriousKruppstahlMasterRace) so…

  20. I like slow BBs, im less likely to overextend in them

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