World of Warships – CR33D vs CR33D

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I ran into Flamu and Runner357 in the opposing team few days ago.
It was a rough battle for me and they are tough opponents to play against but it was also fun.
It’s all about predicting your opponents move and reacting to it on time.
Can’t say I’m looking forward to play against opponents like them any time soon 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. skeletaur skull night

    Et pour la coupe du monde :gg les français

    • GG les Africains ( 80% de l’équipe ) et Musulmans ( 50% de l’équipe ) tu veux dire…Tu sais, ceux après qui les Français chialent sans arrêt comme des flocons en fusion? xD

  2. Triggered Flamu is best Flamu

  3. ‘I didn’t expect him so deep’ – That’s what SHE said!!!

    I will see my self out…..

  4. Kristof Kolumbus

    tbh, I would more expect Flamu in DM and Runner in Monty… but well xD
    I’ll rather keep my comment…. But your team did just better job. EZ like that 😉 GG Flambinio !

  5. My first Des Moines games in a long time and of course I end up facing you. And I of course have to live thru this horrible battle with my bad team and worse aim again. Thanks Flambass

  6. Hopefully Flamu puts one out from their team, well played Flambass. Love the free entertainment!!

  7. watched the first 30 seconds – paused to get popcorn (this is gunna be great) not dis appointed 12/10

  8. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    Flamu is in Cr33d too?

  9. 404 team not found……..stealing

  10. Top 10 Anime Battles: Flambass V Flamu (+Runner). So finally, the greatest question in all WoWS History is now answered.. who would win? FLAMBASS of course! <3

  11. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Yeah definitely GG, your team played that well.. And man i can see Flamu, like he says on his channel.. Yeah!! They see Flamu and of course they want to get me out the game and focus fire me.. (RAGING) LMAO…..🚢

  12. Dip-Dip Potato Chip

    Tbh, the amount of matches where you lose and still had fun, in this game, are so small, that “gg wp” has lost its meaning a long long time ago

  13. When Gods collide…

  14. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Hello Flambass And whoever reads this
    With The recent summer sales are always a good way to get some nasty things But I don’t know what should I do I currently have quite a load of premiums Atago Tirpitz Shanhorst Prinz Eugen Missouri are the ones I use most Belfast Nelson Sims (from a box and thankful for that cause the ship, for me, is awful) and Leningrad are the others I almost never use Those are the “high tiers” My question is that I should pick a Kii for my IJN BBs, Lo Yang for maybe go up the Asian DD or just get the historical ones I always wanted (Spee and Warspite) Maybe I could consider Perth , for having a truly new experience Or I could just buy premiums I have for doubloons? I really don’t know
    Thks all who answer

    • pick what you enjoy to play .. if you are a BB main then grab a BB .. if you love the thrill of ducking and diving in a DD then grab a DD … stick to the class you have fun in .. Good Luck Captain 🙂

    • Ondřej Čmelák

      As someone who enjoys the history behind ships, Warspite and Graf Spee were my “insta picks”. I really enjoy both of the ships (Warspite massive and accurate guns are lovely and Spee is cruiser killer). From my point of view their biggest weakness is that they are tier VI and with higher mm they require some skills to play them smarter and actually do something against TVIII. Anyway both are absolutely beautiful ships that will shine in your harbor!

  15. “I did not expect him so deep.”

    -flambass 2018

  16. Flamu je odraslo dijete, plače više od moje 7 mjesečne curice….poznaje igru ali realno bolji si streamer od njega. Samo naprijed, pozz iz Splita.

  17. Patrick Joergensen

    Flambass I need some serious advice.

    Had a Gearing match just now, with that 12 fire/flood task enabled.

    299.335 dmg, 17 floods and 4 fires, top of my team’s scoreboard with 2142 base XP (the top player on the opposing team had 2047) but it was a loss.

    Do you have any idea about a strat that isn’t to severly affected by MM giving you incompetent team-members? Because even though I’m not a bad player per say, it is still not an everyday occurance for me to get a game like that 😛

    • Not sure what you’re asking me:
      To HAVE bad team mates on purpose or to NOT HAVE bad team mates on purpose and the answer to both is NO I don’t know xD
      MM is not skill based

    • Patrick Joergensen

      Flambass I know MM is not skill based; but I know you had som trouble with that particular task as well, so I was wondering if you figured out a way to consistently get the required amount of fires and floods so that you could focus on working on the base XP and the winning part (all though if you get that many fires and floods you are almost certainly in the top to begik with) xD

      I am trying different things myself, such as not rushing caps at the start, but I always miss one of the 3 criterias 😛

  18. HaHa they new what you do, luv your reactions. keeps me wattching 😉

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