World of Warships – CR33D vs WGP2W

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2nd time we meet WGP2W in one night.
Game was crazy and tight as hell, gg wp.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. GG, Thanks to great teams and a Yueyang I finished out the PT combat missions, obtained rank 1, to earn the copper to buy perma camo for the Z-23 and Edinburgh. PT combat missions complete.

  2. Jourdan Fernandez

    Extremely satisfied as well, so much tension and drama esp at the 700pt mark!

  3. lel I was fast… xD Came when there was only 6 views. xD

  4. Nice game lads… gg

  5. MajesticDemonLord

    GG – What an epic push

  6. Where did you sent our brave Hans, you bad Flambass.
    Does Mrs. Flambass likes our great Hans. LOL
    Bring him baaak or Mrs. Flambass will stand by you when you play. 😀

  7. I hear Flamu’s voice, but i dont see him there… What’s his in-game name?

  8. Some trucker nearby timed its reverse perfectly, so your destroyer had a 3rd party reversing truck beeper sound affect when you were backing away from that island at the start of the match. Next thing you know someone will find a way to get reverse lights and a light bar on your ship. Maybe even get the police red and blue light bar when you’re chasing down a battleship

  9. #CommanderHans!!

  10. Anyone here need detonation signals?

  11. Wheres the video were you detonated? Flamu didnt sound too excited about it. Missed the stream so i was hoping to catch it on youtube

  12. This match shows how poorly designed the game is with Zao at a significant disadvantage because of a lack of radar and them having to suicide push to counter Moskava’s radar. Radar should never work through islands and needs to be drastically nerfed in the way it works.

    • Zeitgeist X you are kidding right? Its one of the few ships in CW that can go stealth if it wants to, burn anything it wants and has actually useful torps. Zao’d gets used all the time snd there is no limit on how many ships of a specific nation you can take, outside of cruiser/BB/DD limits.

    • Zao at a disadvantage? Yeah, I guess that’s why there’s almost always 2 or 3 of them on every team.
      I agree that radar going through islands is BS though.

  13. Its not a clan battle without Strangers123 screaming his lungs out tho lolll

  14. Ah I saw this on Flamus stream he got soo lucky in the end 😀

  15. lol just think of them as food….better cook them first….best comment ive heard this year……good game… im rimer106 on twitch and ships.

  16. John Chucky Tomlinson

    GG, that was close, and also I’m a little torn.. Because I’m a fan of Flambass and CREED.. But I’m also a fan of Atothek and WGP2W.. Man i love comp play, and CREED is really starting to gel….?

  17. Mora se taj glupi FInac čuti da ga j****….kako je iritantan….čim mu čujem glas moram na WC…bravo Flambass…samo daj stavi neku gdje ste izgubili…iz poraza se više uči nego iz pobijede. I neću najmerno na Engleskom… ko ih…. nek se i za nas čuje 🙂

  18. watched the clan battle stream the other night….need to see something go your way for a change.

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