World of Warships – Crazy Des Moines Push Pull Island play

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Des Moines is a beast and one of my fav ships in the game.

If you can get yourself in a position and play those islands well, you can get a pretty damn good result.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. and MR. G. is one of my favorite curmudgeons of all time, right up there with our Gnome Overlord. lol 🙂

  2. Thanks for uploading in 1080p. I dont think Mr G is a curmudgeon at all, he’s often much more positive than Flambass

  3. The best yt trio there ever was. Keep it up guys you are hilarious.

  4. Flambass and Mr. Gibbs are like an old married couple – love it!

  5. Mr Gibbs is the type of guy that would get down on all fours behind you so someone would push you over …

  6. I like how the last chat message said “GK secondaries pen nothing on a cv” and then cv died to said secondaries

  7. Flambass learned how to strafe sideways in a heavy cruiser. HaXxxXX!!! 🤣

  8. “Flamu or something.”
    My morning keeps getting more and more entertaining and fun.

  9. I’m glad G pointed out everything that was triggering me about those planes.

  10. lol, Gibbins pushing your buttons seems to be his main goal when playing WoWs. Flambass has to dodge Gibbens just as much as he dodges enemy shells…

  11. I love the dynamic of Flambass, Trenlass and Mr.G

  12. This is a Top 5 episode, never laughed so hard. Keep up the bickering love this stuff.

  13. “AND BEWARE THE FOUL (hic-up) BEAST (flambass dying of laughter) one of my favorite moments of the three of them.

  14. you spent 12 and a half minutes behind that island. WG made fun and engaging gameplay

  15. 00:38 I 💖 Flambass’s reaction to the Trenlass squadron’s 😮 😁

  16. Watching this while listening to Interstellar theme on a church organ is hilarious.

  17. You three together are great, you have highly entertaining chemistry with great banter. Thanks for the content guys.

  18. It’s good fun watching friends play and shit talk each other. That’s how gaming really is.

  19. Not only are F-15 beyond historical “accuracy”, They NEVER served on a CV. Quality control of the Balans team at work here.

  20. As a team, you guys are hillarious. You guys are totally wacked. The best entertainment on Youtube.

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