World of Warships – Crazy Ivan

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In which Mjester regrinds the Soviet Destroyer line using the tried and tested “shoot everything then shoot everything some more” Russian tactic.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Oh dear, another Soviet ship? I can hear everyone claiming “Russian Bias” already.
    Notification Squad, Get the earplugs out.

    • The Pod is anything but Russian bias.

    • To be fair, the Pod was a bit underwhelming until the guns got buffed to the currently level. In the hands of a captain that doesn’t know how to Podvoiski she is still a bit underwhelming. In the hands of a captain that does know how to Podvoiski, she can be a fantastic little nightmare like you see here.

  2. God damn Jingles baited me into clicking this video because there’s a submarine on the thumbnail!

  3. Nothing like some Bussian Rias to cheer you up after a really rough night.

  4. Holy Moly Jingles what is up with all these The Hunt for Red October references 😛 Love them tho 😀

  5. Ahh, an early morning upload really Jingles my jangles.

  6. The Leander was not shooting in the smoke screen at the end. He was trying to get a shot behind the island but the way the camera works in this game prevents him from doing it. If mjester was spotted at that moment he would have been killd so easily.

  7. “Life is better with some adventures” by TheMightyJingles

  8. jingles you are just what i needed to distract myself from some serious personal pain if even for only a moment my thanks.

  9. The difference between ‘ballsy victory’ and ‘foolish defeat’ is 161hp and a shovel full of luck. Great to watch the 1 time out of 10 it actually works though!

    • @Herr Vorragend there’s always a piece of luck involved in a match. Its what makes or breaks a result. Either get cits or overpens: that’s RNG for ya…

    • @noob4life1981 also true, but i find the rng is rigged on some players…esp. those super unicums;)

    • @Herr Vorragend lol, glad to see I haven’t encountered those yet 😛

      But you know those days when you don’t seem to hit nothing at all but shatters and overpens. And the next day you’d be cit’ing for days… 😉 it sucks, but I guess that’s life?

    • @noob4life1981 or when you get citadelled at the Most awkward angles every fucking time, even from a Kurfürst at 21km, hitting 3 cits at once…fuck Life…XD

    • @Herr Vorragend , my worst RNG was being detonated twice in just 3 matches. I save me JC flags for ranked matches and clan battles.

  10. That C cap was too easy. That never happens.

  11. Great lesson in how to USSR DD. Thanks for the commentary, too!

  12. Ettikudiappan Srivishagan

    Ok lol i was in that game,but in the enemy. Trust me they did not like him i was in the konig

  13. Anyone else notice how huge this guy keeps his minimap?

  14. Silly Jingles, everyone knows the Khaba is just a small cruiser. Silly Jingles.

    I’ll go back into the salt mines now.

    • I mean, you’re not wrong. The Russian “destroyers” are actually “destroyer leaders” in the same concept vein as Tenryuu and Kuma.

  15. I don’t play this game, nor WoT, but I still regularly watch those videos. And this one, for me, was absolutely fascinating. Captivating gameplay, thanks a lot!

  16. A 43 Kts Tier 5 dd is extremely fast for tier 5. French dds are at about 36 Kts until tier 8. The tier 8 French dd Le Fantastique has a 43.7 Kts base speed.

  17. Thoughts on the best gunboat destroyer line to go down now considering the IFHE nerf?

  18. Ah the power of a smart player seal clubbing! Well done sir. And did anyone else thing the name of the player was M – Jester? 😛

  19. By Odins beard! That man has balls of adamantium!

  20. Yes, the great Russian naval commander Alexander Ovechkin. . .

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