World of Warships – Crazy

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There are a number of crazy things happening in this battle and the name of the player’s just one of them.

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  1. I finish medical school today Jingles! I’ve been watching your stuff for almost 10 years now! Thanks for the salt!

  2. 3:53 _Akshually Jingles, the USS Black has 43 knot torpedoes, making them the sl-_
    Jingles? _Jingles n o-_

    • Don’t know if it counts but I’m sure some Cvs have 30kt torps or close to it.

      Because they can be the single most annoying torps in game when dropped from straight behind, you can almost out run them but if you turn your probably losing rudder or engine and will just get slapped broadside by the next set.

    • BACK to the SALT MINES again, YOU! DOUBLE the shift.

    • @Kurumi it’s you again sir! Here’s the tool you know the drill 😉

  3. You got me crazy, i just can’t sleep. My heart is pounding it’s easy to see.

  4. I honestly dont know who brawls better, A secondaries build Sinop or a secondaries build Heinrich

  5. “I’m pretty sure these are the slowest torpedoes in the game”
    *laughs in aerial torpedoes*

  6. Jingles : it has 3 torpedoes per side like the gniseneau.
    1min later, launches a spread of 4 torps. Never change jingles, we love you

  7. Some quality Jingles art at the end. That’s a good start to Friday.

  8. Stock this thing has 88 mm secondaries The upgraded hull has the 105s he has the B Hull

  9. Excellent battle results screen! Thank you Jingles.

  10. Yay! another post-battle masterpiece by the Gnome overlord!

  11. In regards to slow, long-range torpedoes, let me quote Murphy’s War Laws: “It’s not the bullet with your name on it that you have to worry about; it’s the one addressed ‘To Whom It May Concern’.”

  12. Love that “good comeback” followed by “we need that guy to get one more kill”.

    There may be no I in team but in this match there certainly was.

  13. Jingles, you need to up your game, we need a team score too.

  14. Forget the battle, I’m stunned by your artistic talents Jingles.

  15. jingles you’re getting better and better at making post battle result screens, i wouldn’t tell the difference if you hadn’t pointed it out, well done

  16. Jingles: “and 15′ cannot overmatch hes bow….
    Everyone else: Yes you can!
    Another jingles moment!

  17. I only consider Audible when Jingles starts doing the voices, accents and all!

  18. “That is a remarkably brave Shchors captain” – TBF Jingles, it was Chuck Norris

  19. Uhm, actually, Jingles. Prince Heinrich A hull indeed has the 88 mm secondary guns, but the B hull, which is obviously being used here, has 105 mm ones instead.

    Also, 15″ can overmatch Seattle, and Black torpedoes are way slower at 43 knots.

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