World of Warships – Credits

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Credits are a important part of the World of Warships experience, many do not have the luxury of premium ships or time. I discuss which tiers are good candidates for grinding out credits and highlight a couple premium ship tiers that are good options as well. Game in the background is a Baltimore on the map Northern Lights. We support the team as much as we can and try our best to win the game. Hope you enjoy both and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Cruiser Baltimore Replay


  1. Thanks for the tips Notser, and I completely agree tier 8 and beyond is
    expensive and credit draining,
    My current best premiums are the Tier 6 Anshan, which is quite excellent
    (pretty much a buffed Gremy with faster torps and better AA/health), a
    Murmansk and Kamikaze at tier 5, all 3 are excellent credit generators in
    that order

  2. Good way to explain tier to tier money making and potential. Do you have a
    vid like this for WOT? Thanks for the vid!

  3. Twitch … Why u dont stream on Twitch?

  4. great and funny nots.

  5. Good overview and spot on.

    I enjoy T8 and Kagero (only T9 I have), but my most played tier is T5. Easy
    money, and lovely ships: Königsberg, Omaha and sisters, Minekaze and
    sisters, New York, Kongo, Furutaka, Gnevny, and Nicholas, all good. I do
    not think there is one bad ship at T5 at the moment (can’t say the same of
    other tiers).

    As T5 is cheap to run, it works well for players that like to do Coop with
    non-premium accounts. T7 can lose you money in Coop, unless you have a
    stellar game, and T8+ even then it might not cover the costs.

  6. こんばんは~♪ いいですね~^^ノ

  7. Thank you for your explanation .o7

  8. Andhika nur Aulia

    Well, tier 5-6 has been giving me plenty of credits atm, and they’re pretty
    fun to play. Especially Nicholas and Farragut.

    Also Atago spelling :>

  9. Notser :: I don’t have all the tier 8 ship Auto-Repair cost in my head but
    if I get sunk in my North Carolina its 122,000 credits
    for Auto-Repair,, add on a Camo and ammo and I usually run around 140,000
    credits for Auto-Repair. My Benson is probably closer to the 75,000 credits
    for Auto-Repair U mentioned.

  10. i wish i saw this video about 3 weeks ago. Sold my North Carolina,costed
    more than i was earning in free to play.

  11. Great info. Stay at tier 6

  12. I’m u didn’t mention any of the tier 7 premiums.

  13. Love your videos Noster, i like your ending message very good touch.
    Happiness is what we want, I cannot wait for my Hipper, i am about a tenth
    away from Yorck so the grind begins and I absolutely got so happy when you
    mentioned Nurnberg as its my favorite cruiser atm. I love citadel’ing a
    cleveland, it feels so amazing!

  14. gratz on 7k subs Notser. (pssst still waiting for live streaming hehe)

  15. make money money, make money money monaaaay!

  16. I liked having the Tier 10-8 US cruisers next to each other early in this

  17. Hell i cant get a level 4 ship it says i need dabloons to open a slot whats
    the deal

  18. Been using my Benson to grind for the Iowa. Got a 7day Premium account and
    the daily 5-10 games slowly but surely got me the ship. Now my Premium will
    be up in less than 20 hours and I’m thinking of getting a Clemson to grind
    out credits. I’ve had a lot of success with her in the past, the Clemson is
    a great little DD. And to be honest, even on a simple account most of my
    games with the Benson rake in a lot of credits and XP. On average I cap 2
    flags and have about 100-150 hits with the Benson’s main guns and it has
    turned out to be quite profitable. I usually avoid dying if I can cause
    that usually sets me back 10-20k. So glad I unlocked both B and C hulls on
    the Iowa, now I don’t have to buy the B hull, I can go straight to C, saves
    me 3.5mil credits.

  19. I did credit grind with the Isokaze and Murmansk. Now I mostly use the
    Kamikaze. With these ships I can typically get three to six sinks, some
    number of rewards, improve my win rate, and come in first place on my team.
    This done consistently leads to high credit income.
    Had to do it recently to help get the Udaloi, now I have to do it again to
    upgrade the Udaloi after earning the exp needed with the Udaloi.

  20. Darn you have skills Notser! Would you mind uploading optimal skills for
    Captain for the Tirpitz?

  21. first who reply me with his game name will recive 1000 gold or 7 days
    premium (EU ONLY!!! ) u only need to like this video and SUBSCRIBE 😛 good

  22. best grind for me is Murmansk,Tirpitz,Shimakaze,Mikhail and worse grind is
    with all USA,JPN CV 🙂 [is fking joke the rewards even if u have 4

  23. yeah wargaminng is bad with there credit systems in every game i have play
    with them.

  24. very timely. Grinding credits for my first T8 BB and wondering what the
    best ship to grind on. Murmansk – all hands on deck

  25. Yamato!!

  26. Henrik Lind Hansen

    for me its T5.. nicolas. such a monny boat. that is with premium.
    and its the ship that im having the most fun in:)

  27. Currently i dont want to touch my Fubuki and my Zao any more , it is just
    impossible to earn good credit and have fun with T9-10

  28. Alessandro Filippi

    I just don’t see why you couldn’t give us the ratios for tier IX and X as
    well as for people with a premium account. I am really curious now…

  29. Sergio Seminario

    I usually grind on tier 7, its a fine tier as it gets more often with 7s
    and 8s, and you see more 5s and 6s than 9s and 10s

  30. Noster, this is the best review you’ve ever produced, providing extremely
    helpful information. I do think it leaves newer players with the perception
    that the most they could lose is 50,000 credits on a bad game at Tier VIII.
    I believe your stats show the repair and replenishment for a 100% undamaged
    (pristine) ship. You might want to create a “Credits Part 2 – the Good,
    Bad, and the Ugly” where you talk about what you can lose if you come home
    without a ship. I have never really compared, but it does seem that losing
    my premium Atago costs less than my tier VII (7, not 8) non-premium BB. The
    loss stats for tiers 4-10 would show the full story, don’t you think? Don’t
    be afraid to offend WG. You and I both know the economy is less than
    optimal above tier 7. Thank you again!

  31. Don’t be in a hurry to get to the high tiers and enjoy the mid tier games.
    Put demolition expert on the Murmansk and make it rain credits!

  32. Eating Flashbang

    How did you remove the FPS lock? I am stuck at 76FPS

  33. Great Vid Notser! This is exactly the advice I needed right now, I need to
    grind out a ton of credits – thankfully I have a bunch of ships in the 4-6
    tiers to play and grind out the credits. Thanks for sharing your views on
    this topic. Keep up the good work!

  34. Notser, you should revisit the Farragut at T-VI. She’s not the same ship
    she was 6 months ago.

  35. does lo yang good creditmaker? Ill appreciate opinions for those who has it

  36. It was a interesting video, though I would have found it more useful if you
    would have also listed what you make at average per tier instead of just
    good games.

    But I do agree credits for me is the biggest thing slowing me down going up
    the tiers. 4 tier 8’s unlocked so far I don’t have credits for. I have 3
    tier 8’s so far almost have enough to buy a 4th tier 8. Planning to get the

  37. Notser, you should reveiw the ORP Błyskawica credit grind. The ship cost
    the same amount as a tier 6 but genarates tier 7 credits.

  38. Is the Baltimore a bigger Cleveland or is it just me. The profile is the
    same. Idk if its just me, but i get them 2 confused.

  39. I cant imagine how frustrating could be for a bad player without premium
    and premium ships, when he finally unlocks a Tier10 ship just to realize he
    has to grind 15M credits to buy it. According to your calculation it can be
    30-40 hours of credit grindig in tier4-5 :)

  40. Congratz on 7000 subs :)

  41. world of crapships sux dick, im only playing it cause warthunder still has
    no sea mode, atm i have maxed out ships cause i cant afford anything better

  42. Hey Notser, i sended you a replay the last days, where i got 5 kills and
    was the last man on my team and the enemys had 2 carriers left and we still
    won. And i was in a Tier 5 Japaneese Aircraft carrier. It was Epic battle
    for me.

  43. Don’t forget the cost of premium consumables.

  44. very helpfull ta

  45. This was a great breakdown on the expense of each match. I didn’t see the
    Tier 7 premium ship (Atlanta comes to mind), but, still, I now know why
    Tier 5-6 is still my favorite, although I just unlocked my first Tier 8
    ship. Just started going up the US DD line and I am having loads of fun at
    the lower tiers.

  46. Marco Panielii (DrrA)

    Thx ;]

  47. the nukeberg? how could we forget the ship that blows up on contact? D:

  48. Great job Notser, you are actually trying to help players out there. Its a
    shame that BaronVonDerp and PhlyDumbass have more subscribers than you, I
    hope more players switch over to your channel to learn about the game

  49. lol

  50. thx Notser, very helpful

  51. Umm, Atago well played, will earn well in excess of 300k for a 15 to 20
    minute game where you survive and do good damage and/or play to many
    objectives. Same with the Kutuzov and, while I do not own one, I am sure
    the Lo Yang can as well. With premium account, it is not rare to make 450
    to 600k with these ships.

    So while the ratio may be lower than ships like my Murmansk and Fujin, and
    other WILL generally require more skill to do so, the tier 8 premium DO
    earn a LOT more in general!

    Though you do have a very good point about the ratio as well as skill and
    time required, especially weighted against the amount of real world money
    the premium ships at those tiers cost.

  52. Gratz on 7k subs Notser! :D

  53. My problem sumed up in one video, non-premium here playing mainly T8 games
    (New Orleans, Lexington, Benson, North Carolina) using the 22,5k premium
    consumables. I’m over half way to get the Baltimore and I just yesterday
    got the final upgrade (-10% detection).
    I might get some doubloons to dismount some of those very expensive

    If premium counted the in-game time instead of real time I would probably
    get it but since I can only play weekends I would be losing like 80% of the
    premium time.

  54. Merci des conseils Notser 😀 I’ll go buy the Murmansk 😀 I’ve love the
    Omaha ;)

  55. noster? what are you talking about?
    T7 50.000 credits?
    T8 75.000 credits? 😀
    if i died in the coloradoi had to pay 130.000 credits for the repair.
    and now in the Lexington. if i die in this ship… 😀
    wow its arround 180.000 credits.
    its way to much you cant do anything to play this game without premium at
    i cant do more dmg. i had a none premium game with 240.000 credits and had
    to pay 180.000 for repair (yes i died in such a great game, please dont ask
    thats 60.000 credits for a HARD game.
    i hope they will fix it.

  56. The economics behind theese “free to play” games borders to evil.

  57. In a tr10 match you really need to survive till end off round whit least
    amount of damage to make profit. And than you even need to win a match. Had
    games 150k+ damage and lost. Barely made a profit on premium account.
    Counting in premium consumables. But that’s tr10 gameplay. Win or start
    grinding those credits.

  58. Great video.

  59. T8 repair is 100000+
    T10 is 250000~271000

  60. Finally got a chance to play with you last night. You died 2 minutes into
    the game but it was still awesome seeing you in game. Love the videos,
    great information and they really have really helped me get better.

  61. Managed to get to the ibuki when the mogami was still the 18km
    firestarter.Havent spent even 1$ neither have i got premium consumables and
    i feel proud that i still have time for IRL. btw kuma op

  62. What’s the best tier 5 ship for Japanese lines premium?

  63. Cornichon Privé

    WarGaming really dont like players getting money at high tiers
    in WOW blitz i cant get a tier 10 game in which i did 5k dmg and won
    without losing credits
    i would say that WoW is a bit better at making credits at high tiers than
    WoT but it just makes all players afraid of losing thier ships so they hang
    at the back and snipe and do shit for the team >:(

  64. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Dude, your subscriber count exceeded 7k! A little while ago you were still
    around 5 to 6k. Congrats!

  65. Ok, how do we actually get a premium ship? I just play the game man… I
    don’t RTFM.

  66. Notser… i’m thinking get the Atago or Atlanta but what it is the repair
    cost of both ships in case of total destruction ??
    I love the Murmansk only 14k of repair

  67. I think you can Do fine until you have to buy the t10 when you do use

  68. I got 310k with premium On a 180k dmg round in minekaze

  69. Very helpful. Thanks

  70. I was just looking for a video like this since I had to grind my credits to
    buy the Admiral Hipper. Love your videos!

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