World of Warships – Crew Skills – US Cruisers | Guide

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World of Warships – Crew Skills – US Cruisers | Guide

Lets improve our gameplay and see if we can help each other to be the best captain there is! Have fun watching and be sure to have a nice cup of coffee with you.

World of Warships EU forum:
World of Warships NA forum:

One Comment:

  1. I personally take basic firing training first over situational awareness
    just to further improve the aa ability of the ship and for the lower to mid
    tiers (up to Cleveland) makes your main guns fire that little bit quicker
    improving your dpm and for higher tiers improves the performance of your
    secondary battery (not sure if the 10% reload reduction on guns up to 155mm
    affects your aa). I see situational awareness as a more important pick for
    destroyers and carriers, though it is always useful. This is just my
    personal preference however.

    Great vid as always DeleRT83.

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