World of Warships – Cruelty to Underage Boats

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In which Yuzral commits various disgusting acts cruelty to poor innocent underage boats. He should be ashamed of himself. And so should you for watching!

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  1. Last time I was this early I was still working in the salt mines… oh wait

  2. Aaaaaand demonitized!

  3. rip #loli tag

  4. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    Oh no Jingles has gotten into lolibotes-

  5. Nah, seal clubbing is taking a 19 point captain in to a Clubson lol. Thats seal clubbing worthy of the Canadians.

  6. Actually Jingles, He could have used elite commander XP aswell to get a 10-point captain. Right Jingles? …. Jingles?

  7. Kekistani citizen #001

    My #1 site for hentai has removed the loli tag but jingles brought it back.

  8. Is this even legal?

  9. dirty deeds done dirt cheap!

  10. While our Gnome Overlord is busy inspecting the mines and gulags in Russia, let’s show our love and apprieciation and smash that like button.

  11. hmmm, i wonder what a 19 point captain in the Emden would be like?? asking for a friend

    • Idk but 14 is pretty goddamn nice

    • I use my 19pt shima captain for midtiers like kamikaze R and fujin for similar purposes 🙂

    • Edward Howard I’m not going to tell you how to fix that. It’s soothing to know that there’s people out there who cannot aim.

    • Oh I can hit them in it. Just have to wait a fore years for the shells to travel lol. Me and my mates took three of them out. You couldnt see due to all the shells.
      Great fun

    • Edward Howard i like that most the gamers here don’t know how to improve their lead. This why i citadel and delete the shit out of you guys.

  12. From the Battleship Camping Society,

    We feel that this ship threatens us and everything that we stand for, that being staying at the back of the map and complaining that our guns are too inaccurate to hit fast moving destroyers, we are aware that we will never see this ship in combat, we just like to complain about destroyers being overpowered and they should be nerfed, so we kindly ask you Jingles to not show such abhorrent content on your channel in the future,

    With much anger, The BCS

    • I used to do this at tier 5. Tripple Kongo division rolling around bullying cruisers and destroyers. Having a battleship of all things charge them down at 30+ knots makes destroyer captains do a lot of funny things in my experience, just from how unexpected and panic-inducing it can be. Also, turning a tincan into your new bow ornament is the best thing.

    • Stop sailing in straight lines asshole 🙂

    • Ashley have you heard from BBC (Battleship Brawling Club) recently? I think they are also dissatisfied with such disturbing video content, as well as the very existence of forward firing torpedo launchers. If you haven’t already, please consider contacting them for cooperation and maybe even possible coalition in the future. You can find them at www,ze-schlacht-klub,com

    • as an owner of a missouri i proudly welcome our newly courageous DD morsels.. er.. brethren XD

  13. I wonder how many extra shifts I’ll have to work for saying this:

    I enjoyed it.

  14. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    the V-25 is definetly the best ship if you play to have fun

  15. Poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi poi

  16. Why….just why would someone do this……

    It’s not like I took a full division through all 10 tiers yesterday for “all tiers all wins” challenge …..
    You think winning in tier 1 is easy????
    Go ahead….give it a go……

  17. Jingles, you think having a tier 2 with a 10 point captain is cruel? Ive still got a 19 point captain on my tier 1 Orlan thats spans back to before the Brits were released and when there were both shell types on the tier 1s. I am not ashamed of all the baby seal skins i have collected.

  18. My proudest fap


    That’s…not actually helping my case, is it…

  20. Hi friends. My name is John and I don’t seal club for 1 month now.

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