World of Warships Cruiser Manifesto

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Hear the plea of the captain as they keep their team afloat in . We’ve had the and manifesto. Now its time to give Cruisers their day in the sun!


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  2. Time for cruisers to get some love in this game. They’re becoming a bit of a rare breed.

    • Antonio I don’t think that cruisers are the most difficult ship TYPE to play. I think that carriers are harder. However, I will say that cruisers are perhaps the least forgiving ship type to play because they don’t have the armor to repel BB grade firepower (nor should they). And far too many cruiser players just don’t know how to properly maneuver their cruisers to reduce the chances of taking hits from BBs.

    • I was ready for this point! CV are difficult to master: to become very good at it. but usually you play from behind, which make life easier. Cruiser are Always more closer to enemy and that’s make your life Always on the edge of annhilation !

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Cruisers dont need love – they are the hardest class to play – but are easily the most engaging and skillful class to play…

      Cruisers dont need love through direct buffs… Cruisers need love through “smart” battleship and destroyer players that properly cover for them – so that they can be of more effective fire support ships through actual fucking teamwork… – which is pretty rare now a days…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer Expecting a class to work through the team work of random players. Has been the fundamental cause of the majority of balancing issues in this game. It simply doesn’t happen often enough to even be valid. Even higher tiers are potato filled now. Recently I’d say most games are lost in the first 3 minutes. No one wants to push, other than dds. Who race off to die and once it is decided. Then the team without spotted dies.

    • Really? Why don’t you asked WG to give you an immunity consumable that lasts for 60 seconds so you can sail around blasting everything with your HE. Or, you could learn how not to sail broadside on to a battleship and develop two important skills called ‘situation and map awareness.’ Next you’ll be asking them to nerf battleships by increasing their dispersion by a factor of 3 and lowering their sigma by 50%. Jesus, quit complaining and learn how to play that ship class without believing you’re entitled to super powers in a ship because you have no clue how to play it.

  3. Press F to pay respekts.

  4. Putting the truth out there!!!!

  5. I fullheartedly approve of this message. Also, damn, I love the Battlehymn of the Republic. *sheds a manly tear*

  6. So true

  7. Majestic Hotwings

    Sad but oh so true my dude- the life of a cruiser is a hard one, you pretty much HAVE to use island cover- it ain’t an option (unless you count death an option). Only to be hounded by your teammates for being “too chickenshit” to push…sigh…guess I’ll just take the abuse for now

    • If I pushed up to support the front, I was the first to get focused down because cruisers = easy kills unless they have an escape option (ie. smoke or island). If I stayed in the back, I wouldn’t contribute except in HE spam. At least BB’s can tank/push or kite while DD’s can spot/smoke/torp or cap objectives. Cruisers are definitely still fun to play but the meta at higher tiers forces them to be 2-dimensional. It’s why I stopped maining cruisers at T6 and switched over to DD’s and BB’s.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      azraelswrd yeah, I really want to love cruisers but WG makes it so hard

  8. When i grow up, i want to shut down planes and spot ennemy dd like you – IJN Cruiser secret wish – 😉

  9. With you 100%. Most BB players hate to support but expect it from others!

    • While I’m not a BB main (I play DDs most of all, then cruisers, and then BBs…), in my experience, veteran BB players know that far too many cruiser players will abandon them at the drop of a hat. I’ve been abandoned in a BB even when the odds were completely even. So why should I, when in a BB, push into the enemy when I know deep down in my bones that the chances of a cruiser abandoning me at far too great for me to risk getting up close? This is particularly true when in mid tier BBs with speeds in the low to mid 20 kt range.

    • I have the opposite problem. I will take my battleship up to support DDs, only to look back and see everybody else have either reverse course to snipe or gone off to the cap we all agreed we would ignore at the start.

  10. Nice. I look forward to see the destroyer and carrier manifesto, perhaps you can have either femennenly or ichase as guest to narrate the carrier manifesto since you said you are not a carrier player.

  11. Cruisers are hardly handicapped here. The game is definitely skewed in their favor. Yeah, they get, one shotted sometimes, but that’s usually only if you’re being an idiot and sailing broadside to bbs or getting way too close around corners. They still have the superior ability to sit at max range and he spam until every single ship melts to death, and rng makes it nearly impossible for bbs to hit them at those ranges.

    • Trowa This isn’t true of all cruisers. Not all cruisers have great gun range for their tier. The primary example I use is the Atago. With a gun range of only 15.8 km at tier 8, the Atago is extremely vulnerable in tier 9 or 10 battles because all higher tier cruisers will greatly outrange it (due to the tier 9 upgrade gun range buffing module) and most higher tier BBs have the gun accuracy to crush you at a mere 15.8 km. At tier 8+, it’s the cruisers with gun ranges of 17km or more that have a great deal safer because those extra km of range give them that small amount of precious time to dodge incoming fire sufficiently well to avoid most hits.

      In the mid-high tiers, the ship I’m starting to fear most in a cruiser is the Lyon, due to her 16 main guns, because despite their relative inaccuracy, quantity has a quality all its own, as the old saying goes. Fire enough shells in a volley and the chances are pretty decent that you’ll get some hits. And in that cruiser, taking those “some hits” is often rather painful. So, I’ve started doing my damnedest to avoid Lyons when I’m playing cruisers in that tier range.

    • Yes, Lyon eats up cruisers but then again, most T7 BB’s do that job just fine. With 16 guns, it just makes that job easier even with her French dispersion working against her (60-70% of those shells will hurt something important).

    • The Atago is one tier 8 cruiser that can and does carry its own weight in battle. It has best in-class concealment, HE damage & fire chance, outstanding torpedoes, laser-like accuracy, and most importantly, a heal. It takes finesse to play. It is not one that you charge in with. With its fast rudder shift and speed, it can dodge medium to long range fire from battleships and cruisers. It will punish cruisers with its return fire either with HE or AP. When a player masters the Atago, they can make a big contribution to any battle they’re in.

    • Trowa The trick is to remember that your job as a cruiser pilot is support DPS, not DPS. Be annoying, farm damage, kill anything you can, shoot whatever moves, but dont go wandering face first into danger zones like some sort of battleship just to try and set a damage record.

    • Hey…you know there’s no fun in that. These type of players have to charge in spamming HE daring battleships to shoot at them. They get all but hurt, salty, and raging how OP battleships are after they are deleted for sailing broadside on to one 12km way or by another at 20km…or both! 🙂

  12. Abruzzi anounced to come soon (TM). Would like to unlock it via free xp but it´s no BB so won´t happen.

  13. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Amen… Seriously this needs massive recognition – so that battleships can actually be the tankers – pushers and cruisers will be the support. Not the other way around with cruisers – capping, hunting DDs, burning multiple BBs while kiting and sniping or torping unsuspecting broadsided cruisers at range, kind of multitasking (especially the multirole IJN Cruisers – holy fuck they do everything at times)…

    I guess even after all these Years the ship types in terms of influencing games the best in order are still the same…
    Cruisers – Destroyers – Carriers – Battleships.

    since the skill floor level requirements are much higher for a cruiser than everyone else…
    DDs have the stealth to disengage – cruisers dont
    BBs have the armour to disengage – cruisers dont
    Carriers – have the power to oneshot the heaviest of targets – cruisers dont (well unless you torp rush like an idiot, you will rely mostly on HE-spamming guns)…
    the level of alertness and awareness needed from being potentially oneshot by a battleship – or being outspotted by a DD or carrier, keeps you tense all game…

    Then again cruisers like Zao, Minotaur, Des Moines and Atlanta – can contract the purest forms of cancer if played right…

  14. Sob…. soooo true. 🙂

  15. Amen brother!

  16. Yes yes yes yes all true.

  17. It almost made me cry. I am a cruiser main. Give the cruisers some love people, they deserve it.

  18. Can’t wait for the cv manifesto

  19. If only…..
    I honestly would feel confidant taking on a Yamato in my Charles Martell. Between BB dispersion and a stupidly fast rudder shift time, I can literally dodge 9 out of ten BB shots and even when one does hit, it is almost always an overpen or bounce. Yes, the one or two citadels will hurt, but meanwhile I have done 50K damage to a BB of choice and I will do another 50K before I get badly hurt again.
    My problem is that IRL, cruisers weren’t made to be frontline fighters capable of dealing a ton of damage to BBs. They were there to support the fleet, with their AA, spotting, and ability to ward off DDs and submarines. They could lead smaller fleets, but not against a battleship. They were usually used for escorting and supporting the carriers, BBs, and/or cargo ships, and they did a great job. In WoWS, though, they are simply a different way of doing as much damage as possible. I feel like cruisers and DDs should be able to benefit from a spotting damage mechanic like in World of Tanks, and support the team in other ways while the BBs to their job (straight up damage, tanking, and almost nothing else).

    Anyway, just my two cents.

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