World of Warships – Cruiser Replay Contest Runners Up

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It’s time, and there were a couple of surprises with the replays. The majority of high-scoring replays were NOT from especially high tier ships. Here are two prize-winning examples.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I’m only at 1 tier 8 DD but when I’m in high tier games I see so many
    cruisers get 1 shot killed or 90% wrecked by long range BB fire I’m not
    surprised at the lack of them being best scoring. Carriers and BB’s start
    of shit and get fantastic cruisers are good all through but as you have
    said Jingles the jack of all trades master of none class.

  2. not more warships jingles

  3. The Cleveland has had a nerf? I have noticed its armour seems to be far
    weaker. Is that the nerf?

  4. Let me guess, a quarter of the prize winners will be Cleveland’s, and
    another quarter will be St. Louis captains.

  5. Jingles, theres 4 different places you can set a battleship on fire! :D

  6. Finally no destroyer gameplays

  7. ongchangco jarrod

    damn usa measurement system because of you i can only think in inches

  8. OrbitalDeathCannon

    But what about the Cleveland? It has lots of guns and they are kinda weak.
    Do I fire HE or AP at other cruisers? I usually use HE and get good

  9. 1 hour and 31 min my personal best

  10. I know it’s only a small detail, but thanks for taking a second to talk
    about what the next videos you’re planning are at the end of these ones. I
    like knowing what I’ve got to look forward to. :)

  11. How do you use primary guns as AA ?

  12. I’d say… if I’m the last ship/tank alive, unable to win and only has so
    little time… I’d rather get killed. At least someone is going to win,
    instead of a lose-lose situation. (does it sound a bit unsportsmanlike?)

  13. As a carrier driver I can attest to the danger of d striker AP. Above tier
    4 the worst thing a DD can do is shoot just above the propeller (low on the
    stern) and knock out engines. This is because carriers get reasonably fast
    at that point and now I CAN’T GET AWAY.

  14. It’s no surprise that the high damage games were in lower tiers, the game
    becomes world of battleships at higher tiers with cruiser become easy
    targets for all those battleships.

  15. Jingles, I’m not even 3 minutes in… and already you’ve made the mistake
    of calling the Cleveland’s gun ‘156mm’… AGAIN.

    152mm = 6 inch. I think I see where you’re getting mixed up though, you’re
    trying to say both measurement at the same time

  16. Basically… a salvo of AP as an opener, see what it does. if it
    works, keep firing. If it doesn’t , switch to HE. Try another salvo of AP
    once distances and angles have changed considerably.Rinse and repeat.
    Crushes noob targets every time.

  17. Sounding better Rear Admiral hope your feeling better.

  18. jingles, I know you like history, so do I, but the problem is that good
    books aren’t very cheap, sometimes you can make a bargain, but most of the
    time they are fucking expensive. Like a books of the AFTER THE BATTLE
    series. good books but not very cheap. have you the same problem, or am I
    just looking at the wrong site’s maybe?

  19. Jingles, next question.

    In World of Tanks, the style of gameplay is often very different based on
    the tier of tanks present in the battle (low 1-4, mid 5-7, high 8-10). What
    style of gameplay or tier of tank do you find most enjoyable to play? Also,
    do you feel the same difference in gameplay styles at different tiers is
    true in World of Warships as well? If so, what style/tier is your favorite?

  20. I love my Marblehead. Its super rare on EU too which just makes it even

  21. Jingles have you heard that PS4 players will get GuP content when they
    launch World of Tanks? Its not fair….

  22. “you can generally do alright just by firing high explosive at everything
    if you’re in a destroyer, or particularly if you are in a destroyer”
    -Jingles 2K15. 22:24 for reference

  23. makrill Terrorist

    0 dislikes

  24. Very good game PanzerGandhi.

  25. holy shit! 26 minutes ago? this is a personal best!

  26. Aw yeah, been waiting for this :).

  27. Morning Jingles!

  28. I love you jingles, FULL F**KING HOMO

  29. Oh thank god, I can stop paying attention at work.

  30. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    I got the murmansk replay with 30 citadels

  31. I’ve never even played this damn boat game but I just can’t stop watching
    videos about it…

  32. Congrats to the runner-ups.

  33. more boat game pls jingle

  34. UNDER 10!!! AND UNDER 301 CLUB!!!

  35. Jingles, are you going to play the star wars: Battlefront open beta?

  36. hope he got my atago gameplay I sent last week xD

  37. jay 15 like :D

  38. Jingles I spent 2 and a half hours building a mark 5 spitfire out of lego
    to honor you and war thunder and you upload a video of this bloody boat

  39. Ah cruisers, the easiest class to play (mainly because they’re the only
    class of ships that’s actually good in this game)

  40. DropShotMaster1000

    Prefect timing jinges, right before school. Thanks m8

  41. holy shit 5 views

  42. Nicholas Wohlgemuth

    Wow 4 views

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