World of warships – Cruisers have nothing on US

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  1. Flambass, What do You Think of the Current stats of the Columbia? (The T8 Cleveland being Tested)

    And What do You Recommend for the T8 WIP Cleveland?

  2. Where is your OMNI tag?

  3. Clay pigeon shooting

  4. Explain the answers, we’re doing YOU the favor….

  5. men Flambass you make it look so easy…….stop that…..lolzzzzz

  6. Was this a stream? I can’t find it on twitch and I want to see more.

  7. Commander Nightingale

    May I request more US BB Admiral Flambass? …I grinding the line and need to see some non-amateur gameplay of them in action, thank you! 😀

  8. Need more people who using def AA to help the CV when its fight. Many lazy people not using def AA when need just for def yourself.

    • DeteCT0R all my USN DDs and USN cruisers all have Defensive AA builds *high five. nothing like Cleveland in a Mutsuki’s smoke rekting enemy CV planes trying to torp a nearby Fuso

  9. Was thinking about the Kidd but WG for some reason wants to have artificial rarity and pulled it out of the shop before I made up my mind… oh well saved me some money so thanks WG!

  10. When Flambass is on the enemy team, only way to win is to focus him down. If he is on your team, its 75% of victory.

    • I’m flattered you think that but don’t be one of those ppl who goes and says that in the chat at the start of the battle, cause then you insta turn it into a defeat 😉

  11. Flambass can you give me a link to the background songs or list some names? keep up the good work man!

  12. SKEET shooting

  13. if you turn off your AA and then back on real quick it will reset the cooldown. if no planes around of course is when you do it

  14. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    I love the sounds of that AA bursting out its entire magazine. Its thrilling

  15. Flambass you hot Croatian man, Can you please do me a favour and confirm if Flamu got kicked as well

  16. dis for coment on 6:19

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