World of Warships – Cruisin’ USA (Part 1)

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A beautiful tale of an unappreciated ship doing its best to achieve greatness despite the odds. Basically the Rudy of Warships.


  1. Good vid keep it up

  2. oh cool video 🙂

  3. hurr hurr OnLy 180k BuT YoUrE ToPtIeR. Haha just kidding my man, what a match! Almost makes me want to take out the Omaha, but then I remember all the T7 matches where I got deleted after 3 minutes. 😛 And youre absolutely right -> To all the haters, if it were that easy just do it yourself!

    • Sander Dekker haha, as I mentioned I’ve been deleted a lot. Despite the risk these are the ships that make or break most matches and they can teach people a LOT about how to juggle various aspects of the game. You know, when they don’t get deleted 😛

  4. Missed alot of your vids since Monty come back(I was stuck on Balto at the time)…you still got great game play tactics?(Thanks for getting me through the original Yorck)?

  5. Nice vid man. Id love to see this as a series.

  6. Please check the description before asking questions. The answers you seek are often right in front of you 😛

    Thanks for watching!

  7. I love you!

  8. I also like the Omaha(a part from my very first match in it where I got nikoli-id).. my games are a bit sad as even angling and dodging and stuff doesn’t help me a lot and i also have a very low level captain even without ifhe and demo expert, so it’s a big paddling for me..

  9. Yh never use c hull, the value of having two launchers on each side far outweighs the crappy aa upgrade!

  10. you need to send this omaha replay to jingles so he can proclaim you #1 cv player on NA

  11. Another great video from Business6 – love it!

  12. I am trying to get the others to play 4 5 6 but they just play 9 and 10 . and it gets boring

  13. Fantastic stuff, I get flamed all the time for getting Krakens in my tier 5’s. It’s like you need a certain level of luck and skill combined to produce games of this ilk.
    Great fun mate keep up the good work and keep on keeping on 🙂

  14. “If you’re red to me, you’re dead to me.” Classic dude. I love mid-tiers. I like the Konigsberg. Had a 146k game in it. Good times.

  15. 8:15 “if it were that easy….” but it is rather easy to get great games

    • I wasn’t saying just this match but any that I or others post. Feel free to share your matches instead of just saying that

  16. I just started down the cruiser line for IJN after playing DD and BBs for a bit. Just picked up the furrytaco. It’s a bit strange playing like an opportunist since I can’t pepper players constantly like the CL’s like Cleveland or Omaha. On the other hand, its a great rush when I’m trying to gun down a ship before they blow me out of the water or pepper me to death.

  17. I love/hate the Omaha, the difference between a great game and ignominy is an unlucky citadel from bad BB dispersion. It’s always a nail biter in the end game due to its fragility to BBs

  18. I haven’t played T10 in weeks. It’s been nice. Ranked Sprint is awesome.

  19. yeeey, me stonned luv to watch this

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