World of Warships – Cruisin’ World (Minotaur)

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30+ minutes of Madness!


  1. haven’t watched the video yet but I heard the 101mm thing and I’m guessing your getting citadeled by conqueror he.

    • ok, I was wrong but the 419mm guns can citadel the minotaur with HE. also with IFHE equipped and the 457mm guns the conqueror can get 148mm of HE pen.

  2. Yay business 🙂

  3. I have never seen a Des Moines die so fast lol

  4. Business6 – the Minotaur addict x) but where are the females ?

  5. preemptive torpedoes are you friend.

  6. Thank-you for this! I’ve been really struggling with HMS Minotaur. 🙂

    • Bran Tse Mallory No problem. I’ve got a ton of videos on the ship (The Bull of Minos especially is one you might enjoy) and it’s just an exciting ship to play

  7. Your enemies have ZERO chance to win!!!

  8. I used the radar Mino during Ranked and it was extremely effective. Kinda stayed with that setup and it yield very nice results especially when I manged to surprise other players with that 😀

  9. 4:13 no horn? wtf? 🙂
    Torp AGLES are also amazing on her…sadly i haven´t reachched T10 on those RN Cruisers 🙁
    Thx for the upload!

    • AnTrAxX Slingshots I was too concerned and focused to PTH. I’m ashamed of myself. Also, they really are excellent ships to play so get to it!

  10. Cruising on a Sunday afternoon, Great replay Business6

  11. First tme I have seen your videos, and holy shit can you play well, learnt a lot. Thanks, from across the pond 🙂

  12. Holy crap!! THAT IS AMAZING MINO GAMEPLAY! Im so jealous of people who can play like that. Just a dance with imminent death and come out looking like a hero!

  13. Again, your greatest lesson is positioning and staying calm under pressure.
    You always have a way out too, just superb mate very well played 🙂

  14. Magazine mod ? WHY ???? out of det. flags ?

    that’s the first questionable thing I’ve ever seen you to do …

  15. Greetings bizzy Captain

  16. oh yeah! mino again!

  17. Yawdrop:

    Its lovely. Though What I want to know is how you find thise situations. I mean at the start of the game you go this side and you have this great opportunity. Ah I am talking too much. Question: How exactly do you make sure you these kind of situations every or most of the games occur? I find that so hard.

    I mostly are afraid of just getting overrun by bow on people. Its so rare that someone shows broadside I find. And if they do a plane or hydro or radar spots me coming and the angle.

    Aaaaaaahhhh my brain!

    • Zen_Man it’s half of putting myself up front and half letting people make mistakes, I guess. The importance of the minimap and gleaning information from it cannot be overstated

  18. Ok, I’m really curious how many games does it take to come up with sequences like the first 2 or 3 in this video?

  19. Dude I speechless.

  20. It sort of makes up for “the thunder of guns” being gone… Well played as always B6

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