World of Warships – Cruising

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When is a cruiser not a cruiser? When it’s the new German tier 10 “Destroyer,” the Elbing.

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  1. Perfect start to my friday morning

  2. That full health First Blood CV kill was absolutely _glorious_

  3. That opening clip reminds me of a clip Jingles showed in a very old WoWs video where a Kongo deletes a Bogue from across the map.

    • If its the same one I am thinking of, that was even better because the ship had disappeared before the shots arrived.

  4. That opening salvo. The music… the dispersion. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  5. damn that opening, fun police had to turn in his badge.

  6. Next morning, WOW patch, Vermont is nerfed.

  7. you know… you could have ended this video after 1:16. NOTHING you could add to follow this. so much glory so much relieve so many tears in my eyes of this beautifull shot.

  8. thought for sure that opening salvo was gonna get a *deck not penetrated*

  9. Δημήτρης Πολάλης

    OMG… I watched the intro 5 times in a row. Pure perfection !!!

  10. Allies cv spotting*
    See CL broadside:nah
    See BB broadside:nah
    See CV broadside:heavy breathing

  11. I was holding my breath with that opening shot. It’s soo beautiful.

  12. Thomas Smith-Keary

    I was expecting the carrier to ricochet or not pen every shot.

  13. WG reaction to the opening: In the next version, we are going to remove citadels from carriers to reduce the excessive damage they take while piloting their aircraft.

    • Don’t even joke about it… if they see this they’ll just say, “THE PLAYERS WANT THIS – IT’S GOOD IDEA!!!!!!”

  14. It has two tripple launchers and can only launch 6 torpedos at once. “goes ahead and lauches 10 torps”. Oh jingles, you’re so crap.

    • Nope, it has 10 torps. Take a look: 16:54

    • Except it has 2 quintuple launchers so your gonna be sent to the deepest darkest pits of the saltmines for questioning the gnome overlord on his mistakes and being wrong with your correction, just because jingles also said 6 torps doesn’t mean you’re allowed to 😂

    • Guys, Jingles said the thing with the 2 triple launchers, and later the 10 torps launched

    • The Elneache Gamer

      Along with 13.3 km gun range being sated as 13.2 after correcting from 13.5. Just a normal jingles video. I think he also called the Salem a des memes at the start

    • Ad Van Grimbergen

      Are we ignoring the point completely were he called a Salem a Des Moines? I mean I know it is par for the course but we need to call that out on our breaks in the salt mines!

  15. The CV’s name on the start is ironically perfect: MayDay.

  16. Mackinaw Sensei

    And even when he tries to get it right, Jingle misses the gun range by a hundred meters. Good to see he’s still in good shape.

  17. Fact of the day: The Elbing has an hp pool of 0,84 Zao’s.

  18. Interesting glitch at the start. Pretty sure you’re not meant to be able to destroy aircraft carriers in WOWS

  19. Looks like carriers are going to have their citadels removed in the next patch lol

  20. *Vermont nukes enemy CV and gets First Blood*
    Han Solo: Great shot kid, that was one in a million!

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