World of Warships – Cruising for a Bruising

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Look, I’m sorry Netherlands, I needed a title at short notice and this was the best I could do.

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  1. Jingles, my friend, you seem to function as my alarm to go to bed, have a great day

  2. i would not be surprised if we get missile ships in wows, that work similarly to the dutch bomber thingy

    • Im kinda counting on it honestly. It would be something WG would do, depends on if they push into the 60s or 70s with their ships though, can’t think of any 1950s Missile boats.

      Maybe some Anti ship rockets that work similar torpedos? As for the missiles, id imagine they would maybe be “line of sight” weapons unless they REALLY want to go full arcade and just make it an AOE blast.

  3. 4:00 Look at the Atlanta class originally designated as a “destroyer leader” later reclassified as an Anti-Air Light Cruiser (CLAA) and given a CL number for another example.

    • Do you have a source on them being designated a destroyer leader? I can find them classed as flotilla leaders and using small cruisers to lead a flotilla of destroyers is pretty normal.

      The 1930 London naval treaty included a limit of 1880 tonnes for a destroyer any larger and it was a cruiser and the 1936 second London naval treaty continued that.

      The WW2 Fletcher class was the first US destroyer class with a standard displacement over 1880 tonnes at 2083 tonnes. Which at first seems wrong as the Somer class was a little longer but the beam of the Fletcher was a whole metre wider which over 115 meters of length adds the 200 extra tonnes of standard displacement.

  4. “This is a cruiser, isn’t it” – technically, maybe? It was designed as a (very) light cruiser, a destroyer leader. But the armor on it is like 38mm over the machinery spaces. If this had been implemented as a cruiser, even Caledon would look at it in pity and seem incredibly heavily armored in comparison. So, implement it as destroyer WG did.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      WoWs has so many light cruisers masquerading as DDs, usually to their advantage …. Starting with the Russian Okhotnik at tier V , the Leningrads at Tier VII to the Kabarovsk, Elbing (and now the Tromp) at tier X.. which would not be so much of a problem if the DDs had the actual Citadels they had in real life ingame as well^^

  5. Good game, AWESOME NARRATOR.

  6. Have not played WoWs, in a long time now, (cv rework) but it is still nice to watch someone who is good at what they do.

    • I find it much more entertaining watching the replays submitted to Jingles than playing the game. I haven’t played the game since the CV rework either; not worth the frustration.

  7. The Tromp is definitely a meme ship in the making, but it looks like fun. I have enough coal saved so I’ll be grabbing it in the next few days, when it pops up in the armoury… well, as soon as my resources coupon drops – no sense in wasting ~ 60k coal.

    Perfect Jingles vid – getting loads of things wrong and still as entertaining as hell.

    • JIM the heliophobe

      I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until the coupon arrives, I’m itching to unlock her as soon as she becomes available xD

    • @JIM the heliophobe Coupon drop date is the same for everyone, right? Mine drops in around three and half days.

      I’d pay the full amount in coal if I was a bit closer to getting Bourgogne but, even with a coupon, I don’t have enough steel for that beast.

    • JIM the heliophobe

      @Spreadie I’ll have to check, for me it used to be around the 19th, but I think it has been brought forward a bit. Thanks for pointing that out, I might be able to restrain myself depending on when the coupons actually drop 😄

  8. Flambass showing why he’s called the Quackenmaster

  9. Destroyer that has a bomber group of planes?
    Yup, fantasy/science fiction sure works here.

  10. “Just look at the Nicolas at tier 5” Nice to know my Favorite WoWS Content Creator also loves the Nicolas, Its not a grate DD with only 4 127mm guns, 4 sets of 3 torps (2 sets on each side) with only 5.5km Range and it get ONE Flak cloud (as does the Farragut and the Mahan, dispite having MUTIPLE multipurpose guns. I really hate WG sometimes), and a reasonable detection range. Like all US dds she even gets the choice of Engine Boost or Def AA (DONT YE DARE LAUGH!, ye who do not know the power of Buffed Flak clouds.)

    If you know how to use her she will treat you well and take your damage numbers to places you wouldn’t think possible (torpedo ambushes obviously), and she makes a good escort for your teammates.

  11. The Riga got taken out right in the last second too. Saw this on Flambass’s channel it was definitely a good game – his title was better though :-)!

  12. JIM the heliophobe

    There’s also Leone, the T6 Italian “destroyer”. While Italy *did* reclassify the Leone class as regular destroyers, they were originally procured as “esploratori”, AKA “scout cruisers”, which were commonly envisioned as flotilla leaders for destroyers.
    Or the T10 Italian DD, whatever her name was, the “Capitani Romani” thing. Officially classed as a light cruiser, effectively a large destroyer.

  13. I don’t know if Jingles even realized the Ohio killed the Riga with like two seconds left 🤣

  14. Well even if Flambass would die, the team nailed the Riga in the last couple seconds, to it was a sure win

  15. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Always a great video when Flambass is here!

  16. Actually Jingles, @16:18 the stealth of the Lightning is amazing. Fully specced it’s 5.5km. It’s identical concealment to the premium Cossack

  17. Fun fact about the USS Salem. They turned the radar on to see if it worked still and it shut down the radar at the local airport.

  18. dont you just love it how a DD launches a bomber compliment that would make a tier 10 carrier blush?

  19. gurk_the_magnificent

    3:34 – “the one whose name I can’t remember. It’ll pop into my head three minutes from now”
    6:47 – “Friesland! That was it”

    Nicely done old man 😂

  20. Very good play by Flambass and quite adrenaline fueled ending. Not from the fight but from the danger.

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