World of Warships – Cruising For A Bruising

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Italian Heavy Cruisers. When exactly should you load Armour Piercing shells and when should you load Semi Armour Piercing Shells? Good question. Let’s find out.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Vasilis Diamantopoulos

    I can’t believe it’s not French!

  2. The first citadel was AP, just with Luigi’s improved loader skill, so it took the player ~3.5s to change the shell type.

    You give a bit too little credit to AP. It’s still high caliber and packs a huge punch whenever it citadels the target. It’s not that you use SAP pretty much always (though it’s true), but rather you have this additional ammo type, that always should be considered, just rarely loaded. Thinking that SAP is the universal answer isn’t really right.
    Some ships are like that; fire HE and only in the most broadside of situations consider AP,
    Italian cruisers are more of; think whether it’s a situation to fire AP and if not go for SAP.
    A subtle difference in mindset.

    • No
      Italian SAP has more alpha than AP. Unless you can get guaranteed citadels you shouldn’t fire AP. This isn’t the case for other cruisers because their AP has more alpha than HE. So even if they don’t citadel, an AP pen will do more damage than an HE pen. However AP pen won’t do more damage than SAP pen for italians. So you have to only use it if you can get citadels or else you are just wasting your ammo.
      Alternatively, you could use AP on ships like kremlin if they give broadside even though you won’t citadel it, SAP won’t pen either

    • locomotiveAlex1996

      @Userext47 Except a lot of ships have belt armour that Sap will just shatter off, and not to mention damage saturation can come into effect which means that you need to shoot as many different parts of the ship as possible.

    • ​@locomotiveAlex1996 And why are you shooting the belt armour? Casemate armour in most ships except for kremlin and such is lower than 50mm. So there is no problem.
      And if you somehow achieve saturation with SAP(on parts other than superstructure which requires a lot of damage done) AP would still give the same result except worse. 10% saturation damage means AP would agains score less damage than SAP.

    • @Userext47
      totally agree.
      these are the exact 2 situations when u should use AP. for everything else SAP is ideal.

  3. 11:00 Akchtually Jingles, it was an AP salvo

  4. Brindisi: /gets a citadel using AP/
    Jingles: No it wasn’t an AP shell it was SAP.
    WG: But SAP can’t citadel?

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn

      @Mike When playing the lower tiers, I constantly citadelled carriers even with destroyer HE. Those Langley’s and Hosho’s are made of paper.

    • Yeah CVs are easy to citadel with HE, Also amusingly it you put IFHE into the Goliath it will be able to HE citadel Smolensk

    • HE can citadel. When I played through the Karlsruhe, I citadeled a Danae with HE through the front of his ship.

    • @KermitTheGamer Best think i ever managed was citadeling a Kuma with HE dive bombers. That was so mean. Of course i also set a fire just to add insult to injury

  5. 11:00 it was, in fact, an AP salvo. You can tell because the shells were white.
    What’s that, Jingles? The only white you want to see is the salt from the mines?!? NO DON’T SEND ME BACK!!!

  6. Couldn’t take the way he was moving the view around. Felt like coming home after a long night at the bar.

  7. Actually Jingles, at the time he used his repair party he had two fires.

  8. 16: ” he’s taking a bit of a gamble and extinguishing 1 fire ”
    ­> Brindisi extinguishing a double fire.

    Never change buddy, never change.

  9. God, the constant zooming/unzooming and twirling habit of his at times legit made me feel sick.

    Added: I do admit that he plays this well, but a twitchy camera finger does not a good player make. Others can play just as well more calmly.

    • The Don are you going to comment this on every complaint?

    • At least he is not infected by the “shell tracing” disease ?

    • @The Don Not all of them, that’s just overkill.

    • @RedJay TIL you just move your mouse everywhere every 1.5-2s and you become god. obviously not, this was pretty annoying. you can’t even be fully aware of your surroundings if you throw your mouse around too much like someone else said.

    • @JVCCR Exactly, I use the map, last known positions, and look around if I know that there is a chance of being flanked after I shoot and only zoom in when i need to track an angle or fire. This guy in the video keeps zooming in and out on the same target for no reason. Even other people commented on being sick.

  10. Talk about suffering nausea from the in-out-in-out- shake it all about use of the free look!! Still, a pretty amazing bit of teamwork from both of them to achieve that result.

  11. Get ready for some frantic zooming.

  12. I listened but i legit couldn’t watch this cause the way this guy moves the camera around is actually giving me a headache lol

  13. Lesson of the day: islands are apparently very argumentative. Avoid them. Or, even better, do what the British did with Helgoland. Just blow it up.

  14. Can you please take control of the camera next time Jingles, this video should come with 2 Panadol.

  15. please somebody tell him the shift key is a thing… hard to watch

  16. Can we just appreciate that it took a *full 5 minutes* for the first player to die. I’ve been in too many games recently where people get themselves smashed in less than 3…

  17. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a ship with a nervous tick…

  18. I’m just going to listen to Jingles and assume he’s describing everything correctly (as usual, right). This camera is friggin killing me.

  19. More camera in and out than a pornstar’s honeymoon. My eyes!

  20. Sérgio Vilas Boas

    OMG the jerkiness… I wonder if he’s playing with a gamepad…

    • … ITS WG buggy replay system! when you are playing it looks just fine (the amount of ppl who have commented about the zoom in and out is so annoying)

    • @RoydeanEU It’s more than that I think – he is rapidly double tapping the “m” key to get a split second birds-eye view of the map as the transition animation plays. It’s a bit exploity to be honest. The transititon looks nice but I wish WG would patch it out to prevent guys like this using it as a cheaty exploit. I’m suprised Jingles played this clip as he’s over-using it big time. I know a lot of “pro” players use it, but this guy literally spends the whole game double-tapping the M key.

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