World of Warships – Crushing It

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In which an Azur Lane fan absolutely crushes it in the USS Georgia, a ship laden with more gimmicks than… than… umm… a thing with a lot of gimmicks?

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  1. 4:03 “you know there’s Ohio here right?”
    Oh Jingles, never change

  2. Let’s Play a game.
    Take a shot everytime Jingles Say Ohio instead of Georgia

  3. Oh, Jingles. Funny as always. I think you’ve watched far too many Ohio replays. I count 6 times throughout the entire video you called the Georgia the Ohio.

  4. I like how you can hear an Ambulance in Jingles’ background for that poor Agir at 2:42

  5. The treaty also allowed the Georgia to turn into an Ohio. Amazing magic.

  6. USS Vestal was a repair ship in service with the United States Navy from 1913 to 1946. Before her conversion to a repair ship, she had served as a collier since 1909. Vestal served in both World Wars. She was damaged during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and received two battle stars for her World War II service.

    • @David Smallwood I was about to say the same thing…a buddy of mine’s grandfather was stationed on the USS Vestal

    • @Shannon McC she was severely damaged by bombs and Arizona’s detonation so they beached her and also her captain was blown overboard he survived and climbed back aboard

    • As a ship she had a remarkable career saving many badly damaged fighting ships throughout the course of the war. She should be remembered.

    • @D Sperber one of which was uss enterprise cv6

  7. The Kaga didn’t really sink, but rather convert into the world’s largest fuel air bomb.

  8. The Mighty Jingles

    Looks like an Aoba to me.

  9. In order to understand what the Iowa was doing, you have to look at the minimap. There you will see that in roughly the same post code as the Georgia shooting him broadside was a cruiser. BB players, to a man, are trained/conditioned to ignore literally everything else (up to and including sailing broadside to another BB and getting their armor punched in) to devstrike cruisers. Protip to all you cruiser captains: If you see your teammates engaging a BB, you can help by drawing aggro. Your guns might not be able to make as big a dent in the BB as your BB teammates, but the enemy BB will kill himself trying to kill you. It’s so predictable you can set your clocks to it.

  10. No, you’re mistaken there not Jingles. He was correct not to mention it because it was lucky, not good. And yes it’s much better to be lucky!

  11. I agree entirely. Now, how long is a piece of slack?

  12. Jingles, as I’m sure you know, both Kaga and Akagi had the triple flight decks removed and replaced with a single flight deck in the 1930s, well before WW2 began.

  13. Technically, Amagi is a battleship that has been downarmoured and sped-up. Her design is virtually identical to Tosa/Kaga battleship, except Amagi was couple meters longer and had some of torpedo bulges removed. And those couple of meters of length were used to expand the engines.

  14. I think I was more impressed with Jingles ability to misname a ship so many times than I was with the battle. Astounding 🙂

  15. LOL..Oh Jingles, you’re crap and never change!

  16. And at the end of the game, with the final kill made, Jingles exclaims “Enemy Destroyer Sunk!” Never Change Jingles, never change.

  17. Man that Geohio is a pretty good ship. Fun video and quite a match for that captain.

  18. Giorgos Detorakis

    Who forgot to get him to the doctor’s office for his check up then?

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