World of warships – Current state of the game and where it’s headed

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Here is me talking about the current state of the game and few changes that are coming, along with few new ships etc. Some of these things are already on live serves, some are coming and some are bound to happen. Here is my take on the whole situation.


  1. I have been asked multiple questions during my stream on upcoming changes to I decided to talk about it all for a while, hopefully this answers most of them

    • Flambass should they possibly change the detection? If you don’t detect the DD [outside the DD detection range] then you don’t know they are there. Never understood you knowing that you ate detected from a hidden enemy.

    • @Flambass I have to say I’m surprised at you, you’re blaming the mechanic of radar, instead of blaming the 1 true counter to them: BBs that actually push, I get that you don’t play US cruisers that often, but the biggest threat to one is a BB that pushes, so don’t be so short-sighted to want to change the game because of a temporary problem, I don’t remember you getting your knickers in a twist over German dd hydro for instance…

    • Completely removing radar cancer from this game would be a blessing for the quality of game play but I’ve noticed by now that WG decision makers are kind of dumb. They aren’t really smart let me tell you. The first step is to not let the financial department make decisions on game mechanics.

    • I only play low ter 4 to 6 on destroyer now, because of that radar.
      Every ship has radar on high ter 7 to 10, almost 5 ships in a match has radar , its almost hard to play dd. I love my Benson dd but I can’t play , never hit torpedo anymore , and usually get killed in 3 minutes if I try to play properly.
      Honestly there is no room for DDs anymore. Radar can spot enemy ships let BBs can shoot each other .lol

  2. Oook, rule no1. Don’t eat chocolate while typing 😛
    “are already on live serves,”
    “I’ve been playing while while talking”

  3. If a ship uses radar, that ship should be the only one that sees what it reveals using the radar

    • Fabiano Schwegmanius

      that sounds reasonable indeed, only visible for ships inside the range. I dont think they should take the team-part away from radar, since thats the whole purpose of radar, providing intel for ur teammates..

    • My views; Radar shouldn’t last more than 20-30seconds, it shouldn’t work through islands either. Hydro should be a German only thing (and they dont get radar) and radar can be different for different countries (distance/duration). While its good to have a counter to smoke it can’t be so frequent that it completely negates smoke. In regards to BB AP shells, could they introduce a % chance of flooding to BB AP dependant on caliber vs armour (such like auto-pen but to a higher degree).

    • Samuele Gardenghi

      If a ship sees a target, that ship should be the only one that sees and shoot-at that target…

    • Why not radar just shows the position in the map, you cant aim to them but you know his location ONLY in the minimap.

    • Tony Weisenburger

      with radar, your ship knows the location and can plot the direction and speed of the enemy ship. with radio communications, that ship can relay the info to it’s nearby ships with pinpoint accuracy, thus allowing fire control to put rounds on target.

      perfectly realistic, with the visual aids of an arcade game to make it playable.

  4. The situation with radar, catapult planes, and destroyers sounds a lot like when they removed a lot of cover from WoT maps and screwed over light tanks.

    • Just imagine if tanks had radars as well to spot you even when you’re in the biggest thickest bush…..that’s WoWS

  5. The Lucky Channel

    I also hate it that Radar and hydro can see through mountains.

    • Wargaming devs too thick/stupid to implement it properly 🙂

    • That’s because how radar works, it basically uploads information to you from a spy satellite that Wargaming secretly launched into orbit without anyone telling. So, whenever you use Radar ability, it basically patches you in with their satellite service to see where everyone is at in a certain range for the duration of the ability.

      Other than that, I have no other theories that could explain how you’re able to spot things through land.

    • Yes, it does seem uncanny how aircraft and ships are able to avoid colliding with geographical obstructions in poor visibility if radar just looks right through them.

    • just like how AA can go through islands and still shoot down aircraft.

    • Exactly, or that RPF is just one way. It is like you can’t detect what direction that radiation is coming from. lol

  6. Tony Weisenburger

    i get the ease of just cutting a clip from a stream… but i think you should really write these thoughts down and record a proper narrative.

    i could be wrong. it’s happened before. but personally, i watch twitch for live stuff, i watch youtube for fleshed out content.

    • Same thing I was thinking. Not about to sit through a 32min video just for the few points I’d like to hear based on the title.

  7. I’m playing IJN less and less. There is no point, when everybody is getting gimmicks, except you. Shimakaze still can’t mount TRB. Only because plebs will cry skill wall. Then we have gimmicks given to lit. every other line. Just not you. And your torps are crap as well, with that detection.

    • I would love it if they all got <1.7km detection. There's no reason not to, THEY are the nation with the torp focus. But this is an argument brought up many times in many places, and WG still don't listen.

    • I think the stealth buff already put Shima in a strong positition, DD vs DD – unless she screws up, she can basically toy with stuff like Gearings. She’s way faster and way stealthier (unless the Gearing mounts the new special upgrade….but then maybe Shima has a better chance at outgunning the Gearing due to her higher reload…idk).

      So unless both ships are heading towards each other at full speed, she can disengage without ever getting spotted while also perma spotting the other DD if he decides to give chase.

      Yeh, playing lots of Gearing 😉

    • It’s not really DD vs DD, Shima suffers against all other DDs when it comes to DD vs DD, the problem is the torpedoes being relevant against other classes. I really didn’t have much of a problem against other DDs, but I’m rarely if ever hitting any torps on moving targets (yeah, yeah as it should be for moving targets, but unlike Z or Benson, it’s close to none). So they see torps coming 3 stars away and have the time to turn in. The only option is to mount super cavitating torpedoes?

    • On the other hand Shima torps hit like a truck – and they are many. But since I don’t have a Shima, idk.

    • Shimakaze needs love. I’ve been in two gun duels with Shimakaze players in my Asashio and outplayed them both. Granted one of them was a potato who missed his first 5 salvos, but still… who loses a gun fight to Asashio?

  8. My top complaints:
    1) Radar range and duration
    2) BBs and Cruisers with immortal citadels broadsiding in-front of you
    3) BB HE meta
    4) Matchmaking
    But it just doesn’t help complaining… playing less and less… the game has so much potential 🙁

    • Also, I just want to add to a previous point you made. Getting citadel’d from long range is not a counter point. That happens to every cruiser. It’s not an excuse to be immortal at close range.

    • MrSpud 1st I’m talking about BBs. Take a Montanna and shoot a broadside Kurfürst at let’s say 5km. If RNG doesn’t fuck you up, you can get 12 pens. You can get 48600 damage in one volley, if my math is right.
      Cruisers are a bit harder, but you can land a lot of pens too. The thing is, that most shells bounce off of the turtleback and exit the cruiser on the other side, wich is the reason for all the overpens. That is my theory at least. I need to do some testing about the cruisers in the training room to find a relianle way to deal with them at close range, but i can’t do that now, since i am still at work. I usually just don’t let them get close, wich works pretty good.

    • boreas real “don’t let them close” haha funny. So basically stay back and snipe? Still don’t understand why you defend full broadside no citadel. Guess I never will. US and IJN will get punished but German can do w/e the hell the want. No tactics or angling needed, just yolo. Also, don’t counter argue with theoretical unicorn 48k volley values, that shit NEVER happens. Using that same logic the GKurfurst can do 200k+ damage against the Montana, because the Montana has balanced armor that allows for citadel hits. 48k vs 200k+ doesn’t seem balanced, don’t you think?

    • MrSpud you know, cruisers are not the only ones that can kite. Kiting in BBs can be very effective. Also a Kurfürst can’t do 200k in one volley. The maximum is 162k if you use the 420mm. It is still enough to devastate any ship. Also you can shoot all your 12 guns without giving too much broadside in a Montana. This is not some unicorn bullshit, this is actual possible gameplay. At 5km even BB dispersion is good enough to achieve these kinds of volleys. And don’t let them get close is an integral part of anti cruiser gameplay. You don’t wan’t any cruiser to get close, because thier supperior rof and torpedors will wreck you regardless of angle. This doesn’t require you to stay back and snipe all game. You have a propulsion plant. Use it. Keep them at range, kite if you have to. You also have a team. Even if they are useless most of the time, they can be a valuable asset. And if they are just good enough to distract the enemy, you still can use that to your advantage, go dark, heal up, change position and reengage the enemy. Maybee you can get a broadside and punish it, maybee you can take the load off of your DD and shoot a DM or Moskva.
      I am fine with the citadels at german BBs and CAs because you can play around them, outplay them. Make thier weaknesses your strenght. That what it comes down to. Ofcourse you don’t see a Montana wrecking a Kurfürst at 5km with 12 pens, because a Montana that is stupid enough to challenge a Kurfürst to a cqc fight would die by giving broadside to the entire enemy team or get killed by torps, that were spotted ages ago. I never had a problem with german BBs or CAs.

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      Had. The game *had* so much potential.

  9. An Idea for a 1st Radar Nerf would be, that you have to be in Radar-Range of the Radar-Ship, to see the enemys that got detected by Radar. Like stick in that 9.9km (?) Radar Range of your Des Moines, so when she pops Radar, that you can see the same Ships that the Des Moins spots with Radar. The duration time could be reduced too but to be honest…. there are teams that focus every DD instantly (mostly enemy Team when I play DD) and there are teams that say ‘DD I won’t hit anyway, lets ignore it’ (mostly my team when I fight an enemy DD…)……

  10. Destroyer Inazuma

    I see a hardcore mode as one of the possible solutions to the radar problem. There, make it that radar can’t go through islands, reduce the number of the radar consumable charges. Test it out and see the results. Also add some bloody spotting ribbons like Flamu recommended. Make it real time like CoD UAV assists.

  11. Tobias Svensson

    As a frequent dd-player (especially the PanAsian and Russian) I totally agree with pretty much everything you say. It ias taken a lot of fun out of the game…

  12. I thought Mino was getting 1:30 smoke deployment, not radar.

  13. 12:25 cant say that often enough ^^

  14. Next they will give BBs torps…. wait….

    • Tirpitz’ torps serve the purpose of making her good at brawling, this has nothing to do with the topic ^^

    • Jakub Buriánek

      I would argue that tirpitz is currently the best destroyer at tier 8. It just sucks at killing other DDs… But so does the kagero. 😀

    • Horatiu Popovici

      Actually no… Best DD was the Gneise … I was hunting dd’s with it 🙂

    • Well with the DD armor reduction, secondaries will become more effective again, especially the 105mm low-caliber secondaries German battleships seem insistent on using. Maybe this encourages battleships to get closer to destroyers?

  15. Risheen Mukherjee

    Its too much min-maxing. Cruisers with long range, long lasting radars? Check. DDs with deep water torps? Check. AP bombs that do selective damage to certain ships and there’s very little you can do to mitigate the damage? Check. The problem started with giving immunity to some ships, ie – Yamato, the only ship that can overmatch 32mm armour. Then super-retard AA. Then super concealment BBs. Then lower and lower and lower citadels. I mean come on… when does it end? Its ridiculous! The very basis of this game is faulty. The overmatch mechanic just doesnt make sense! A 1200kg shell that cant bust 3.2 cm thick armour? Yeah right. Sure. Not talking about historical accuracy, btw.
    And speaking of radar, there is one very effective way to limitting its use – make it impossible for radar to pass through islands. Thats it! If a ship needs to use radar, it will just have to expose itself. Then the teams can dish it out. You should be able to do it from behind islands. I mean, think about it, you dont actually lose ANYTHING when you use radar. No compromise at all. Click of a button, point and shoot – thats a dead DD.

  16. I dont think that Grozovoi Radar will be 7,5km. I mean come on.. it’s russian. A glorious soviet Ship. Under 10km of Radar range would be a betrayal to comrade Stalin! *sarcasm off* 😀

  17. Radar has always been the perfect example of lazy game mechanics in games. WG had a great opportunity to do things differently and not just assume it’d be to complicated for players to figure out. I have experience of operating civilian navigation radar on passenger ferries and there are basics that WoWs and most other games get totally wrong that would add so much to their game experience.

    1: Radar can not see through terrain. It’s the most basic principle of how radar works. Radar signal goes out, strikes a contact and the reciever gets the return signal. It’s not avoiding being a simulator to ignore that. That’s just lazy game mechanics.

    2: effective radar range depends heavily on the height of the radar trans/reciever from sea level. Bigger ships can mount it higher obviously. However it also depends on the size of the radar contact. Big ships have strong radar returns further out than smaller ships. So why don’t WG base effective range on size of the ship carrying it AND size of the ship it has line of sight to? Something like DM could be detecting BB’s out to 15km, itself out to 10km and average DD out to 7km. They could even really play around with the fact that most IJN DD’s are very low in the water making them inherently harder to get a return off of whereas something like Khaba is very large so should be picked up further out.

    3: not as big a deal but another aspect often ignored is combat ships tended to avoid operating radar continuously because when the radar is active they are broadcasting a signal that can give away their position. There are even instances were the ships a radar was trying to detect got a more accurate position from trianglating the broadcast than the radar provided to the operator. Personally if we take away the magic “I can see you EVERYWHERE cause reasons” then probably not a good idea to include this aspect in game.

    None of this is to complicated. We haven’t even touched on low freq – high freq, cross-section target is presenting to you and how solid a return what ever it’s made of will give you, negative impact of weather & precipitation, problems of pitch and roll, waves and swell height and tbh they wouldn’t need to. The first 2 points would be such a big change and add much more to how radar can be used.

    • I would love to see 1 and 2 implemented. I think at minimum 3 could have a function like RPF where you know the direction of the ship that is radaring you.

    • This, right here. ^^^

    • Would love to think that all 3 points you made would be implemented. But WG seem to be on a self destruct cycle with their latest ranked season, questionable balance team, and shoddy coding.
      I think radar/hydro seeing through land mass is the biggest gripe people have with it. As you say, the laziest implementation of a game mechanic in any game I have seen. And then they call their customers (player base) dumb by saying it was too complicated to implement it properly. Right, because, you know, the code that determines whether you have line of sight to an enemy ship couldn’t have been reused for this idea…

    • Flambass, pin MoA-Reloded, pretty, please 🙂

  18. Next up, chaff launchers for DD’s.

  19. When he talks and talks and suddently realized the game is already over….Jesus what the fck is this game….then keeps talking lool

  20. Hear hear Flambass, keep up the great work. After losing 9 out 10 matches in my fletcher today (was always in the top 3), I have to admit this whole “everyone gets radar” mentality is going to choke the life out of the game on the long run. Lets hope WG listens in time.

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