World of Warships – Cutting It Close

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What’s this? A well-fought match between two evenly-matched teams with great players on BOTH sides? Isn’t that against some sort of rule?

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  1. Good morning Jingles from the US. I want to say that I’m very sorry to hear about your friend Ed. May he Rest In Peace.

  2. Is this a timed video?

    Hey Jingles, if you want to take a break, so you can grieve. We salt miners totally understand

  3. RIP Eddie. Prayers to you and his family, Paul.

  4. As a long time subscriber of yours I just want to say, love ya Jingles. Thanks for being there through our shit, and just know we’re here to support you through yours. Cheers to you, and a big cheers to Eddie.

  5. Loved your send off for Ed he will be missed. Love your content keep it up

  6. Concorde the Snake

    Hey… Jingles… I hope *you’re* having a good one. As good as you can get. It’s probably really rough. But I hope it gets better.

  7. The play by the cossack @17:00 I think was more because the pomm guns were not pointing at him and moving outside detection range. Knowing that the pomm had just used its d/c, a couple of shots to try relight a perma fire, when the pomm could only get two turrets firing at the cossack was a big breain move. Cossack was fairly healthy and pomm doesn’t have the most accurate guns, yes it was risky, but definitely worth it! (Also if you don;t run det flags in clan battles, that’s a silly move).

    Also the pomm probably made the wrong move in trying to disengage, if it had gone for A then cossack would have had to engage it, because they’d have won on points, but difficult to do when you know there’s torps in the water.

  8. Very good game. Good to see the positive chat between the 2 teams at the end. My only wonder would have been could the Pommern won if it had headed straight to A after the Baltimore died.

  9. I know this is pre-recorded… but if you’re reading this Jingles take as along as you need, Not even in the “christmas break” style. Go feed some ducks and get out for a bit (Okay I’m just projecting now), He’s been in our hearts and thoughts non stop too, maybe give his mum and dad a hug from us and let them know he was world famous?
    Whenever you’re ready to shit on EA, share Akizuki’s latest nuggets of advice and watch battleships sail in straight lines. We’ll still be here days, weeks or months from now.

  10. All my thoughts to Eddie and his loved ones. Stay strong Jingles.

    Every Clan battle I see reminds me of the time I convinced my clan in the early days to take all Shimakazes. WG allowed such nonsense back then. The enemy team were laughing at us before battle started.

    They stopped laughing when we all sent the Tsunami of Skill into the first cap that we knew they were in. Two sets of 12 km torps from each of us, with a set each in reserve. Killed BB and slapped the sh*t out of three other ships.

    We won three of four battles that night, and we all about p*ssed ourselves laughing.

    No one thought to record. Good times.

  11. Thanks for your hard work. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend Eddie, I shed tears on his farwell mingles with Jingles.Take care, my friend.

  12. He also fired at the Pommern towards the end because he knew the Pommern had blown his DR to put out the 2-3 fires he set on him a minute earlier. If he landed a fire on him it’d be permanent, and burn for a lot of damage. (see how, when he sees the Pommern again, he was down to 5k hp)

  13. Morning jingles from the UK too, love being able to come back from the school run, sit down and have you on the tv. You’ve put so much hard work, effort and love into your content over the years and I want to let you know it’s being recognised. Your a fantastic person. Keep up the great work ❤

  14. I think the friendly benson got rammed by the friendly battleship and got stuck, hence unable to dodge the torpedo

    • You can see on the minimap that the Benson was moving sideways a few seconds before so almost certainly got pushed into them by the Prinz Rupprecht.

    • @CalgorGrim You can even see it right after the Benson was sunk. The camera turns that way for a second and you can see the BBs bow pushing the Benson’s wreck.

  15. Cossack took very calculated risks at the end. He cannot be spotted beyond his firing range, so his shooting was perfectly fine.

  16. As painful as Eddies loss is to us, a mother’s pain at the loss of a child is beyond words, my deepest condolences to you and his family.

  17. Thanks Jingles, condolences for Eddie.
    I never met the guy and I’m feeling for him. I can’t imagine what you are feeling.
    Only thing which gives me comfort is that he is in a much better place now.

  18. Im very sorry for your loss Jingles, the whole community is with you. Going to miss Eddie, RIP.

  19. I’m fairly confident that the Cossack shot in order to discourage the battleship from entering the cap by making him believe there were torpedoes and winning them the game. It was a mind game that he won

  20. Rest in peace mister Eddie always seemed like such a good guy.

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