World of Warships – CV Fighter RNGESUS!?!!?!

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So we’ve always known that plays a role in CV fighter engagements, but how much influence does it have? You’re going to be SHOCKED at just how much influences fighter engagements.


  1. FIRST
    2018 is the year of the CV!!!

  2. Buy your saipan now and not worry about dogfighting))))

  3. imo the rng made it more dynamic :v

  4. My midway aircraft are on max hp I still feel that they are pretty weak on 1v1 engagement with no aa interference

  5. What if the CV who’ll win most fights is chosen randomly at battle start? Explaining why you won 15 engagements

    • to be simple speaking… RNG is RIGGED… it give CC/youtuber/steamer more benefits than normal players even wallet warriors

    • You all dont get it, winning the game is by positioning and straves if you need to click you doing it wrong.

    • I’ve heard RNG seed is set when you start the game, so if you’re getting consistently bad rolls you should close the game and restart it. Idk, sometimes it seems to help but I haven’t done an actual test to know for sure.

    • as a software developer I can say that this is quite possible and probably even the case. They define 1 random seed in the beginning and use it over the course of the whole battle. Makes replays and damage calculations alot easier. Still sucks tbh. bc. this is the reason why I stopped playing cv’s :/

    • Magnus Gudmundsson

      This needs to be tested, stack a team with high tiers and the others low tiers, or high/low WR members, check if that if affecting the numbers

  6. There is no Skill; Only Zuul… I mean RNG.

  7. one of the reason i quit this game 1.5 years ago. ive been making noise about this in forums for months back then and nobody cared.
    this could have been one of the best games out there and CV gameplay could have been a game changer, but wg went casual route instead of the competitive so RNG is what you get. deal with it.

  8. Does anyone know where I can find premium RNG?

  9. Just to clearly state something: The point of the video is to highlight the fact that MOST of us believe that if 2 CVs were to fight, while RNG might dictate 1 fighter engagement, that the OVERALL rate of win/loss % in fighter engagements in a battle should be somewhere around 50%. The problem shown in the video is that over the course of 3 battles, the win rate was NOTHING close to 50%, This is the problem. Players facing this level of stupid RNG will stop playing either the class of ship or stop playing the game.

    • Yeah you said that just you know everyone will ask for proof they where off it all gets messy but i believe you i just want people to not question this proof. Cause i feel it is like this a lot.

    • +pr0skis But there are books out there, like “Win wars with Maths” where these different ways to calculate combat power and shit are all lined out. Why would you make a WWII combat game where you move around divisions of soldiers/pilots/sailors and not base the outcome of their interactions with “the enemy” on existing probalistic models?
      It’s a no brainer to me. On the other side I was also fascinated by “army stories” of a friend of mine and he was servicing in the cadre, mainly issuing lossreports and fill out requests for reinforcements…

    • iChaseGaming I think 30 samples simply isn’t enough to draw any conclusions about the spread of victories. You happened to get lucky.

      As soon as you put any RNG into something you create the possibility, and indeed the likelihood, of winning (or losing) streaks. Statistically clusters are entirely normal and expected; you have to run a lot of tests before you can say with any certainty whether something is biased or not.

    • Only alternative theory I can think of is if every fighter has an individual hp pool. After the first few engagements squadrons could be composed of planes with widely varying hp and only seeing the plane count wouldn’t be giving an accurate account of their actual combat strength.

    • Carriers were the first class of ship I played, and the Midway was my first 10. I used to watch your videos way back, and became pretty decent. Played them in ranked to 10 in very few matches. These days, I don’t even want to play them. Sad, they used to be my favorite, and a good one can swing the battle.

  10. by the way i have a theory on this chase , and i am not jooking i consider this theory to be the only , only possible explanation , that RNG is not fair , so why you have better RNG ? i say because you may have paid more money to WG , plsease ask sheep how mush he ever spent , and compare it on how mush you spent n abd see the result … as a player with 60k games in WOT i noticed also some better RNG for paying players , maybe GW love paying palyer , and thier games are pay to win …

    • By that logic I should be winning 99% of engagements..
      May be worth checking whether premium account yes/no makes a difference though.

    • Fog Battleship NCarolina

      Algeria power sheep borrowed my account. I’ve put over 12k usd in my ships account, far more than chase. WG doesn’t let you buy better rng

    • alright fair eought …

    • How the hell have you spent $12,000on world of warships? I mean every premium ship in the game and a year of premium account time is like a thousand, what did you spend the other 11 thousand on? Did you like just play 1 ship and buy enough free xp to unlock every other ship in the game?

  11. Chase can you do the same thing but whit like say GZ fighters (Weekest fighters) vs US fighter plains (Strongest fighters). And see if its any chanse the GZ fighters win??

    • Ponturak it might be. I once klicked a Kaga fighter squad with my six tier 7 fighters. Guess what, the four Tier 6 fighters won…

    • Ah the golden time when my SOLO T3 Langley plane managed to wipe-out 4 T4 planes from a bot, no skills or moduled whatsoever as I just wanted to see how bad the ship was before grabbing the right modules/skills to compensate

  12. I have another theory… Can it be some “in battle experience” factor in RNG calculations? So, when you have good engagements, and surviving pilots, that carries on to the next engagement as battle experience, and adds to the RNG chances of successful attack.

    • would be nice and actually engage the player to keep his planes alive, bbut no…there is no such thing as veterancy in WG-games

    • Then you could add the “the stress of the war”-factor as a balancing act, but without it the positive feedback would worth nothing (if the pilot dies) or would be like the worldoftrucks website: when they launched everyone posted pictures, some was selected as editor pick so gained attention, so happened to be the most watched , so appeared on the most wathced tab, so got more views and so on… Based on this, someone who plays a lot of CV could make pilots wich are unshootable by enemy planes….

    • ledgeri it was just a wild guess. I have seen stranger things in World of Thugs and World of Warsheeps.

  13. Hey, iChase, have you talked to farazelleth about this? As he’s one of the best carrier players I’ve ever seen I’d be very interested in hearing what he has to say about it.

    • why should he talk to a member of the most toxic clans on EU that multible times insultet the NA server population?

    • Maybe because, toxicity of his clan aside, the man knows his shit when it comes to carriers and could have some insightful commentary?

    • Some people are just such giant dicks that it’s not worth talking to them no matter what you might learn…

  14. Same i feel with the citadel shoots. Somedays ever other shot is a citadel, someday ever perfectly aimed shot goes over or under.

  15. Fog Battleship NCarolina


  16. sometimes im in a fighter engagement under friendly AA and lose in an otherwise fair fight.

  17. We knew about this a long time ago and they wonder why folks want the class removed/changed. Want to see RNG really go nuts just add the Saipan in! Game is coded very cheaply and pretty much a scam for your dollar. But to be fair the development team is very very small. Don’t expect change any time soon, maybe 3 or 4 years.

  18. It’s not just CVs. You can get absolute BS broadside shots on cruisers. I’ve had so many instances where my Missouri running the accuracy mod at less than 10km to a flat broadside cruiser getting 4-5 overpens when I could see the fucking shells hit where the citadel is located.

    Matchmaking, Salvo effectiveness, CVs… it’s all rigged. I’ve accepted that fact and this is why WG games are never going to be taken seriously on the competitive scene, ever!

    • Razum Dar I wasn’t venting, I was merely having a discussion.

    • Yea, alright. I know. I more so directed that to all the warships community in general. I mean, just browse through the warships forums and taste all the salt.

      People tend to lose constructive judgment and make immediate judgments based on their own one-dimensional perspective. Without considering a more practical study on the subject. (I make big, fancy words, yea?)

      I mean, im just upset all the time from dealing with everything. I take the time to write these longs things with small hope to at least clean up some of the toxins…sigh. I need a drink.

    • There were many accounts in WWII of Battleship shells passing clean through lighter armored ships without exploding. It’s the citadel because it’s the thickest armor on the ship, covering the most vulnerable area, but that doesn’t mean that every ship has super heavy armor there. And, once it pens the citadel, it still has to hit something that will go boom. BB cits just have bigger things that go boom.

    • depends on shell velocity upon contact … the shells get slower with distance and since you have a static fuse time, if you are too close and the ship is too narrow, you will always overpen (or almost always).

    • don’t get me even started on that x.x

  19. Everything is RNG in WG games. MM too. People who spent money on the game will get more winning team matches and better RNG most of the time. It applies to usage of premium ships too, the side with more premiums will most likely win. You’re also not supposed to win too much, if you do you will end up with the most incompetent team possible and the worst RNG after the streak.

    • “balance” aka “communism” komrad!

      Except for the fact it’s communism delivered via a capitalism p2w system

    • Well i have alot oft premium ships and can say my Team is oft real shit. So i dont think you are right. But i also See ppl that spent much money propably playing more and just getting better at the game so… Yeah PLZ give US skill based MM

    • nope … I had a couple of LoYang games recently where the enemy side had 3-4 radars, we had none …. Same in Atlanta … also this happens with DD distribution and other factors … the game is so much uncontrolled RNG based that it is not funny at times. luckily, player skill can sometimes even out the RNG bullshit ….

    • As someone who has spent a fair amount of money on the game I can assure you that it doesn’t give us any better matchmaking than the free players. I still regularly end up on teams full of window lickers and glue eaters. Just a few days ago I had 4 games in a row in ranked where I got 120k+ damage and 3+ kills and my team still managed to lose.

  20. We ran another 6 tests with 4-2-2 haku, no skills, no modules and it’s really all over the place except for 1 battle.
    Squadron on squadron wins (.5 wins indicate an engagement where both squadrons survive except 1 squadron has 2 fighters vs 1 in your squadron). 1 win difference means that at the end one CV still has full squadrons compared to the other CV with only partial squadrons and gameplay wise 4 fighter headon strafe vs 2 fighter headon strafe, generally equals 4 fighters still alive, 2 fighter squadron dead.

    Test 1: 5.5 wins vs. 3 wins
    Test 2: 2 wins vs 5.5 wins
    Test 3: 4 wins vs 4.5 wins (this was the CLOSEST test we had)
    Test 4: 6.5 wins vs 2.5 wins
    Test 5: 4 wins vs 3 wins
    Test 6: 1.5 wins vs 3 wins
    Test 7: 3 wins vs 6.5 wins

    Some of those disparities are just HUGE, literally RNG saying nope and that’s the deciding factor.

    • Then add AA RNG and BB RNG. All luck no skill

    • Also the weird torpedo spread rng

    • I’ve heard several people complain that their win rate decreased once they ran out of premium time, maybe this has caused this kind of results. Did your friend had premium and how much money did he spend on stuff from the premium shop (ever).

      Another theory that I’ve heard is that RNG depends on the overall win rate of the teams, the team with better players gets worse RNG.

      It would be interesting to see if there is correlation

    • What if WG is trying to simulate individual pilot skill?

    • Yeah, but if you add up the wins left versus right, it’s 26.5 to 28… that’s pretty even. It’s just small sample sizes for a random event.

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