World of Warships- CV Hotfix

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Today I go over the Hotfix and discuss my with it!

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  1. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    The Hakuryu is essentially unplayable now, or at the very least, not fun to play at all. Kaga is OK as long as you don’t end up against tier X. You pretty much end up just spotting for the team.

    • Kaga tier is impossible losing all planes I main all as in zero planes left all all 3 groups at t10 and doing 100k at t8 you know something is wrong

  2. good! the game is way better without them around!

  3. achiilleas georgaras

    I don’t care about anything, as long as the haky stays nerfed

    • Not if it destroyes playing every other Cv in order to balance one ship

    • SCI is right. It broke the whole class. So once again the player base stoped people playing cv. So when you do get one in a fight you dont know how to play against it so off the forums you go.
      History repeats.

  4. I hope this changes it at tier 10 a fair bit haku being nerfed is a relief. didnt play yesterday tho so I’ll have to see today

  5. The hotfix notes: no more F spamming. Now if you even hit F near one or god forbid two or more ships – that squad is completely dead. No skill now trying to avoid damage to planes, they die no matter what now. Skill floor is as high as ever, but the skill ceiling is very low now as well so there’s not much reason to play them now.

  6. Evangeline Anovilis

    The hotfix for all its worth is a disaster. I’m not royally upset, but you can expect another fix soon, as CVs are often unplayable. The F key abuse was bad, but making the time to invulnerability on aircraft that striked and those that were F-ed out means that aircraft that striked now spend 10 seconds in flak and in a predictable path to get wrecked by AA instead of 3 seconds. If the ship you are striking has any notable AA, it will absolutely murder planes on the way out. Thus, CVs are now pretty lackluster. This goes even more so for IJN CVs, as Hakuryu was broken, but Ryuujou and Shoukaku got their TBs nerfed too and I can tell you, trying to aim Ryuujou TBs while dodging flak and with 4 km range is pretty terrible. You often will have to settle for unaimed drops. Which gets nothing done. Cue the rockets being bad and AP bombs being hard to use and you can guess how great playing CV feels for the average potato and why most don’t want to do it.

    AA wise, T7 to T8 is a transition that must be down to a bug. Flak burst got nerfed on ships from over 2k to around 400-500 damage at T7 and lower, which obviously is a jokingly low amount and means if they meet T8 CVs, they get wrecked. If T6 CVs meet T8 AA ships, they get wrecked. If T8 CVs meet T10, it’s full of AA cruisers. And with ships like Mino, it now no longer matters if you dodge flak or not. It has about as much constant damage on mid range as others have flak burst damage (I got it to 1.5k dps vs 1.8k burst), especially if you reinforce the sector. Then planes just die after a couple seconds of coming within 5 km. Mino was good already prior to the hotfix, but the shift towards continuous really just made it untouchable to CVs except Haku long range torps (and it’s rather obvious how well 8 km torp runs work against a Minotaur).

    On the upside, I see DDs again in T10 matches. Before 8.0.1, the DD meta seemed to shift towards Minotaur in no-DD games.

  7. Playing around in the training room with Saipan and Enterprise attacking a stationary bot Yamato, but armed and AA capable, you had to hit the “F” key or the AA would lay waste to your air groups.

  8. I think you missed the memo… 8.0 IS the test.

  9. Haven’t played a game since the update and would normally play a few hours each day. Dropped a lot of cash over the years to wargaming because I loved the game. To be honest I cant see myself going back anytime soon. Shameful rework that no one asked for nor wanted.

  10. Got fix nerfed CVs to much and have AA a bit much than they need. Bottom line, CVs are not fun to play at all.

    • Yeah, I’ll agree with that. I don’t even play CVs but I certainly noticed my Atlanta being effective again. Maybe a bit too effective. But at least it’s a place to start from

  11. I doubt more testing would have improved much of anything – too many testers who produced youtube vids were saying that there were too many bots in battle, making the results… unrealistic. They got the CV rework into the ballpark they wanted, but it was under very course tuning. Given full player teams, you get a far more realistic return of test data with which to work on fine tuning.

    DPS vs Burst: I believe this will undergo a series of adjustments over the coming month(s). I think in part this may suffer from the removal of odd tier CV’s, so there is a big step between plane capabilities between tier 6 and tier 8, and again for 8 vs 10 – and as such the aa suites of even tier ships is similarly tuned to compliment this. However it does mean that tier 7 ships can walk over tier 6 CVs, and even partially aa-spec’d can walk over a pair of them, while that same tier 7 ship is walked over by tier 8 planes, similar with tier 9.

    Flooding: I said when the first evidence of the rework came out, that flooding was going to be a problem, and depending upon the random chance of flooding being in the CV favor, you could now force a permaflood on your target – wait until the target repairs, and then drop soon after – and there was little your target could do, repair and suffer further torp drops, or flood. So I’m not surprised that they’ve reduced the chance of flooding on air dropped torpedoes. However, it does sound like the planned flooding rework might fix this CV torp problem – yet it will nerf DD torps.

    • Christopher Jonasson

      All the testers that had anything to say were unicums, and even tho players like Notser had loads of doubts about the balance they still didnt listen.

    • +Christopher Jonasson But when you’re tuning this stuff, you need hard data results – regardless of individual players feelings.

      I work in IT, and a test will involve 100’s of transactions over the course of 1-3 weeks – live transactions will be 1000’s in the course of a few days. A test will hardly ever provide a picture detailed enough to make fine decisions from.

    • Christopher Jonasson

      +Neil Harbott That is true that you wont get a picture of the situation without live test, still you need to make the customer/consumer happy else you will lose your market so listening is important and if unicums dont like what was incoming who else except carrier players would. I for sure will be thinking twice before opening my wallet in wows in the future

  12. That first game in the GK, My wtfareyoudoingnoob levels were going through the roof, so much so that I had to relisten to what you were saying as I missed it the first time lol.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      OddityNZ I was emboldened by that glorious dispersion on that shot at the Khab, so I pushed into B hoping my team would follow so we could take out two of their DDs lol

    • Yea I saw that but your team wasn’t onboard with your plan 😉 It works sometimes but mostly not. I’ve learned to think of my team as rubbish until the game progresses enough

  13. Overpowered CVs benefit 2-4 ships per match and gut the experience for 20-22 ships per match. WG seems to have finally figured out that it’s better to over-nerf the CVs and bring them back up over time, in order to reduce the ratio of players who are unhappy with the changes as soon as possible.

  14. There is another fix coming next week. Because the CV is shitty now. You cant make a single attack without ,losing every plane. So all the whining has worked and know wants to play them.
    So hopefully the next patch will equal things out because right now cv rework is failing.

  15. Played some games with the Pensacola and Cleveland…the AA feels somewhat more consistent, the old pattern of ‘godlike’ one moment and ‘two kids with Red Ryder BB guns’ the next moment is mostly gone. I still cannot kill an entire attack squadron of planes solo unless RNGesus blesses my flak gunners, and RNGesus don’t like me much. I do believe they’ve over-tuned the F key spam fix, 10 seconds is too long, 6 seconds would be better.

    I think that CV’s ought to get +1/-1 matchmaking, it’s just too difficult for CV’s to be effective when bottom-tiered currently. That could revert when/if WG fills in the odd-number tiers.

  16. now is AA actualy OP y say it like cruiser player …after rework desmoines 3 plane kills at game(nomather wat), really bad rework ,but after hot fix desmoinnes is no fly zome again…thing this is too mutch …why from AA what suck? to godtier AA ?

  17. so now we will have a change to the change coming on Monday ….Hmmmm

  18. wish it was possible to have sector AA fore and aft, not just port and starboard

  19. Biggest effect of hot fix-allowing Mac users to play the game again. Patch 0.8.0 would not work at all.

  20. They have already announced a hotfix for the hotfix. Yes you guessed it they overturned it. The CV rework has not broken the game and it was necessary. I am enjoying it even with the balancing issues it looks promising. I have played World of Warships more than I have in a long time. The RTS was straight trash and data proves it. With that said I’m looking forward to the British aircraft carriers and submarines.

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