World of Warships- CV Hunting Divs Violate EULA?

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Hey guys today I discuss a brewing situation on Reddit and share my opinion on it. Remember that a lot of this information is as far as I know mostly rumored so take everything with a grain of salt.

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  1. I’m early, let’s make a joke:

    My AA specced Baltimore with Defensive AA and reinforced sector

    • @Jay Werner personally i think that unlimited planes is a little overkill, even with a timed respawn. But, The issue with CVs is, their damage on AP bombs is disgusting, and you CAN NOT STOP an attack against you. Your AA means nothing. Before the rework, you could with the right AA build, actually stop an entire squadron, unless they stopped the attack and fled or returned to carrier. Now, no matter your AA, at LEAST 1 attack will go through. That isnt right. Many a CC have stated and i agree, If a CV wants you dead, youre dead. I hate cvs, they are OP and a no skill class. CVs in real life back in WW2 were so OP they changed the landscape of naval warfare forever….That also applies to the game. CVs need to be removed for REAL balance.

    • @Jens Depends of which carrier you play ofc, I play a lot of GZ and I can’t just randomly start shoving my planes into everyone I see but i understand that some CV have some HUGE pull of planes

    • Best Joke: USS Atlanta and Worcester are AA CRUISERS

    • My issue isn’t with the fact that i cannot delete strike squadrons. I can live with that. My problem is that in the process of maneuvering like a maniac to avoid the planes, I expose myself to the enemy surface combatants. There’s no feeling like avoiding a squadrons torpedoes just to be citadeled by the enemy BB 17 kms away who took a shot only because the planes have spotted me.
      Now in ranked it’s manageable, wherever i go i can provide a decent AA defense, but i get deleted by BBs because my concealment is effed by CV planes. Maybe if planes weren’t reporting my location it would be easier to deal with CV

    • @Sabre Vanson We all know removeing them is never gonna happen “yes they removed half of them already but still there not getting rid of a whole class”, as I said tweaks and few changes to how aa works would help, like say i dont know THE AA ACTULLY TARGETS THE FUCKING ATTACK WAVE! Honest to god whoever made it so the aa attacks the planes in sequence but not target the actual ATTACKERS is beyond my understanding even by wargaming standerds, yes im aware the aa used to randomly target planes but hay at least it attacked the ATTTACK FLIGHT and not the BULLET SHIELD SQUADRON. That and give ships as much flak as there AA would allow them, for example the North Carolina would have 10 flak not the 6 or whatever it has now, wooster would have 12 ectera, the fact that some ships have 1 flack cloud is just stupid, they added flak to give cvs something to dodge then nerf it to the point of useless.

  2. I mean, Yuro’s 899 Begone strat is still a thing, did that last game with a teammate in random lighting up enemy CV with fighters while he snipes in his Yammy, how is this 3 dd strat any different?

    • It doesn’t feature a CV

    • The difference here is that the CV cant stop them at all. 2 Kidds have enough AA to shut down your planes, so you cant spot them for your team. You can dodge BB shells from across the map, you cant escape 3 DDs sneaking around the map to kill you, and ONLY you.

    • @monky mann and while they kill the Cv, their team gets taken down by the enemy team. Great strategy

    • @Stuart Emmanuel not entirely u still have your team CV so hes gonna be hunting the enemy teams DDs and still causing chaos for the rest of the enemy team.

    • monky mann and how can a DD in a CAP or whole spotting protect itself in a (double) cv game or how it is possible that a CV can to use drop mechanics to attack AA(!) specialised US cruisers (Des Moines or ATLANTA +RIP+) without real Problem for a CV …

  3. I think it has to be the chat, God I swear if stuff like this causes us to loose chat all in wows like in wot I’ll be pissed.
    Generally though WG doesn’t care about div comp.

  4. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Thanks for the summary of events. I really appreciate the level-headed commentary that is dedicated to just telling the facts, making clear what is only hearsay(at the moment), on top of your own personal opinion. Keep it up!

  5. I’m guessing its the guys altitude that is the problem rather than the division itself.

  6. I read Hapa’s post more as a warning against toxicity in the discussion, not the division itself. But I could be wrong.

  7. So… CV’s/CV Divs that focus DD’s for harassment to the exclusion of all other ships in a match… Or abuse their fighter plane consumable as radar against DD’s… If we apply the same logic… Shouldn’t THAT also be considered “griefing” players and thus in violation of EULA?

    • “Abuse of fighter consumable”
      Literally any DD with more AA than the Shininome can destroy the fighters in a matter of seconds because they have like… 200 hp each..
      Also you can’t make a CV division. not anymore anyway since a division only allows one CV in.

    • @Sonlirain 20second is more than enough time for enemy ship to shoot you kill if enemy have good player.

    • Its finally nice that there is a decent and reliable counter to the torp spammers, its a shame the community hates that counter.
      As a BB main stealth DDs really annoyed me because matter how hard to tried to avoid them i would get point-blank torped by a mystery smoke+HE/torp spamming DD

      People are just mad that there is a class that stands more of a chance at destroying DDs.

    • callum martin Your argument is incredibly flawed and too simplistic

      Destroyers are the most fragile classes in this entire game. They already have to deal with being the target of focus firing by the entire enemy team, being radared by cruisers, having to contest caps with other DDs and now they have to deal with rocket planes that they cannot do jack shit about because rocket planes are much faster than they are. While what do BBs have to do? Sit back and just shoot at important targets. I am a BB main myself but I have also played destroyers a lot and recognize that a destroyer carries much more responsibility than a BB. And now you want to make DD’s life even harder so you can keep potatoing around in your BB? Fuck off.
      Also, watch how a Hakuryu, Midway, Richtofen dumpsters a Des Moines, Moskva or the BBs for 15k with only 1 dive bomber squadron. I’ve been dropped for 25k in my Kurfurst with absolutely nothing I can do to counter them except for pressing the O key and pray it does something.

      CVs counter every single class in this game except for itself. It’s a broken class in this game

    • @Cong Pham i target DDs because i have seen soo many matches where DD players effectively carry their teams and i have been in very heavy DD matches which turns into a cluster frag.
      DDs are stealth ships despite being the lowest armored and health and carry torps which can sink 1 or multiple ships in 1 salvo while CVs have to do it in multiple attacks.

      Yes AA and some CVs need a rework but not nerfing the entire class.
      Buffing stuff is better then heavy nerfs, i have played way too many games who just nerf strong things and don’t buff/rework

  8. how come i never see WG said that HE farm BBs violate EULA ? now they are telling that guys to stop that playstyle? excuse me ? WG ?

  9. I think that it is likley that they are going after them due to their behaivor. Using a certain tactic to counter somebody and using a certain tactic while being toxic are two very different things. If you look at any other hobby (e.G. sports) people being toxic get punished. And if you look at games like league of legends you can see what happens, when nothing is done against toxic players.

    Games should be treated in the same way other hobbys are. If i would insult my opponent in a soccer match, i would instantly recieve a red card (meaning i am no longer allowed to play in that match). What WG is doing seems more like trying to do something against people ruining the game for other players. And that is in my opinion a good thing (it feels strange to say that something WG is doing is accutally good…).

  10. I agree with you. The div isn’t the problem. There is nothing in the EULA (youla) that bans strategy. If the div is such a bad thing it is easy to code match making to ban it. So WA not doing that means the div is not wrong. And as you say, it is a strategic game someone develops a new strategy is part of the game someone else will quickly develop a counter strategy that is part of the game’s evolution and WA encourages that.
    The sections of the EULA that have been quoted are about on line bullying. You can’t bully a class of ship and the EULA can not regulate that. Otherwise you would not be allowed to only be a DD player or a BB only player. If a player in a DD only targets CAs there is nothing to stop them.
    I would suggest one of two things or a mix of both.
    People on reddit are making gossip and spreading fake news so as to create outcry. OR all three members of the DIV are either a) picking on specific players… hard to do OR b) there are private messages from them going to the CV players after the game that are abusive. This seems more likely. Streaming only shows his game interface, there are two other players’ interfaces not shown. It sounds like the language they are using is probable to be breaking the EULA

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Wargaming posted a response to the rumors circulating around the subreddit:

    “Hey all,
    We understand there has been some confusion, misinformation, or misunderstanding of our stance regarding CV counter play tactics.

    In no way have we punished, censored, or otherwise shut down someone who is promoting tactical gameplay to turn the tide of a game. That is not something we do, on the contrary, we want people to design new tactics for playing World of Warships, the meta should always be challenged, and players should take advantage of tactics in-game to try and win. However, what does go against our policy, is actively advertising, encouraging, or engaging in gameplay designed specifically to grief another class of ship or players.

    Finally, there is a statement going around the community that a member of one of our volunteer programs was removed for discussing tactics or playing as part of a specific configuration, this narrative is false, if a person was removed from our program it is because they violated a policy of the specific program.”

    • I cant wait to play subs and only avoid the whole battle to assassinate the cv. Its gonna feel so good regardless of whether I win or lose.

    • Classic case of double standards

    • @AGMF yes but they need to be spotted and it is extremely rare for CVs to get spotted, therefore they are impossible to hit, can attack you (and in the case of DDs easily get you killed) and there’s more or less fuck all you can do about it

    • I’m sorry, but the rework does just that, griefs DD’s. There is no rule in saying that we CAN’T actively hunt CV’s at the start of the match. Just does not work that way. If I want a CV out of the game early, no one is going to stop me. Lol.

    • @isak oskal That’s not actually griefing in a sense that there is spotting damage/team play, while yes I do agree the damage towards DD’s is rather horrible in this game. It’s the CV’s ability to purely hunt DD’s while simultaneously lowering the “skill” gap on CV’s. My point of view, spotting and CV damage or at least AA on DD’s needs to be addressed for it’s current state. But, in no way is killing a CV at the start of the game “griefing”. If we want CV’s gone from a match, we make it happen, regardless if that player likes it or not.

  12. As a CV main it’s not Griefing it’s Counterstrat lol

  13. So the forum thread asking whether it was forbidden to talk about the KAK division was a follow up thread to an earlier, deleted thread talking about the effectiveness of the KAK division that also linked the reddit post. I was the one that posted the original thread that was deleted and the warning I got for it was spicy!!! I was warned for 1. Posting exploits/hacks, 2. Personal attacks, 3. Non constructiveness, and 4. Promoting EULA violations. And lets be clear, I made the post as upbeat and positive as possible and included no negativity or attacking of anyone. And don’t worry, I have the screen shots of my warning for those interested. Unfortunately, WG deleted my text and I didn’t expect that, so did not save my original text anywhere. I tried to get them to provide it back to me, but WG has refused that.

  14. Honestly, CV’s were fair game for attack, even by other CV’s before the rework. After the rework, there was some kind of gentlemen’s agreement that CV’s dont attack other CV’s (probably because their AA defenses were nuts) and there were so many matches where only the two CV’s were left.

    I’d offer that this is a bit of a rebound effect by those that were tired of seeing the CV’s be the sole survivors of every match.

    Getting the CV out of the match as early as possible is a tactical and strategic objective. There is nothing wrong with this being a top goal.

    • Not really agreement, it’s just not efficient as they have best AA, and it’s almost impossible to set it on fire or flood with planes.

    • @Kamil Bryll Yes. Why would bother to attack CV first when killing DD is much easier.

    • Of course it is a gentle agreement. Not to mention; it is so stupid to attack another CV when ur a CV. You’re not helping your team while you’re literally throwing ur planes into a fire. Oh no; you no longer have a full squadron of planes because that cv wanted to be a complete moron. DDs that specially hunt CVs are bad at the game; while they can be hunting BBs they are instead looking for a cv that can be anywhere on the map. When the CV notices he is being hunted, he will sink that player.p

  15. I think this has more to do with the on-stream conduct of some 07 members like Citizen59 who was recently kicked from the CC program for targetting CVs specifically in giveaways and some stream titles like “report cvs” etc.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      People that play this game are entirely too stupid and entitled to get that through their thick head

    • @CynicallyObnoxious admittedly the video title doesn’t help

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @TheTripleAce3 he wants them gone but like I said as far as the world of PVP goes the WOWS community is hands down dumber and a lil more toxic then Leagues has been in YEARS

    • Calling for people to report CV players just for playing CV is a form of harassments according to EULA. And yes reports do matter because they look at it when people apply for supertester ect.

  16. So does this mean that if a CV keeps harassing my DD with her planes, I can report that player for griefing?

  17. Perhaps this is me being overly cynical, but a ton of Reddit hearsay and unconfirmed claims about posts being removed sounds like a clever way to boost stream viewers by making a controversy out of nothing.

  18. So tactics to neutralize a critical role on the enemy team is now griefing….

    They introduce Richtoften and Slava in the same patch they criticize people for playing the Kidd in a division.

    I’m the first to admit, what they did to AA balance in nerfing cruiser AA and buffing DD AA was a huge mistake, though necessary due to the atrocity that is rocket planes.

    How about this. Nerf rocket damage versus DDs, nerf DD AA, and buff cruiser AA. EVERYONE would be happier, except people who paid money for the Friesland…. but we don’t really care about them 😛

  19. Ministry of Indoctrination

    Can you imagine in league of legends if riot games released a statement like ” building a team around shutting down an adc and making their life as hard as possible may be considered griefing” like what XD

  20. It’s not that they are hunting down the CV and taking it out of the match, if you listen to some the things they call said CV player, it is quiet harsh, demeaning and at times vulgar. The fact they run the triple DD div isn’t it, it’s what they are saying about the CV player on a live stream. They are extremely toxic people that developed a good strat at taking out the CV, but the derogatory things they call the player is what is the issue here, not the div of ships they use.

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