World of Warships – CV Refinements – A Better Experience for All

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Well, I think this is the final set of suggestions I can provide with regards to improving the CV rework. I’m pretty much all out of ideas after this. Here’s hoping something comes out of it.


  1. I no longer believe that Wargaming is capable of creating a fun experience involving carriers. They have not shown any indication that they actually *care* about making a fun experience, either.

    This is the kind of experience they want. Working as intended.

  2. Some interesting points made here ichase. If anything it’s good food for thought. Good video

  3. Jesus…this seems to be going South Korean levels of complexity.

  4. I agree with you. I play CV a lot but I often regret the RTS days, even if I sucked at it. I really liked the battle for air supremacy between the two CVs and the fact that you were not only just farming DoT and damage in general. The ability to scout a particular ship, to make a giant air raid against another was just more fun.

    • But if you manage to kill enemy CV, it means that you have free rein to do whatever you want. It is 100% versus 0% contribution. With the CV rework, when a bad CV player is against a good CV player, it is 100% versus some percentage of contribution to the team.

    • The RTS was trash and data proved it.

    • Why not give unlimited planes in RTS system ? Like they are giving now….

    • +A Gno, that’s a bad idea. i’d rather have stronger, but limited planes with the rework gameplay

    • +A G is it worth plinting out that its not unlimited? Or do you relise it and just unwulling to admit it?

  5. I don’t know…. all these things sounds like tier 10 CV problems. Tier 6 is getting obliterated by anything

    • +Space Squid don’t have to. Search for several of the YouTube folks doing exactly what I described. There’s a classic one of Flamu using an island on Trap to torp drop TWICE on a Worcester (killing it from full HP) inside 30 seconds. And losing either 0 or 1 plane doing so.

      The only skill required is not to fly directly through the AA clouds. That’s it. And that’s not really very hard to learn.

    • +Erik Trimble so you saw it on a video from a unicam doing it and you thing everybody else can do it too kek just like everyone thaught the old cv was overpowered as hell but Noone played them but the 5% of the unicams

    • +Space Squid reading is fundamental. I said I didn’t have to upload a video because there are numerous others who have done so. And no all unicums. Nor using unicum skill. The Flamu Worcester kill is trivial to do for even mediocre CV players like me.

      And if you’re having such a problem in a mino, how about uploading a video so we can critique your assertion that the mino just shreds everything?

    • +Erik Trimble WRONG…the ship you are targeting for death, is just gonna hang in an AA bubble with the rest of this TEAm, THEN how are you going to make him dead….U wont…

    • +Verands sdnarev maybe for you it’s difficult. But unless you’re trying to fly across several ships, it’s rather simple to target one near the edge of the group and murder them. DDs are particularly prone to this happening, and they’re seldom within AA range of more than 1 or (at the very most) 2 friendlies.

      It’s about picking the right target and the right plane to do the job. Not hard at the least, and you can count on 50%+ damage from a flight of planes, without losing more than half of your planes. It’s fairly easy to get a kill later on in the game, too, since it’s impossible to keep clustered up forever, so you have ships in 2s or 3s at the best, and then you can just destroy them easily. This isn’t just about the first 3 minutes of the game. It’s about how the power imbalance grows radically through the game, as CVs don’t experience a significant dropoff in damage potential, while ship AA drops radically in effectiveness throughout the game.

      All, of course, depending on you actually NOT just suicidal attacking right through the flak clouds, and doing just a bit of evasion while on the attack run.

      But even at T6, you should be able to sink or damage most ships after a bit of practice and not doing really dumb thingzees. Problem is, the “rework” doesn’t reward players well for NOT plain stupidly. So again you get the “skill gap” they supposedly wanted to remove.

  6. Btw ichase, thx for the title…
    i thought you report over WG just changing something not just suggestions…

    hopes crushed

  7. CV rework was just the topping on the cake but thats a differed story.
    To me CV rework wasnt a rework at all but a game changer . if WG wants me to play a differend game its fine with me but i cant promes its going to be a WG game.
    im not going to throw away good games(free to play) but im sure im going to splent my money on other things. in a world of manygames and hard drives never big enough
    Now the question comes is 40 gb world of tanks + 40 gb world of warships worth keeping if i need 50 gb to install a new game.

  8. Love all the points you make here!! As someone who totally quit after 0.8.1 .. This game is just no longer fun as a DD and flanker player.

  9. Christopher Mavromatis

    Oh my god Ichase youre so right, the bad players did not get improved matches are still complete blowouts with one side losing 2 surface ships and the other team killed entirely usually by 2 CVs

    CoOp is the only mode worth playing that and scenario

  10. I still play Co-op, but I haven’t played randoms in weeks. Co-Op isn’t as fun as randoms used to be, but it’s more fun that randoms are now. There are better games to play and other things to do. Typing that makes me sad.

    • Same here.

      I play randoms when a mission demands it but other than that it’s Co-Op all the way. Not even scenarions are fun anymore since it turned out that 2/3 of the players can’t even read the instructions in the top left corner. 🙁

  11. I’ve consistently and patiently given WG and their CV rework a chance week after week, day after day, since 8.0 and through all the subsequent changes up until literally a few hours ago. At first it seemed like WG was going to come trough with frequent or rapid adjustments to make it right but clearly over the last several weeks they’ve just let it slide as though they’re pretty damned satisfied with themselves. The bottom line is this game isn’t better; it isn’t more fun; it’s quite the opposite. By those standards, IMO, WG and their CV rework are failing.

    iChase has made several interesting and strong observations and suggestions here. Sadly, I’ll be surprised if WG were to listen, recognize the points he has made and implement even one of his ideas. I’m frankly convinced now that making this game fun again would require an amount of thoughtfulness and effort by WG that exceeds their level concern and motivation.

  12. For fighters I was thinking that you could stick 1 squadron to one of your team mates instead of area this way you would improve their AA

  13. I just hope that the more teamwork part of the cv play: spotting damage and planes shot down are rewarded more

    • yeah, i once had a match in Saipan vs Tier 10, over 150k spotting Damage, About 80k caused, and i was only 5th or 6th in the ranking with About 1.5k base exp1

  14. I haven’t seen any concern or acknowledgement that people are leaving the game on WG’s part . I think they expected to lose players over this rework , just not sure if they realize the extent of the discontent it’s caused . I’d like to see them at least express some interest in the matter and give us some advance info on what if anything they plan to do about it .

  15. interesting suggestion for that cone AA….until you remember the Asashio LOL

  16. I agree. Since the CV rework, I don’t play nearly like I used too. I’ll go 3-4 days without playing now. I used to hurry up and get home and play 6-7 hours per night. More during the weekend. I was like that since the beginning of WoW’s when I started playing, now its like well I’ll play if I’m tired of NCIS. This game is dieing and that makes me sad.

  17. CVs for now are just skyscanner, no fun to fight against, no fun to play having they on both team
    Nice comments and suggestions

  18. Ye lets bring back midway 1 shoting everything in the game even t10 AA spec bbs cuz that was so much fun…wtf is this guy talking about

  19. I stopped playing World of Tanks because of unfun and uncounterable artillery, now I gotta go do the same for World of Warships
    The interesting thing is, artillery and CVs aren’t even OP, they just break the balance of gameplay, and that’s all it takes for a game to go from very fun to miserable

  20. CVs are only enjoyable for the CVs
    No one will miss them when people get bored if them again

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