World of Warships – CV Rework Gameplay Discussion

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RQL’s Shipstorm Saturday

September 8th, 4:00 PM Eastern

1st Place: 9000 doubloons per player
2nd Place: 4150 doubloons per player
3rd Place: 1920 doubloons per player

Discussing the gameplay that Wargaming finally showed off for the new Rework. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server

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  1. RTS is not dying. There are plenty of rts games out there. However it’s not ment for this game and I like this concept so far.

    • He isn’t wrong, though. Just because you’re a big fan of the genre, doesn’t imply it isn’t dying. I’m a huge fan of squad-based games, but there hasn’t been a decent contender for Commandos or Hidden&Dangerous since…. Commandos and Hidden&Dangerous. Established titles still get sequels, but new titles are increasingly scarce.

    • +play030 stellaris, executive assault 2, men of war, company of heroes 2, iron harvest, halo wars, age of empires total war, gothic fleet 1 and 2, homeworld. Ect it may have changed form but rts is still there. Just because you think it’s dead doesn’t mean it’s dead just like when everyone says single player games are dead. That’s just ignorant.

    • play030 Wargame: Red Dragon and Steel Division come to mind

    • +play030 CLASH ROYALE. Biggest fucking game on mobile. RTS is not dying, it’s a huge sector of the gaming community that is only going to grow

    • totally agree … this RTS was total BS – Look at the stats of the top 10 players in any region … 90% are CV players … which shows that if you are a Good CV player and dominate 1 Player in 12 IE the other CV player you will win. If you are in a ship its not just 1 player you need to beat its 12. Well done Wargaming.

  2. So u can bomb one after the another. For a dd, u get bombed, u repair, then get bombed again the again the again without any plane reload or whatever. And for torps, its very easy to sink. U torp and wait around till he use damage con then torp 2 to 3 times again. I know its not final.

    • Against t9-10 AA planes find hardly safer spot to strike. All the high tier ships have huge AA and you add the enemy fighters. So either you try to compel enemy attacks or you try to sink. Ohh BTW avoid getting wiped.

    • General Cartman Lee

      That fire / flooding issue was a concern of many viewers and I’m sure the devs are aware of that one bomber squadron can attack 4 times in a row in the current version.
      Another thing we’ll have to see is how difficult or easy it is to dodge torpedoes.
      These are things that can easily be solved for example by reducing fire and flooding chances, reducing the number of aircraft in a squadron and so on.
      +Durukan Ozanalp The long and medium range AA can be avoided by the player controlling the aircraft. And short range AA kicks in very late, at least if they keep the AA range like it currently is.

    • They said they were going to make it that the CV cannot attack the same target twice within the DMG Control timer of the enemy ship.

    • +Gary St.Amour umm so it can attack after the damage con timer? Giving permanent fire or flood? :p

    • ? I said nothing of the kind.

  3. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Combining World of Warplanes with World of Warships will be a good idea also.

  4. This gameplay makes me wanna do carriers when they release this overhaul

    • it makes me want to delete all my carriers

    • Since you can’t delete them, you could always sell them.

    • +Rusty Galloway
      That makes no sense. Only a full refund makes sense

    • It makes me want to quit the game.  This footage is only tangentially related to controlling a CV; it’s like watching a BB’s shell cam on loop.  Where’s the plane jockeying, where’s the command & control, WHERE’S THE DAMN SHIP?  This is a sick joke at the expense of everyone who’s ever played a carrier in WoWs.

    • carrier gameplay is VERY skill based and demands you to multitask and plan with strategic thinking on how best to strike the enemy and to defend your team.
      skilled carrier combat is intense and VERY demanding.
      this is just BASIC squad control WOWP…which is pathetic.

  5. This barely scratches the surface. There are myriad known and unknown potential details and issues that aren’t worked out or shown in this demo to form much of a judgment at this point, IMO.

    For example, where is the ship/CV? What does it do? How is it controlled? How is it involved? Is it merely a static thing on the map, akin to the container supply ship with the torpedo polisher guy back in the port? What is it?

    I’m more of a hold/wait and see/TBD about it at this point.

    • CV control so far looks the same as it is on live. You can see it on the minimap in the clips.

    • CV will be controlled by the strategic map (the one you bring out by pressing M), you can set up waypoints and that’s the only way you can coiintrol your own CV at the moment. I do think it will change before launch, they HAVE TO HAVE wasd controls for the CV itself, if, not for anything else, torpedobeats.

    • you can control it only by way point

      cant revers if you Beach

    • TDaKillerChipmunk: The WASD controls for the squadron and the ship itself have to be differentiated some way.

  6. like the new CV rework btw.. i think WG should give the CVs secondary guns control and give them better concealment to defend themselves…. and oppa problem fixed and all gona be happy

  7. Its time to go back, to my 100% AA Ship bilds

    • Stefan87 Those planes can still dodge your AA by avoiding the flak (those puffs of black smoke in the air). If they fly into the flak, they get deleted instantly.

  8. Look good as in the animation is pretty much clean and pretty. Kinda feel like we are trading an endlessly spotted meta for an endlessly on fire meta from the first look vid here. Don’t think that burning to death for 12 minutes is going to be something that will be healthy for keeping people on the servers.

  9. With this update you are longer a CV commander, you are now a squadron commander.

    • I believe it was to make CV players not just a CV player. I play all forms of the game except CV’s before as i did not like interface it had …. it just did not feel real

    • While I can see these changes putting off a lot of current CV players (those who main CV at least), I also see them getting a lot more of the other players to try CV’s. I myself am absolute pants with CV’s. Can’t do anything in them the way they are atm. If the final rework looks like this, I’ll be picking them up again, and almost certainly have a lot more fun in them.

      Here’s what I see happening to the player base with this rework:

      A lot of CV mains will quit. Not all, but a lot. It’s just too different from the RTS style they’ve grown to enjoy.

      Those who played a mix of other classes with their CV’s will either embrace the new gameplay, or stop playing CV’s and stick with their other classes. A few may quit , but not a huge amount.

      People who never played CV’s, or tried them for a bit and stopped in the lower tiers (like me), will probably find the new gameplay appealing and give it a shot. Some will keep playing CV as just another class, others may stop again, but very few if any will think of quitting the game.

      Of course, this all depends on WG finding a good solution for the justified concerns about DOT dmg that most CC’s have expressed. If it gets to the point where you see a CV in the match and instantly want to ALT-F4 out of the game because you know you’ll be perma-flooded/fired to death within 5 minutes without any counter, the game will likely die a very quick death as all us rats abandon the sinking ship :p

    • cool because i have a lot of japanese commanders with >15points

    • Thank you mutt152, this is exactly the problem.

    • ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ

      World of Warplanes in World of Warships

  10. What I don’t like about this is that just three planes are attacking, in the meantime the rest of the squadron is getting shot up for no reason at all..

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying.  You came in, you picked your target, you hit it, you left.  Pilots dumb enough to circle uselessly before or after their attack run got blown out of the sky.

    • +Corey Patterson Nah not always irl AA defense wasnt so solid so you could say the Americans trolled people from the skies😂

    • Wargaming did say in the live stream that there thinking to change it Either making them get out of AA zones on attack or other ways I couldn’t hear

    • This is so stupid.

    • +Lebakir Good news. I personally would prefer to see the planes move more in the formation. Its nearly impossible to keep that three plane formation perfect everytime, especially under aa fire.

  11. looks like it will get boring fast.

  12. If they must make this change… then here are my recommendations:

    1. make the attack run 4 planes instead of 3 (that’s just history and present reality, a division of strikers is 4, the British used 3 at the start of WW2 and got their asses kicked… so they went to a flight of 4, which was then used in Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War 1 and 2, and still in use today). By having 4 strike aircraft in each attack, you’ll get 2-3 attacks each time you sortie out instead of 3-4 attacks (which is problematic due to flooding and fires post dam con).

    2. Enable the aircraft carrier (ship itself) to be controlled by the player.

    3. Enable to CV commander to set patrol fighters that then go about automatically but must return to the CV about every 5 or 6 minutes (creating 3 fighter sweep cycles per game).

    3. Have an AI controlled fighter squadron escort (mirror) your strike aircraft everywhere they go. That squadron should also have 12 fighters (to engage the enemy fighters if enemy patrol aircraft intercept your attack on an enemy ship OR if you attack an enemy CV.

    4. The enemy CV should have an automatic defensive fighter launch if enemy planes come within 10km. (Defensive fighter scramble).

    4. If you are dive bombing, the close range defensive AA shouldn’t be effective until in the dive (due to being out of the engagement zone at altitude). If you are doing a torpedo run, you should suffer all the AA at range (due to being in the defensive AA altitude all the way).

    5. There should be some kind of fighter sweep setup with rockets for attacking DDs/lighting fires and spotting.

    That’s all. This rework concept might work, but it’s mammoth and risky. Im hoping they make it work.

    • I like pretty much all your ideas, but I’m not quite sure what you mean with number 5. Care to offer some more detail on your thoughts with that one?

    • You should tell WG what you think, not only here. I love your ideas, it will give me more fun and feel more reality. I don’t want too many magic in this game.

    • You can do the 2nd one alredy

    • 1. sounds good especially if historically accurate.
      2. will be hard to do this. If they plan to get rid of the RTS element all together. but can be doable if they do something like Battle Stations Pacific did.
      3. again will be hard to do if they get rid of the RTS element. but if the issue is spotting just make them not able to spot like if they are flying too high or something and are only there to intercept aircraft.
      4. sounds cool but there is also defensive fire.
      5. like strafing you mean? No that made the cv horrible. cause it was all about who caught who in that strafe. and a lot of new CV players get discouraged when they lose all their squadrons in 1 move. also unrealistic strafing was for ground targets not air.
      I really do like what was shown but to truly make it great you still need some elements of RTS if only to setup way points and switch between vehicles. it can be an Action RTS like Battle Station Pacific is.

  13. no fighters doesnt make any sense. you need a counterplay for the planes. or torpedo planes just drop, flood, fly away and return when your dam con is on cooldown and AA alone doesnt make them to change their mind. only other planes force you to be swift and precise, plan the moves. i understand wg dont want fighters because of spotting, but we dont need fighter squadrons. all these planes had guns so why not let them use those against other planes? the whole CV gameplay really doesnt make any sense if other CV wouldnt be able to threaten you.

  14. Wargaming should give carriers a friendly heal consumable (like found on the support ships in the co-op missions) that would heal friendlies at a certain rate if they are in their vacinity for a short amount of time. It would encourage friendly teammates to support the carrier and the CV could play a more supportive role.

    • I like your sideways thinking. However, this particular idea seems to have a problem, if you ask me.

      It would make every scrub currently sitting on the white line never leave a carrier’s healing radius.. And it would make people constantly sail back and forth from battle to carrier, whilst unspotted. It would make the game even more campy than it is now, which would be bad :/

    • MrFunguspower So in a nutshell, exactly how naval battles were fought in WW2? Carriers try to snipe each other while everyone else just sprays and prays with their AA guns.

    • Uh, I fail to see what you’re trying to say, and how it is a response to my comment?

    • +MrFunguspower unfortunately, you’re probably right. Definitely not a fan of how “campy” games are getting. But this is where buffing and nerfing could help balance gameplay. Just an idea to get CVs more “involved” as supporting teammates as opposed to isolated sky cancer machines.

  15. If I wanted to play airplanes… I would go to War Thunder or WOA. So far i’m not impressed. nothing more than an updated version of 1943:Battle of Midway game from the 80’s… that looks like a mini game….I’m just glad I don’t play CV……as it would be enough for me to go…. granted it needed to change it’s current implementation… just don’t think this was what it should have migrated to.

  16. (Notser what do you think) Iagree that there needs to be a more human feel to the aircraft. They seem like robots or drones flying through the sky. Also, no way would any nation allow their aircraft to be trailed back to their carrier. That needs to be fixed. I would like to see some toggle between the carrier and the aircraft implemented so that the carrier is more a part of the game. Otherwise good job war gaming. You’ve done very well and it’s impressive. Another thing to attract players would be the ability to have skins for your aircraft. Being able to customize your aircraft would be pretty cool. I don’t like how they can just continually bombard a ship unless you give new perks for AA to protect them especially Destroyers. Just doesn’t seem balanced. “Notser, don’t pull a Notser” 😉

  17. pop increase for 2:3 weeks , then back to 4% , they ruined it for the current players , and won’t attract any new for more than 1 month of doing this.

  18. Seeing this, all I can say is 1: I want control over my AAs. If I have planes that can chase me down and put torpedos in me with that much touch accuracy, I wanna control exactly where and when my bofors are firing. Can have them option to automatic if in a firefight with another ship . And 2: I want San Shiki beehive shells fir my IJN ships. Even the odds here a little bit.

    • This is why this change is wrong. You are being driven down to the plane & gun level from the captain’s level. When everyone is flying planes and firing guns at them, who is running the ship?

    • Manual AA will always be on now. During the premier stream they mentioned that. You can focus fire your AA suite far easier.

    • I wonder if you can focus your AA on the 3 attacking planes or the rest of the group?  I am thinking if you think you can avoid most of the 3 attackers you can wipe out the rest and do a repair.

    • That’s why I want RNG added to torp/bomb/rocket fuses for a chance they are duds. It was common occurrence back than and I wouldn’t even mind them adding it to DD torps.

  19. It seems like carriers will still come down to whether or not your ship has good AA or bad AA. I read they want to have 2-3 carriers on each side, now imagine having to grind through ships that have bad AA. The current CV players do not want this change and non CV players prefer the team based competitive nature without CVs. It just seems like more people are upset now than ever before. So overall I do not see this helping the game. These are two different games warships and warplanes they are fusing together. Even though the ships are not moving, it still looks like a monkey could do this and rack of damage.

  20. this is many steps in the wrong direction

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