World of warships – CV wanted me sooooo bad

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What happens when a CV has a hard on you and you have no defensive AA consumable.


  1. Hey flambass good video 😉

  2. How did that guy get to T9? He can‘t even cross-drop. So bad.

    • Waste enough time and there you go

    • Welcome to this game. The general player base for this shit is legitimately the most trash that I have ever seen in any game, in my entire fucking life. It’s baffling how some of these idiots even manage to breathe.

    • i play my CV in coop cause I am still getting cross dropping right and perfecting my micro management … and seeing this ????????? Oh Lord ………. the Shame …….. sigh …

  3. Target Acquisiton Yugumo is quite clearly and obviously more competitive than Concealement mod. /s

  4. Flambass what did u mean by “acquisition yugumo” in the beginning?

    • Javtheduck 23 spotting config

    • His last module is not concealment but he is using acquisition which gives him proxy spot of 3km and a bit more spotting on torps but he wasted concealment on a very stealthy torp boat whos major advantage is exactly that

    • the yugomo, a torp boat that relies on stealth, is not using the concealment module, but the “target acquisition” module in the last slot. therefore he spot torps earlier and spots ships at 3 km distance instead of 2 km, but he loses a lot of concealment, which is a terrible tradeoff, especially for a ship that relies on stealth so much

  5. John Chucky Tomlinson

    LMAO, i guess the carrier didn’t get the memo.. Don’t try to go up against Flambass unless you have your PAPERS!!!!???

  6. its your name. if I saw you in game I would want your head too. “I killed flambass” my friends playing this game would wet their pants. you are a victim of your own success

    • Duck McScrooge nah if you look at the map he’s isolated from friendly AA and everyone else is in overlapping AA, just this guy sucked at killing flambass

  7. What’s Acquisition?

  8. Now you know what it’s like to play against XVM Arty in World of Tanks when you’re a half decent player…
    Feels good don’t it?

    • *underwater thumbs up*

    • While I would agree with you, if you look at flambass’ minimal he was isolated from friendly AA while everyone else was in the range of some form of friendly AA, I’ve had the same happen to me at lower tier

    • In World of Tanks that is known as “Driving out from arty cover and getting fucked because of it” XD…

  9. This is the new generation of CV that only use auto drop. Thanks WG

    • Still bothersome as hell as DD, if the other people on the enemy team actually take advantage of the DDs being perma-spotted.

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  11. Flambass do you have AFT on Yueyang/Gearing?

  12. skeletaur skull night

    He’s got my level at cv ????? but I just have t6 and no t9

  13. The cv was great. But look at the shima on flambass’ team the whole game in chat???

  14. I think that CV wasn’t “try harding” enough 😛

  15. 1080p beauty, finally lol

  16. Give the CV some credit, he *was* trying to take out the DD’s and do the right thing. Skills can be taught, team play is inherent.

  17. Super professional sealclubber carrier players are actually at tier 4 and 5 while all the dumb players barely somehow made to tier 10, you barely found a dumb carrier there but in asia server youll find a lot (even afk as well)

  18. Flambass that CV player wanted you so bad he could taste you.

  19. whats with HANS in a chinese ship

  20. How often do you stream? and how long?

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