World of Warships – CvC Season #1 Start

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  1. First.

  2. So we can get groups of seven for clan battles, but still no ability for clans to form a group of seven for coop? This focus on pvp is annoying when me and my clan keep getting into different battles in attempts to queue sinc in coop. It is annoying that I cant get my Midway into a tier X coop with my clan because so many others are playing tier X coop and our division is full of 3 people…

  3. Any one on eu server required a member I am interested my name is wolf_632 please can any one accept me as a member?

  4. THANK YOU! I was waiting for this!

  5. I want this music track

  6. Questions not answered: 1) Will there be rewards for the Clan when battles are won? What are those rewards? Doubloons or Oil, or something else? 2) Will Clan Battles be limited by time of day? 3) Will there be a Leader Board on WoWs like there is in WoT? 4) Will there be Ship Locking? If so, for what duration? Will only ships that have been sunk be locked or will there be a brief cool down time for all ships like there is with the Operations mode?

    Most importantly: Where is Dasha in all of this??? LOL

  7. League of Legends ranking system, exactly the kind of cancer we needed

  8. Yeah really nice, you puttrd a CV as a background but the CV players cant participate. GJ

  9. Where are the Aircraft Carriers?
    Am I missing something here?

  10. What if my friend plays the aircraft carriers?

  11. At what tier are clan battles going to take place?

  12. gj wg

  13. Bring CV into the clan wars!!! I only play CV’s 🙁

  14. Happy there will not be CVs in CWs. GG WG!!

  15. what is the soundtrack name ?

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