World of Warships – CVs are fine, they’re working as intended

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In fact they are working as intended so well, that I can eat lunch with 1 hand and play with the other…for the most part at least.
It’s meant to show you how ridiculous situation actually was.

If you want a reason I’ll give you some.
This was 1st day after Berlin TwitchCon trip, I got up, had my breakfast and started streaming super early. When mrs.Citadel came back home she brought some lunch with her but I was already mid-stream so I had my lunch while playing….and what better class to play than one which requires so much skill and attention….right? xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Now I’m kinda trying to imagine how you play and eat at the same time… but are you eating with your left or right? xD

  2. “The parkette is functional”?! Meaning it’s lying on the floor as intended? 😉

  3. Thumbs up for all your hard work!

  4. Now I see the strategy here, eat to win.

  5. You should also drop first wave of rocket planes and DB (the second reason for having only 2 waves is that last gasp kicks in last wave) (in early game at least when there’s a lot of AA)

  6. Indeed… ? no comment on that, already raged too much everywhere about CVs rework or op midway bombs. Lol
    But yeah, GG ofc ??

  7. GG 🙂 Gonna post mention of this in my forums, Asia English Speaking as an example of how balanced CV’s are.
    I’ve suggested that WGing needed a Low Skill OP platform they could make popular so they can sell premiums for etc. so cha ching, but people tell me how hard playing a CV really is, I guess if it was Dinner instead of Lunch you were eating it might affect damage, cause yknow maybe you’re having desert as well? 🙂 Maybe drop it to 180ish not over 200 🙂
    Imagine if CV were at a point that WGing actually thought they weren’t balanced, 0.o hard to imagine but wow.

  8. Meh old midway would have got a kraken and 100k more damage, no solo warrior though.. working as intended.

    • No you wouldnt, csuse in the old system you actually would need skill to do the same while fighting against the enemy cv. It is currently that easy to play good cv games, it is more than ridicoulos.

    • +Nico Richter skill? The only skill you need in the old way was to fight the enemy cv. Attacking ships was 100% way easy , you could use more than 1 squad to strike one ship .

  9. cv rewok is not intended to be balanced. It’s neand to make a proffit befor they rebalance it.

  10. So, @flambass, you pulled off a Solo Warrior *while literally potatoing?*

    • +Boredwithgaming No that ship hung himself out to dry, watch the mini map and see how far out he was. That can be a good tactic for getting angles but any smart CV will punish you. Your CV should not have to bail you out for being a noob. In the original versions of CV, yeah they could save you if they were a good player because of multiple squadrons in the air. Thats not the case anymore, you srew up and the CV really cant ride to the rescue.

    • +Don Wanna You do realise that before Wargaming did this, a CV player could have had planes all over the map. A destroyer trying to sneak into position gets seen by aircraft, simply because the CV has aircraft all over the map. Yup, that’s probably very helpful to your team – you might not be sinking much, but you are contributing so much.

      Now, the CV can ONLY focus on one area of the map at a time, that being where his planes are.

      Yes, you can see the whole map, but you can now only focus on the view that your planes have.

      What was supposed to be a ‘support’ ship is now something very different. I don’t really care if Flambass takes note of this or not. That’s not the point of this.

      If the CV is supposed to be the centre of a fleet, sending aircraft over a wide area to detect enemy vessels and protect the ships around it…. how does this work now?

      Also, you might want to be careful of your wording. Some of those that you called ‘idiots’ might actually be on your side one day. I hope you’re not pretending that they’ll even think of helping you… and you might be wishing for the air support that the CV can’t send your way, because they can now only run ONE squadron at a time, and helping you isn’t on their agenda.

    • +VerilyVerbatim Sounds like we agree about the shift in CV role. Use of the word “idiot” was intended to add flavor.

    • +Don Wanna Hey, spice it up all that you want. IMO, this was a foolish decision by Wargaming.

      CV’s were never intended to only have one squadron in the air at a time, as much as rockets were never a realistic option for aeroplanes.

      But …. Wargaming says ‘screw you’… we’re putting it in anyway, and if you don’t like it, too bad.

    • +VerilyVerbatim We definitely agree on that!

  11. That shima….”i’m safe in my smoke, you can’t see me….oh”

  12. Meatballs for life

    The carrier rework made me spec AA on most of my ships because I’m so fed up of them, but because of them I found my favourite build in the game, AA daring, turns out if you spec AA on daring even without manual fire control it’s pretty good.

  13. omg am i soloing this while eating lunch xD pls dont change!!

    • I thought playing a CV required focus. As in, you’re supposed to be the ‘overwatch’ vessel for other warships, sending many groups of aircraft over a wide area, to protect all of them?

  14. Oh god im so glad i don’t play this crap anymore 😀 Still like to watch Flam.

  15. That enemy GK shot down 41 planes and it literally made no difference, he still lost all of his HP to the CV.

    • BIG DIFFERENCE. You get caught out in open with other surface ships shooting you, you can angle and sail away. You can also shoot at a target who goes broadside trying to get that damage in. You can also use CE to go silent to get away. WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN A CV FINDS YOU? NOTHING

    • +LegioX same thing as when a ship finds you, you try to dodge, the less you offer a target, the.less you are subject to hits and, as a bonus, your AA you dont even have to to aim to cause damage. cv are in the game, deal with it. you can either adapt to the new gameplay and be successful or whine about it and die because.. “It worked like that” in the old days. At a battle start, ships should move in groups for aa bubbles, as the game progress, CV planes supplies will have decreased, soo you will not be facing a full strength triple attack.. again, learn to manoeuver, you would be amazed how much damage you can mitigate.. but if you insist on sailing broadside, dont be surprised to get a paddling

    • +Angel Matzumoto It’s random battle, not clan battle. So there’s no such teamwork, there will be isolated target everywhere. And 90% of the game is random battle.

    • of those 41 planes. how many were fighter planes..likely half

    • +bladeclanhalo3 84 planes were shot down, making that GK taking about roughly 50%, , now, if you look at those post result, you can see that Flambass lost 34F-13R-19D-18T, apply that 50% ratio, and from those 41 planes, about 17 were shot down by that GK (but I suspect it was actually more than that)

  16. Flambass the Eminem song is called “Square Dance” from the album “The Eminem Show”. One of my personal favourites ?

  17. Wow, not using slingshot bomb drop demonstrated by Yuro?

  18. Pictures in My Mind, from the Relapse album. You’re welcome.

  19. i quit playing wows till CVs are fixed.

  20. Working as intended. As you can see, Midway can’t do Dev strikes anymore or Double strikes!

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