World of Warships – Cyclone Contingent

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Fun game during a where my team works well together and pull back the advantage. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Replay


  1. Alsace is so beautiful.

  2. IMO Cyclone is unnecessary in this game. It’s difficult enough getting your team to work like a team, then comes the cyclone and drains whatever fun was left. Horrible mechanic that was introduced and either needs to be removed or reworked.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      I fucking love cyclone, except when it starts 10 minutes into the match. At least during cyclone, enemy BBs can’t run away.

    • I think cyclones should be murkier and rainier.

      I love them, they give you the opportunity to sneak in and assist a teammate or allow you to get away if you’re badly out of position.

    • Unnecessary? Why is it unnecessary? Are you one of those people that has to have a game be exactly the same, everyone is equal, everyone is a snowflake type? I love the cyclone, it’s different and forces counter play. If they could get the graphic representation right it would be even better. More differing environment modes would be great not less.

    • I love cyclones, exactly because there is almost no teamplay. This allows me to 1v1 and in those cases I often come out as the winner (playing cruisers and BBs).

    • No teamplay in a cyclone? You must be playing a different game than me. Cyclones encourage more teamplay than less, the go it alone types usually get killed and are of no more use to the team after the environment improves.

  3. german’s so thicc

  4. Why i love watching Notser’s gameplay : i do totally feel the same frustration and satisfaction playing the game as i witness him feeling in his shows. I do also follow straight out godlike players like Flamu for example, i do appreciate his advices, build runs and tactics approach to various situations but watching Notser i actually see myself in I do think that most of us feel the same. So to that I cheer you Nots for being uniquely generic and informative basics.

    a daily WoWs player

    • Reckless Potato I like Flamu as a player for same reasons but he can be so toxic when it comes to other players and I hate that it just turns me off to any of his content, making fun of someone for making mistakes it’s just wrong. Many are still learning the game and I know I appreciate it if someone try’s to help me!

    • Indeed, that is upsetting

  5. Germans like em thick….Do tell, sir…

  6. Notser, 2 comments, the other French BB with an aircraft that you have on the tip of your tongue is the Gascogne.
    Regarding the citadel at the beginning of the game, I wonder if it is a bug? The shell clearly landed at the rear of the ship where the citadel does not extend there. How does it make 13K damage?

    • Welcome to CA life.

    • even on a CA, you can only land a citadel hitting the rear if the enemy shot you from the rear and the shell goes through the length of the ship and hit the citadel which is in the middle of the ship. But here, the NC was on his port side.

    • I beg to differ. I’ve had shells do that to my stern. This is why RNG is bad for high tier. Low tier? I’m fine to endorse that, but in competitive games, you want as little chance as possible, for it’s about the player’s skill. Not how many four leaf clovers he/ she found.

  7. Naked Iowas? Thicc German ships? This video needs a mature rating!

  8. Noster you and everyone say “dds have to cap its their job” “caping and spoting is the only sure way to the win” but why should i spot since it doesnt give me anything ,yes its important tis known but IT DOESNT GIVE YOU ANY REWARD you dont get XP for it credits either .The only thing that caping is giving you is one stupid stat that doesnt give you anything and spoting litteraly doesnt give you ANYTHING.So why should i cap and spot since it doesnt give ME anything.Whats the point in wining if that game doesnt give you any xp or credits .Im saying this becase ive been caping ,ive been spoting in my dds and in those games ive been doing only around 30-40k dmg (T7)and at the final stats i get something like 1kxp and 70k credits .So why should i not just farm dmg since dmg is what rewards you ?

    • You actually do get XP for both spotting and capping. But the game doesn’t tell you that, and that’s the issue with the current system in the game. People do not realize they get rewarded for stuff…so they end up not doing it.

      Destroyers get less XP for caps than Battleships though, but that makes sense considering a Destroyer can cap pretty easy compared to a battleship.

      But ofc…doing damage is always rewarded. Just keep in mind that it’s % of ships health you get rewarded for, not the damage number itself. So for example, dealing 100k damage to battleships is not worth nearly as much as dealing say…40k to destroyers. Since 100k BB damage equals like one ship…but 40k destroyer damage equals to like 2-3. Meaning A LOT more XP.

      So there’s a difference between damage and damage…so to say.

    • Well, that’s good to know now.

    • Yes, why did I even play this game? ;D

    • Because despite all of the bad things the game is still really fun to play.

    • Actually capping gives ton of rewards. I remember a few instances I capped three times and did nothing much more and still end up quite up there in team.

  9. Smol and thicc? Wut?

  10. notser will u do a video on the stalingrad and the tier 9 russian cruiser? Is the new tier 9 russian cruiser going to be bought for money, for free XP, or will it be a reward. I watched Ichase video on it and have been wondering these questions bwray71

  11. it pronounce with a S not a Z . in french S will sound like a Z only when its ONE S and between 2 vowel

  12. The game is a bit buggy right now, especially with you being hit with a citadel and no notification. I would think you should hear the citadel sound or at least “heavy damage” notification. Looks like parts of the game engine are registering a citadel hit while other parts don’t recognize it. Love the channel. Thanks.

  13. Aldilah Massarocuy

    Fantasticc vids Noster, see you on another video 🙂

  14. Great call on finishing the Hindenburg, man. Had you gone for the other cruiser, who knows, they could have even teamed up on you and you didn’t have a lot of extra health. I’d rather have a solid kill than a chance for a little extra damage.

  15. Charles be like BANZAIIIIIIIIIIIII

  16. Notser I bought the Friedrich der Grosser the other day and sold it after 10 battles, that is the biggest pile of shit I have ever played. Was it a mistake?

    • I think it might be depending on your play style 🙂 for me it is an Awesome ship and although it took me quite a few battles to get to know her and get her play style right 🙂

  17. why do people complain about BB AP vs a DD? if a shell that size hits a ship of course its gonna do a lot of damage, even if it goes straight through theres gonna be a huge hole in it

  18. I murdered a Kurf the other day on my Alsace using Aerroon’s German BB cit trick…

  19. I had a dream lol

  20. Wait there was a cyclone in this match? Where’s the badass storm? I’m guessing they changed it for some reason.

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