World of Warships – Cyclone Taketh

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I was checking out version 1 of and then a pretty close game happened that I wanted to share. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next !

Tier X Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Replay – Discord Server


  1. Russian Nationalist Physics is fun! WG’s WOWS Soviet Fleet– Like that irritating 8-year old kid who says he has infinity shields, a nuclear bomb gun (and no take-backs), when you’re just outside trying to play play “war”. Or whatever the 2018 social justice warrior equivalent is… “purge the wrong-thinkers”, maybe?

    Request: Can we have an anti-Notser game guide? I, too, tend to rush, or want more than a good game situation, and end up in Davey Jone’s Locker for no good reason. I’ve been learning how to play the Soviets at distance (Budyonny) properly, versus speeding into danger.

  2. A point about the Yamato shooting the cruiser, his aft turret would never have been in arc to hit the destroyer, so he chose to use the damage he had on the target he could hit. This is a reasonable course of action.

    • thank you glad i am not the only one who saw that i feel notser puts BB players down to much

    • Indeed. Also, yamato turret traverse is so bad he probably could not turn his turrets in time.

    • Yup, that Yami had no choice but to aim for that cruiser before she died. The Minotaur on the other hand, not gunning down the DD’s, not sure about that one.

    • Arnon Lokitsataporn

      umm no. the salvo before that the yamato shot both the front gun and the rear gun, so if his rear turret is reloaded, so would the front.

  3. This ship does just look amazing, if there would be a model kit of it i would buy it

  4. After seeing how much you enjoy this grossly mis-classified monster, don’t ever let me hear you complain that anything is OP.

    • Because you wouldn’t enjoy playing this ship if you had it as well? Got it.

      The hypocrisy in that comment…

    • You completely misunderstood what I was trying to get across, didn’t you? Total, utter failure of comprehension.

    • To me it reads as you criticizing him for enjoying it, but if that’s not what you meant, then my bad. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • No, my criticism was more that he can’t on the one hand enjoy running around in this thing and wrecking ships that have no hope of fighting back one on one, while at the same time complaining that radar is making him supremely vulnerable as a destroyer driver. Sometimes you’re the predator and sometimes you’re the prey, and I suspect he doesn’t handle being prey very well.

    • jsm666 omg who does?

  5. dude wtf? this ship is insanely OP, don’t go and praise the bloody thing

    • It still needs torps and smoke please buff. Russia stronk.

    • It’s OP for a cruiser, but Tier 10 battleship drivers are going to have fun blowing the fuck out of it, over and over again. Give it six months and nobody will want one any more.

    • Insanely OP, not even close I think it needs a few buffs to make it Russian Stronk!. Ceramic Composite Armour, Radar Range 17.5 Km. For good measure don’t forget 2 single firing quad launchers of VA-111(N) Shkval Nuclear Torps. Which will be balanced with a 20 degree firing Arc and no reload so you only get 8 shots.

    • he likes it, and wants it to be a thing clearly! haha.. OP ship OP

  6. Okay you convinced us Notser now lets talk business…

  7. any idea on how we will be able to earn it besides clan battles

  8. 71k hp and 50mm deck amor this ship clearly is fragile and needs to stay at max range because it also has 22km range nice logic notser. This ship is in fact the most sturdy cruiser in the game and besides the 25 mm front is abled to tank a lot so why would you be useless at ranges exceeding 18km?

    • what exactly is play at range because i think its close to 15 km where you can disengage easily but the 22km range is nice to have but not necessary for the playstyle

    • das Hopsili it depends. The Stalingrad has really bad handling. In the Early game i would say engagements should take place between 22 – 18 km. Then after about 5 min you should be getting closer or you are already kiting away.

    • It has a gigantic turning circle, a large citadel, and sides are only 180mm. It’s by far the tankiest cruiser in the game, but if you ever let enemy BBs get a good shot at your sides they can still citadel the hell out of you. Plus the huge size of the ship and the fact that fire damage is percentage-based means that cruisers will love HE-spamming it if a good opportunity presents itself. So it makes perfect sense to use those accuracy high-velocity guns to shoot from long range until you *have* to get closer, instead of rushing in right away.

    • RedXlV indeed. Play to your strengths.

    • who said rush in? I said its stupid to say that you should play this ship at range and of course youll get deleted when you show broadside what a surprise. This ship has the tools to get close and hold positions unlike any other cruiser if you play to its strengths and rushing in like a madman is not its stength

  9. Hmm. Battleship gun and range. With cruiser accuracy?

    No wonder a certain Flaming Cat demand WG remove this version. Just imagine the rage from DD and Cruiser. 😀

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Stalingrad originally had 160-263m horizontal dispersion and 2.25 Sigma.
      This one has 160-190m horizontal dispersion and 2.0 Sigma.
      Trading Sigma for better Dispersion – is not a nerf honestly!
      It should keep the horrid 160-263m h-dispersion and 2.0 Sigma instead. This is more balanced imo.
      I mean look at the Roma – it keeps its huge dispersion – and has 1.8 Sigma, when it really needs 2.0 just to be reliable…- and now we have this ship utilising the same railgun mentality as the Italians and we get a laser sniper out of it… feels bad man…

  10. Notser, ur a smart guy, its naval architecture, not an opinion. Stalingrad, Alaska, Kronshtad: cruisers. 305mm guns stop being bb calibre in the 1920s.

    • Says the guy that writes ur instead of you’re.

      They’re battlecruisers bud, not cruisers.

    • Being a grammer nazi on the internet has no correlation to naval architecture, hydrodynamics or the science thereof. I guess being a dweeb grants a tripple phd in this day and age…

  11. So it’s an accurate Kronstadt?

  12. People like to shoot at BB’s because they are easy to hit and you end up with good damage numbers for it, and the game rewards a lot of exp for damage dealt. Unfortunately BB’s don’t win games, DD’s do.

    • Poor shots do well to fire at battleships and cruisers, because destroyers which aren’t actually attacking them are just going to cause misses and waste the opportunity.

    • Looked like a case of damage farming by the Mino, opting for the non-DD targets instead

  13. The way they implement Soviet ships, you’d think the development team is haunted by Stalin’s ghost.

    • There is a certain national bias, yes. Unfortunately it’s not well backed up by historical achievements – most of the great surface actions of the 20th Century were fought by other major powers, and the one defining naval war the Russian Navy took part in is not one whose history they care to dwell on. Then again, it sort of sucks when your best admiral is killed when his ship is mined and the next-best has a crippling stroke just before the most important naval battle since Trafalgar.

      It’s a problem shared by most of the nations, though – Yamato is still the only Tier 10 battleship to actually exist and fight, and even the Tier 8 and 9 ships in many major navies have only paper histories (e.g. Monarch, Alsace, Republique), never made it out of the early construction phase (e.g. Amagi, Lion), or are WG’s extrapolations of concept designs (e.g. Conqueror, Grosser Kurfurst).

    • Yeah, Russian navy torping the W.Gustloff and Goya (during Operation Hannibal) is about what I remember from them during WW2 because of the body counts. Before that, there was Tsushima… not exactly one for the highlight reels.

  14. I’m with Flamu again, a little bit…. broken

  15. An OP broken Russian POS ship, the Russian bias is becoming a joke. What did the USSR Navy do in WW2? Not much, nothing of note, nothing that would make volumes of historical books. When you look at the history which is clearly something the WG dev’s have not done. Most of the Communist navy after WW1 was nothing but left overs from England, France, the US, or captured units from Germany. Same thing happened after WW2, which ended after the death of Stalin. Yet they have will have a full tech tree. Again WG caters to their largest server RUS but that large server population does not pay for the game like North America PC, and North American xbox players. We pay the bills, get the worse treatment from WG, and have the weakest WG offices. We get treated like WG own extended line of credit. The USSR line should be one of the weakest but that reality doesn’t sell the mother Russia must win bs that is infected by every single Russian Dev. Most of the CC’s now are just paid off fan boys because they get free stuff from WG, free trips. We can not trust them anymore to tell us the real truth anymore.

  16. Silent Assassin Gamer

    IDK how you could think version 1 is even remotely ok for the game. Being able to devastate a Zao with “cruiser” ap shouldn’t be something that is so easy to achieve and you did it with ease at the beginning of this game. I’ve seen this ship hit BBs 20km away and do 20k damage to them. This ship is stupidly OP in version 1 and it will be cancer on the scale of the Belfast if it enters the game in this state.

    • Version two is just a battleship with radar, both are stupid OP and of course will get nerfed. I personally don’t want a tier 10 battleship with radar as it would be a brutal BB stand in for clan and rank

    • Well they let loose the Conqueror into live server…

  17. The big news is someone actually scored the Solo Warrior achievement here (the Yugumo)

  18. I don’t understand why WG does this. Does it make them happy to have OP Russian ships? I’m a proud American but it wouldn’t give me any joy at all to see American ships ruining the fun for everyone else.
    Also Notser, do you not think this is OP? It basically ruins the game for DDs and even other cruisers from what I’ve seen.

    • You also forgot this thing was doing multiple citadels on BBs…. at max range. I always like the community contributers that are pretty much forced to agree with the Russians in order to keep their status. I saw a video from a guy who was a WG contributer who just could not take their bullshit any longer… they are even cocky enough to have told the contributers that the players are stupid ( his words) and don’t ever know anything is wrong or broken unless WG tells them that it is.

    • for dds whe can say its already rouined with the radar meta whe dont w8 for stali come out!!!!stali is the first battlecruiser and i think they gonna release more of that kind of ships,but dont w8 to be same with cruisers they gonna nerf it but still gonna be stronger from the normal cruiser!

  19. Well that Yugumo got a solo warrior so I’m sure he’s pretty happy.

  20. People in cruisers ignoring low HP DDs …. my face hurts of all the facepalms ….

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