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Just for a change today I’m not featuring a bunch tier 10s laying into each other and doing their best to throw the match. Of too much change at once is bad, so I’ll still be doing my best to mispronounce the names of everything French.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Last time I was this early she complained.

  2. Notification squad: at ease!

    Edit: Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat?

  3. Hey Daan, you stole my qoute ;-;

  4. It’s ok Jingles, they managed to fit the aircraft production facilities into the carriers using the same fancy tech as the shell production factilities, the mid battle torpedo reloading mechanisms and the infinite fuel generator. Brings a tear to the eye to see the genius and ingenuity of the navy’s engineering teams at work.

    • @Michiel van der Winden It’s too bad the games only last 20 mins giving you an effective amount. If you get all your planes destroyed you will be sending out flights of 1 to 2 planes for the rest of the game or sitting there deplaned for so long it just won’t matter anymore, the game would be won or lost already. It is retarded CCs that keep talking shit, spreading misinformation and lies. You would think this lot would know how the game works by now…

      On the upside, it’s great that people are not using the defensive AA fire consumable now as it is pretty nice for taking out whole flights of aircraft easily. Just another thing these lot lie about, actually making CVs much worse to deal with for everyone.

    • @YellowBlackbird12 I can tell you have never played in a CV then…

    • @Keith Rogers Most WW2 ships had fuel for weeks or months of combat patrol and several hundred (50-100? for BBs ) shells per turret. Torpedoes in game are completely unrealistic however, as only the IJN ever had any reloads at all and then only the one set. The DD would need to find it’s tender or return to port.

    • You are forgetting the insane speeds of the ships and their shells:
      1) look at the travelled distance in the post-battle results and divide it by the time you’ve survived in battle…
      2) if a shell takes 12 seconds to go to 12km, it means the average speed is 1000m/s, add to it the extra travel due to the parabola and you see that every shell travels much faster than what’s advertised…
      I reckon that since WoWS is an arcade game and not a simulator, WG had to take some liberties to make it playable. Otherwise battles would last for days, German BBs would be the most accurate, Smolensk and all the other Russian OP ships would not exist, and CVs, while being much more powerful than now, would burn and flood all the time and would not be able to launch or recover aircraft if not pointing to the wind.
      While I’m convinced WG could and would do a better job if they only listened to the CCs and/or the player base not located on the RU server, I also marvel at how beautiful the ships are and, when putting myself in WG’s shoes, I honestly find myself a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of factors you have to take into account when designing a game like WoWS and then balance the pieces you add to it

    • If ships had finite shells available for their guns in World of Warships, there would be very few ships that are even physically capable of firing fast enough to empty their magazines before the 20 minute battle timer runs out. A handful of the high-tier DDs like the Akizuki line, Daring, and Friesland possibly could do that if they fired continuously from the start of battle. But even with them I’m not sure.
      And there’s not a single ship in the game that could possibly run out of fuel in just 20 minutes of steaming at top speed.

  5. eyyyyy, finally in a jingles replay, too bad I do very little in the entire battle (im the enemy bayern)

    • Ive managed to pop up in 3 warships and 1 tanks replay he featured. Unfortunatly its always my worst matches. There was one in my Minotaur i get deleted by a stray salvo while unspotted by a yammy aiming at the Monty i was passing in front of. That one hurt.

      Edit: for clarification always a background ship. Never been featured.

  6. Bruh not even a month and a half ago, I was sick and when into surgery and when to a coma.

    After waking up, I watched every single video I missed, and than…… we go into a close down because of Caronavirus.

    Edit: Damn my luck is down the charts.

  7. I confirm you have Mispronounced every french names.
    That’s why me as a french i like to watch your videos

  8. As a proud, card-carrying member of the Daan club, I approve this message.

  9. Imagine playing a prem ship with pleb consumables xD

    • @armymatt83 I don’t know man…
      I play a lot of WoWS, I’ve never in my life bought premium time and I never had problems financing my tier X games.

      If you play only TX, without a prem account, sure you’ll probably run out of money.
      But that extra few credits you “save” by handicapping yourself isn’t going to make any noticeable difference.

    • @Avi well then you must be very good because I’ve had battles at T10 not running permanent camos but using premium account time and just barely turned a profit with over 100k damage or still come in at a loss.

    • @Avi Never said I don’t use them. Tier X, they are permanently on my ship. But yes, I am always short on money due to constantly buying new ships and such. (I’m a bit of a chronic collector). As for losing because of not carrying premiums, I think you guys give them too much credit. I have a lot of dreadnoughts and almost always get over 2.5 to 3 million potential in my BB’s. I have never died due to the consumables not saving me, it’s been stupid mistakes or other things like teammates or a good play by the enemy. I don’t use a premium account either, though I know you said you don’t.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 @jehera I mean, yes. I can’t and won’t argue that this is pretty much true all the time. But to me, with my meh 58% win-rate, I just see all the money I waste when I do take them cause I inevitably die without them making a diference. Not saying I’m right in this, just saying that’s how I see it. Also, while I do run them and do fine (and could do better with premium) I wasn’t really arguing that point. Was mostly pointing out that people in replays like this immediately point out the consumable choice. It doesn’t make sense. Yeah, he could use them, but he did fine without them. I mean, his replay got featured and all.

      Though I want to apologize for using the word “crying”. That was going too far and @Avi didn’t do anything to deserve that.

    • @Peter Kliewer Thanks, I appreciate the clarification.
      With 58% you’re much better than me, I’m a solid 54%, so who knows, your way works better I guess 🙂

      And you’re right, he did do fine, but imagine had the battle gone on a minute longer, that extra heal, or the last heal he used coming online earlier could have been the difference between him dying or not.

      So I guess we disagree on this, which is fine, it’s just a game, and ultimately I was just meming, I’m not that dumb that I’ll judge a person’s character based on a video game.

      Cheers to all of you, even the ones who are wrong /s

  10. “Dunker-Q”? I believe it’s pronounced “Dünkirchen”, Herr Jingles!

  11. This video feels like a personal attack considering I actually pronounce my name the way he jokingly pronounces dunkerque

  12. “Dunker-Que?” You mean the line at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop?

  13. Well, whether or not the compartmentalization was enough to keep the whole turret from blowing up is up for debate, at least as far as Drachinifel is concerned.

  14. During the real Dunkerque’s only test under fire, Mers-El-Kebir 3 July 1940, a 15″ shell from the HMS Hood struck the #2 turret roof above the right guns. It did not penetrate or explode, but did cause a cordite fire killing the right side turret crew. Although as Jingles stated the guns were separated by bulkheads, the right hand gun of the left turret side was also disabled by this shell hit.

    • @Tom Riley Exactly. A lot of courageous French sailors died pointlessly for no other reason than the stubborn and utter incompetence of their commanding officer.

    • I think the reason for separating is more the fact that the crew has a chance to survive (don’t forget, training a crew takes a lot of time and is expensive, and takes a lot of time)

    • French : We surrender
      English : so , those battleships …..

      French : we wont let the Germans get them ….
      English : mmm kaaaaaay

    • Orson in charge: it was FAR more complicated then that and more then borderline suspicious and malevolent considering they were allies but months earlier.

    • @Cen Blackwell not so much the commanding officers who were just following Legal orders they died more because the vichy french made and issues to many conflicting statements to the english who decided they couldnt afford to take the risk of the germans getting the ships

      AND in there favor the french did scuttle the rest of their fleet when the germans tryed to sieze them

  15. There were many happy cowboys on that Dreadnaught when they found that carrier.

  16. Well, at least there’s consistency. Dunker-Queue, Graf Spieh, Piyotr Vella-Kii and Monti Cuccioli have all been namebutchered in their own, special way. 😀

    • I am really waiting for his performance of “Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz” captain XD

    • @Piotr Rybiński Yes! 😀 That should be a Pan-European captain with very special perks I think. Something with slowing down enemy reaction times… like if you aim at that captain’s ship, your gun reload takes longer because you can’t figure out whom you’re looking at. 😉

  17. “the magical mystical aircraft production fairies in its hanger will soon work their magic and produce fresh aircraft from their arses before too long” – Jingles

  18. Jingles: Texas is two Tier higher than the Hosho
    Me: Old man you’re drunk again

    • Isaac Kum He’s not exactly wrong. From the Hosho’s point of view, the Texas may as well be. The outcome was still the same.

    • Don’t forget Jingles said it had best in tier AA. It’s actually not anymore. Konig has an AA rating that’s 1 point higher

    • And the poor texas’s AA is only 3.5km and id slow af… The konig im sure has some longer range aa and is faster

    • Kate Nunyabizness

      Yeah but when we put the sails up, and break out the oars and go downhill, the Texas is fast! 😉 I love my Texas’ AA, but dear god, the Cleaveland is insane. Either that or the last carrier had a serious hate for Cleavelands as I ate 77 of his aircraft lol.

    • He’s just reinacting being French.

  19. “Oh, it looks like he hit something. I wasn’t really paying attention.”
    Excellent commentary Jingles.

  20. The Dunkirque is definitely my favorite “Battleship” in the game.

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