World of Warships – Dafuq?

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I can’t even begin to explain what happened in this match. You guys try to figure it out.

Dave’s book on Spigot weapons, including the Hedgehog:

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  1. I try to play this game.. just can’t put up with the toxicity.. Your videos are the only things that keep me interested in the game.

    • Just turn off the chat in your mind. Civility has died a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean you have to go along with that tendency.

    • Same. I was an alpha tester and beta tested on console. I couldn’t take the bs from WGing.

    • @Ryan De Silva
      After watching all the videos about how WoW is just trying to milk their player base, I became increasingly _less_ interested in playing the game xD

      Also, genuine question: if you watched Jingles for a long time, how come you didn’t learn how to play the game from that? 🙂

      Like, we’ve seen quite a lot of genius plays and horrible plays, right? So I always expected I’d be way better for a totally new player than someone who never saw any gameplay. (although you sorta also need to know the ships and their penetrations and armors, which I’d totally suck at, lol)

      So, could you share some of the things that your now-friends still had to teach you?

    • Wows is far less toxic than WOT. But there can be those frustrated by their team. That said i have had many players message me with helpful advice about tactics and ship characteristics.

    • @MrNicoJac If you listen to what Jingles call good and bad plays. You will absolutely not learn to be better at the game. He is a selfproclaimed average potato at the game, and get plenty of stuff wrong.
      When he sometimes shows a video of someone good at the game having a great match. You would need the commentating from the player himself, explaining why he does something as he is doing it, to actually learn.
      Jingles is just here to entertain us, and occasionally rip wargaming a new a-hole

  2. Oh yeah Jingles? The Kurfurst died to the fires caused by the torpedoes of the submarine? Our old man is giving WG ideas: incendiary torpedoes.

    • @MrNicoJac that isn’t how fires work. Water doesn’t always equal fire being put out. Which is why you can’t use certain fire extinguishers on electrical fires. The wrong extinguisher can make a fire worse.

      Another example is tsunamis. A lot of damage and deaths are caused by the tsunami causing electrical fires. Just look at the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. Some of the first pictures that come up when you Google “2011 Japanese Tsunami” are of fires and smoke.

    • @Alex BOU
      Okay, fair point.
      My comment was based on the unspoken assumption that the ship’s paint and materials would be the main fuel* of the fire.
      An electrical fire seemed silly to me, since you really need* power plant levels of electricity to keep going through something for it to remain on fire.
      In a ship, this would just* lead to short circuiting, safety fuses being triggered, or the engine just not having enough to _keep_ an electrical fire going.

      * = all of these are assumptions, but I’m not an electric fire fighter, so I may be mistaken; if anyone knows the details better, please educate me and the other readers 🙂

    • @Anananan Dsdsdsds
      Yeah, but the watertight doors also keep the oxygen out, so most fires would theoretically stop without water too.
      (the problem is of course that the explosions can cause warping of the metal, which makes them not-water or air tight – and that fires that were started by shells rather than torpedoes leave holes in the hull, so oxygen can reach the fire from there)

    • There is no way uncle weirdo didn’t say that on purpose.
      He knows he gets more comments when he says stupid things

    • Torpedoes *did* actually cause fires. Rarely.

  3. “…technically died from the fires set by the torpedoes from the submarine.”

    Wait wut? They can inflict fires?

  4. Submarines killing submarines actually happened more than once in the continuation war, even with one reported ram kill by a Finnish sub crew. A lot of weird stuff happened in the Gulf of Finland.

    • @Preston Lee I believe it was HMS venturer who torpedoed U-864 in 1945

    • Arkadi Kharov's Cabinet of Curiosities

      How many Finns do you know? Lol this doesn’t surprise me at all

    • Gnome NorthOfTheWall

      @TheRealCrisis Exactly, and while reading about naval ramming, I noticed following:
      “On 30 March 2020 the Venezuelan patrol-boat Naiguatá deliberately rammed the ice class cruise ship RCGS Resolute while in international waters. According to RCGS Resolute’s owner, the Coast Guard ship had fired shots and ordered the cruise ship to follow it to a Venezuelan harbor in Margarita Island. Naiguatá sank following the ramming”

      The Cruise ship, that survived the ram, was originally build in Finland 🤣

    • I think it only happened once where both subs were submerged. It definitely happened more than once where one of the subs was surfaced at the time. My grandfather was part of the crew of USS Spikefish (granted this was in the late 50s), which I learned had torpedoed and sunk the Japanese submarine I-373 right at the tail end of the Pacific War.

  5. Gronigen has forward depth charges as well, but it doesn’t have torps and 360 degree rotation on both guns

  6. “he died to the fire set by the torpedoes” Old man, the minotaur got the last kill.

  7. Kristoffer Mangila

    The Halland is like the M4 Sherman: jack of all trades master of none.

    • i mean, master of AA, but considering actual AA effectiveness across the board, that’s like saying im the master of sight because i have 20/20 vision and Stevie Wonder doesn’t.

    • @kittyfoxkitsune This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read thanks for the laugh.

  8. Konrad nailed it. It was the competition to see who was the greatest potato … and the competition was tense

  9. Hearing Jingles talking about ASW reminded me of Greyhound, the Tom Hanks ww2 movie that came out last year, and made me wonder if Jingles has seen it and/or he enjoyed the movie if he has seen it.

    • It was Tom Hanks winning the war in their first convoy action.

    • I’ve only seen the Trailer to that movie and that alone was enough for me to say “Yeah, no, I’m good, thank you…”

    • Håkon Steinsvåg

      He probably has seen the movie, but I wish he had not. Because historically it is horrible. The DD ASW actions is fine, it is just the german submarines that are complete morons, so that Tom Hanks emerge victorious.

    • If you want to watch an actually decent film about anti submarine operations in WW2 I would recommend The Cruel Sea 1953, no great CGI but much better written.

    • @Håkon Steinsvåg i wouldn’t say it was inaccurate, more they got a bunch of different encounters and meshed them together.

  10. Reading the chat roll was a hoot! One player commented (when the Monty fell to the Halland), that is was a game to see who was the greatest potato.

  11. We all live in a nuclear submarine,
    Reactor’s sprung a leak,
    Now we’re glowing green.

  12. depth charge are just sea mines with timer, so imagine a halland irl is just laying its own mine field and sail into it.

  13. It’s hillarious to watch the autogenerated sub, filling in the Hallands name with anything but Halland.

  14. Cmdr Walker developed the system of using two or three destroyers, two would be either side of the submerged U-boat, keeping contact, whilst a third would come down the middle dropping charges, in this way contact with the U-boat would never be lost, and they could drop depth charges very accurately. His Hunter killer group was quite famous for the number of kills they got.

    • Thanks for reminding me of Commander Walker. He and his hunter-killer groups were credited with 17 U-Boat kills, and over 1,000 people attended his funeral in Liverpool after his death in July 1944 from a cerebral thrombosis attributed to exhaustion and overwork. A hugely talented and charismatic man, RIP.

  15. I could literally feel my braincells dying during the last minutes of this match…glorious! 😀 Watching it again with the potato song in the background now.

  16. “He wasn’t even really aiming his torpedoes at the GK”. Well actually Jingles he did have the GK targeted and was hovering around the prediction line, when he launched the torps, so he may very well have been, especially given the Smolensk had up to that point not shown an inclination to poke out too far from the island (hence only the single hit previously).

    • Yeah, they were definately dual purpose torps, he went for both GK and Smolensk, but Jingles videos have to have these little comments in them to keep us talking in the comments section!

  17. The Halland doesnt use the Hedghog launcher, the launcher on the Halland would be the “Bofors 375mm anti submarine rockets”

  18. This game was immensely fun to watch. More WoW strangeness in one game than anyone could expect!

  19. The amount of “actually Jingles” comments in this video is truly impressive, although I admit Jingles did forget the caveat of saying sub kills when both subs were submerged. Subs killing other subs when one was on the surface did happen fairly often.

  20. That final though:

    Submarine XO: “We are out of torpedoes, Herr Kapitan.”

    The Captain: Puts on monocle. “Nein! WE are the torpedo!”

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