World of Warships- Daisen First Impressions: An Actual Good Japanese Premium?!?!

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the TIX Premium Japanese Battlecruiser Daisen, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
2:03 Dockyard Overview
3:34 Economy/Exterior
4:36 Armor
6:07 Ship Stats
9:23 Ship Consumables
9:58 Commander & Module Build
14:10 Gameplay Review


  1. Mountbatten keep up the good work! Always eager to watch your next videos with curiosity. 🙂

  2. Correct me if i’m wrong but Hizen was the dockyard ship and Iwami was released as a coal ship. And when it comes to the extra phases that you need, going for the improve Bp at 2.5k dub (plus two stages bought at 1.5k), you can get rewards on both. Dockyard and BP included for the 5.5k dubs so not a bad deal if you ever need any of the ressources that they provide.

    • Yup Hizen is the dockyard while Iwami is the Premium/coal one.

    • I dont know what the dockyard rewards or costs were then but yeah hizen was a dockyard ship. The only main differences between the 2 are hizen has the OG Yamato secondaries where Iwami has the harugumo secondaries, hizen has triple barrel guns, and Iwami has torps. That’s it. Both bretty good but it’s the superships that make tier 9 insufferable.

  3. It seems like for good IJN premium BBs they gave us Kii and Musashi and that was our lot.

  4. Seems like a decent kiter/flanker, but probably wouldn’t call it any more than decent from what I’ve seen so far.

  5. 我要吃譚担面🍌

    You can feel the Japanese tempted to add a turret in the middle

  6. Recently got the Iwami. Really like it – great accuracy, great firing angles, reasonably quick, and surprise LolTorps

  7. Cool, haven’t tried premium ships yet, are they worth it?

  8. This ship looks sort of “meh” especially with her size and citadel. But the final nail in the coffin is that it’s a T9 which right now just gets beat down on every match by overpowered t10s and t11s. If I finish the grind and have to throw a few doubloons at it to complete that’s fine. Other than that I’m not shelling out any starter pack money on this. Nice video and good information as always.

  9. Odd, I find Japanese BB dispersion being one of the best on BB’s, only American t9+ comes close, in my opinion.

  10. Tier 9 is cursed. I always seem thrown in against superships. Unless this ship is incredible I will give it a miss.

  11. I was in the tier 9 pan-am cruiser last night and had this ship check me from full health to just 410HP left in the first few minutes of the game. I didn’t even see it, I was spotted by a hybrid while playing ranked. It also insta deleted the other cruiser on my team. The dude was like sorry bro. I just laughed and said hey man you paid for the ship outright so its all good. Pan-am cruiser armor is tissue paper on a good day and broadside… well… lol.

  12. The PirateMongoose

    There’s some kind of weirdness in WG’s coding that makes dispersion on two-gun turrets extremely hit-or-miss (but mostly miss)

  13. This is a very great ship for flanking, like as with the Bourgogne. Hybrid secondary build, 40 knots speed with Brisk, fast loading guns… This will be very good.

  14. Yep, they gimped Hizen with a missing repair party too. I, like most, didn’t realize that until I actually got her … which is what WG hopes for. They did the same with JB’s sub attack range, Fenyang’s HE pen, Strasbourg’s atrocious armor, Yukon’s range, etc.

    • Yukon’s range is so atrocious I have played her less now. Hopefully Commonwealth will get a good battleship; that or extend Yukon’s range to at least 18 km.

  15. I would absolutely run brisk on this ship, given its speed and protection. I’ve been using that on the British BC line and some other BB’s and its a nice skill to have if you have the stealth to go dark and disengage.

  16. Hopefully someone does one of those beautiful cinematic build videos if the Daisen. Like seeing her being built cinematically because they are fun to watch

  17. i wanted this ship, but i saw the camo (the one with the horizontal lines) and i was honestly dissapointed (yes, i get ships because of the looks)
    but now that i know that you get an alternative camo (ceremonial), that looks exactly like the one IJN Akitsushima had i might comeback to the game and do the grind lol

  18. The near vertical armor is called the “Belt Armor”. The “Turtleback Armor” is the sloped armor behind the belt.

  19. Thank you for the review. The Daisen is not interesting for me thinking about the enemy in mainly T 10 + T * ships.

  20. kingofcastlechaos

    I would like to know why WG does not use the same camera that Aslains Mod Pack uses for the port. It allows you to get INSIDE the ship and see fine details, as well as moving far away from the ship to see the entire city surrounding the ports. The Ffords map let’s you see the entrances in and out of the anchorage. There was a massive amount of work done by the art department that is hidden to everyone not using that app.

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