World of Warships – Dakka

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USS Austin, the capital of the great state of Texas. Most Texans believe Texas should be its own country. Most other Americans wish they were! MalteseKnight doesn’t have an opinion either way, but he does love the ship named after the state capital.

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  1. Ah yes the light destroyer Austin, never change Jingles

  2. You’re savin me Jingles, all this boring YT content and another gem to save me. On top of that Malta in a CL, can’t wait.

  3. Another great game by MaldeezKnight and another great video by The Mighty Jingles

  4. I don’t even play the game anymore, but i watch jingles enjoy gameplay.

  5. Jingles ‘try hard 7, try harder’ , jingles in this video ‘but where’s the fun in them just capping and winning’ . I demand consistency dammit 😀

    • To be honest, they’re not opposites.
      One thing can be safer to win but not funny.
      And it would be extremely amazing for that Worcester to sink an Ohio, a full hp Bourgogne and Austin alone

    • @Voygliz but that’s also how all the throws go, “it would be amazing/very unlikely if he wins this”.

    • If you’re THAT good, it’s allowed and even encouraged.

  6. What astounds me is that, apart from the damage record, he got over 100k damage as well in something that started with 35k health. He reprinted his ship two times during that battle.

  7. good job replay file. the austin is sailing in an amazingly straight line for max rudder shift 1:30

  8. Robert Docherty

    Seems a tad OP but fair play what a great game and demonstration from a highly skilled player. Was thinking of the battles I’ve had And could count in 1 hand those yellow captains that pulled out for a ram 😃 never 1 to refuse an invite. Mind my favourite 1 to date was a Benson who must have thought he was in a bigger ship having tried to ram me in my Ryujo. 🙈😂😂

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      She is only OP as the man who sails her. Malta has terrific map awareness and positioning skill, so he could make the most out of her. Meanwhile, bad or even average players will struggle with Austin. Colbert is another example, potentially even more busted damage output but only if you know what you’re doing

  9. Austin: fires every 8seconds

    Jingles: *ITS A MACHINEGUN!*

    Austin: ha Ok… (_activate reload booster_)

  10. I’ll admit. Watching the Austin in action again almost makes me want to reinstall the game.

    I like how the Maltese Falcon double clicked to get a full simultaneous salvo instead of just holding down the left mouse button. Get more DPS that way.

    • I think they’ve fixed that bug a patch or two ago. Should no longer be a difference.

    • @Sir TogII It is a difference if you dont double click fast enough and thats not a bug related thing, and depending your dakka aiming routine, with slower shells i prefer salvos too. (austin shells arent slow..but he might do it for better aim)

  11. I would love to see a conwoy battle, where we (as attackers) got absolutely wrecked by Kinnimod in Colbert, who said he did 380k dmg and had 9 kills. He also had around 4400+ bxp and it was WITHOUT BUFFS from arms race.

  12. That poor Zao captain. Wrong place, wrong time. I think he sank from the weight of all the artillery munitions that the Austin loaded onboard his ship.

  13. Xenovanguard909

    Well, that reload booster seems totally fair and balanced

  14. “Don’t try to win harder” — Jingles last week
    “If you want to win harder, buy an Austin” — Jingles this week….

  15. Thank You Jingles for the feature, it was awesome! Also, always nice to see Austin shells every time the reload booster comes up haha. 😀

  16. Jingles: “I’m pretty sure he’s coming around this corner looking for the Daring, but he’s run into the Zao instead.”
    MalteseKnight in chat: “I go kill Zao”
    Give credit where it’s due Jingles.

  17. 11:10 “I’m pretty sure he was coming around this corner looking for the Daring” MalteseKnight in chat literally 10s earlier “I go kill zao” “I’ll be back”
    Never change, Jingles 😉

  18. Easily the most entertaining WoWS replay I’ve seen in months! Probably in my top 5 if I ever bothered keeping score xD
    That ram to finish it off was truly the cherry on top! The way he danced around always staying out of sight in between the ambushes was an amazing sight to behold.

  19. Should there be an asterisk on the damage record since this was arms race with the extra HP pool?

  20. That timed ability is just insane when you have it. It’s almost like an “I WIN” button.

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