World of Warships- Dalian First Impressions: Smolensk Junior?

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Hey guys! Today we have the new Tier IX Premium Pan-Asian Cruiser Dalian to review, enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. one thing for sure, she looks quite beautiful and this camo fits her better than the funny one IMHO 🙂 Not sure I would get her right now just for her look though because she doesn’t seem to best anyone in any department.

  2. I thought this ship was a super light cruiser because of 16 mm armour I thought light cruisers was like a Worcester and of course the guns also make it a super light

  3. Looks interesting enough… for 30$. Damn these prices are crazy. If it was available for coal too fine, but dubloons only? Yikes.

  4. People like to call the elbing line a joke but, they don’t laugh when you delete these pan asia cruisers cause unlike them, german dds won’t overpen this paper armor and kill within 3 volleys.

  5. Also the sad part of this ship it originally had hydro before release instead of def aa like the tech line, but war gaming removed the hydro last week and also forgot too re add the def aa

  6. Hello, I really wanted a Smolensk, not possible to get it these days, so i take this ship. Put a xtra smoke duration on it and go for it. Play it like a dd and you be fine, i made a 98000 damage on a Satsuma..and good damage on other ships… yep… its money but its also fun. Greetz.

    • I always give my take from these reviews as a +1 to what the reviewer gives it. Why? Their ratings score is what they give it “After” the boat is now in their fleet over what it would be when NOT.

      There are a few ships I do not have and probably will never get due to being a missed event or resource and try not to let that happen again.

    • @The Affiliate well… you can only know what the ship is about, when you play it… thats why you need to own it.. and if the ship is not good… then i write that it is not good… Thats all.

    • Just play a Harugumo, it’s free, better concealment, and no citadel.

    • @ken pumphrey hello, i already have one…

  7. Ooof, this one is more interesting than Kearsage, just waiting for the dubs voucher after 1 month of release 🙂

  8. Dalian, the ship which is named after the city of Dalian, Port Arthur in russian, a place which was responsible for the russo-japanese wars.

  9. I’d buy it for coal, but for definately not for dubs. Won’t mind devstriking some enemy Dalians tho!😅

  10. if you want to buy this, just go play Kitakaze with Range mod.

  11. “Smallerish” would be a good name for the Dalian.

  12. I’m one of the crazy person you mentioned and bought the 150 dollars bundle because it’s my home city. Lots of childhood memory there. The reason I bought it? I can only get the perma camo and the flag there.

  13. HE fire spammer. even more if you’ve got the special commander for PanAsia, which doubles the Demo. expert effect. So this ship is for those missing out on Smolensk for a chance to pay WG.

  14. i think WG is playing with more aggressive matchmaking algorithm that if you have a higher win rate you are more likely to get match with more suckier teammate. and vice versa. so if you want good team mate, play badly from time to time.

  15. I thought the Dalian was a fruit, but then I realised I was thinking of the Durian.

  16. Another con, the price. Not worth it in my opinion.

  17. the only place i could find these guns was on battleships secondariers……ragner almost has as much health

  18. Imgoingtomakeyoupoplikethat Oof

    I was in one of the battles against ya last night in my petro the whole team potatoed so I was tryin to snipe ya gg legit she is no where close to smol she lacks range and playes more like harbin which ive heard bad stuff about.

  19. How on earth is a “cruiser” less protected than some destroyers ? 16* mm plate is even thinner than standard 19 mm of high tier DD LMAO

  20. The entire cruiser line works best kiting/ defending flank

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