World of warships – Dallas WiP

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Here is the new USN light cruiser, the Dallas.
This match is not one of those super uber great mega results which most ppl never reach.
This is one of the games you can easily expect to have in this ship.


  1. Realblbblbllyyy looool

  2. Flambass, how would you say Dallas’s AA compares to the new T6 Pensacola’s? Do the light cruisers have much better AA overall, or are the differences minimal?

  3. Flambass  USN CLs are pure support ships help out in early to midgame with their consumables and stay out of sight -not at back of map just behind cover – until late game where their daka-daka becomes stronger I think.

    • So basicly leftist beta gameplay?

    • well not sure what that means but they are not fast or tanky enough to play in open water early and if you want to win you have to do the little things that keep the others on your team alive kill planes spot torps with hydro spot DDs with Radar – above T8 – while get in a little HE daka-daka from behind cover. let me put it this way … when did you last successfully yolo with a Omaha??????

  4. wellll it’s a new mex u have to give him credit for trying to shoot you in smoke

  5. Hello hel…….. oh, wrong flam-guy

  6. lol the AT-STs? XD it kinda does look like them. Also. THAT Blind fire. I love it. Where the hell can I get that, and not them going undetected after I shoot at them. Also…have you tried the operation in the PTS Cherry Blossom? Apparently no one but Jingles and whoever was with him can complete the damn thing…and made it even worse…and all the regular Operations in the game are nearly impossible to do. Hell, they even jack up the credits lost if you lose. On the Ultimate Frontier Op, if you lose, the service cost alone was 69k! but yet if I win, the service cost was like…23k. even if it was a 1 tier difference, there’s no way in hell that there is THAT huge of a gap in service cost of a ship, especially if you lose in Random battle

    • I managed to complete Cherry Blossom a couple of times (in a Baltimore and Chapayev) but it’s a bitch to do. I don’t think it’ll make it to the live server in it’s current form – that pair of Myokos at the start concentrate their fire on the landing force do too much damage too quickly.

    • haven’t tried it yet, gonna w8 for it to hit live servers

  7. USS Dallas is the J.F.K. of american Cruisers: Headshots all the time

  8. Is it weird that I’m more excited for Dallas than I was for Cleveland?

  9. I’m finding it hard to get excited about the new line. I call them the “50 shades of the Cleveland” line. I may be one of the few that liked the T6 Cleveland more. Good video thanks.

  10. CrankyMammal 999

    You finally had a team that somewhat knew how to play boss. Awesome. Good job to that Nick. Great vid Flambass.

  11. A cc to look forward to then. Baby rage lmao

  12. Rip old Cleveland ;_(
    Gonna miss ya.

  13. Hans, defensive AA?

  14. LMAO Flambass that Star Wars reference had me rolling it does look like the AT-ST

  15. Gareth Fairclough

    Come onnn big D….FLY!!!!!

  16. 8s reload is normal just like Buddyonne , Leander and Nurnberg .

  17. So the real question. Is this a good replacement for the t6 Cleveland? I’m not sold on it yet.

    • ChannelCreatedToAllowMeToComment

      By itself, Dallas is not a bad ship, but I am annoyed that I have to give up a great ship for an average ship. Plus the Tier 8 Cleveland (though it has lots of tools and a couple of buffs) is a ship that has a high skill ceiling if you want to play it well. I am doubly pi$$ed TBH.

    • Cleveland was broken to be quite honest.

  18. Koenigsongo’s.

  19. Why did Wargaming decide to name this ship Dallas? There was a ship named Dallas that served from 1920-1945, but it was a Clemson Class Destroyer named after Alexander J. Dallas. Now they did change the name of the ship slightly in 1945 from Dallas to Alexander Dallas to free the name for a Cruiser but that proposed “Dallas” was supposed to be a Des Moines class heavy Cruiser that was never completed. ,

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