World of Warships – Damage Isn’t Everything

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People have long complained that World of Warships rewards damage done disproportionately over teamplay, and while that’s probably true, we’re going to see that raw damage alone isn’t everything.

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  1. First and no one cares

  2. Oh the boat game…hooray!

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  4. The jingle man cometh

  5. Hey team, can ya be a tea-

    Oh, and half of them are dead.

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  7. uploaded 16 seconds ago? And I just got my morning coffee ready! Sweet!

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    last time i was this early…. (shot gun clicking) yes sir! back to work sir!

  12. Morning oh mighty one

  13. Damage Isn’t Everything. True, kills are the other 10%

  14. Darkness Nighthingale

    Damage isn’t everything? That’s like saying salt mines production isn’t everything.

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