World of Warships: Damage Record – 484k by Stratmania

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footage the tier 10 US aircraft Midway.


  1. Shift Press to enter the Binocular view

  2. This one time I did 80 damage in one game?

  3. And they say CVs are unplayable and underpowered.

  4. (1) be gud at using the horrible CV UI
    (2) have a lot of BB in MM
    (3) have a really bad team
    (4) have a slightly better enemy team

  5. No there are other 500k games in asia server plz clarfy at first

  6. Андрей За́йцев

    The hakuryu can never do this shiit.WG over buffed the midway.but m deffinitely not against it.about damn time the midway came into the spotlight. GG

    • Your wrong…

      Midway and Hakuryu have the same number of bombers. Hakuryu has all tier 10 bombers with a much faster reload.

      You (we) just haven’t gotten games with 10 BBs per team like him.

    • Андрей За́йцев

      Admiral Reeves but their torps deal much lesser damage right? Combine that with a small airgroup(highly susceptible to getting wiped out before even reaching the desired target) and you’ve got yourself a pretty lacklustre offensive force.

    • Андрей За́йцев (ifu don’t consider the fighter role) ijn can do more damage over time and stack to different ship for wave, midway have great apha but less squad and torplane r only tier 8 (so more fragile)

  7. Stratmania can be stratmaniac now

  8. When your sky cancer ain’t strong enough to carry the game…

  9. on EU everyone of those BBs would have AA builds :< it was a nice game tho, to bad his team was potato.

  10. Finally Aeeron regularly makes videos again!!!??

  11. PFFF stop showing us some noob replays who can’t even win.

  12. People seem amazed that his team ‘let him down’ and ‘wow how did they manage to lose with him doing that much dmg!?’, but the truth is, if his team wasn’t potato then he in no way could possibly get the damage record in the first place. To set these records you have to both be playing a bad team, but have an even worse team yourself.

  13. “And for some magical reason around four planes are still alive on the winning squadron” – it’s called the N Squared Law, and applies to the surface battle the rest of us fight, but less drastically so because we actually carry the damage throughout the whole match.

    Here is an explanation of it as well as a calculation of how changes in ship parameter affect the outcome:

    • no it’s not, it’s called RNG. Sometimes a squadron would quicly lose 3 planes, making it 3 against 6 and the small squadron would somehow still win. watch the video

  14. imagine mogami’s face when he saw the MM

  15. i swear there used to be a german streamer when the game came out that got a 500k game in the hakuryu

  16. Im amazed people commented oh he is just a good player but not really that impressive without telling which part they could do better.
    Even pointing because he got bad team, then he should be able to rank up damage easily and such.
    Did you even realize how hard to carry the team ? Moreover if they are complete potato.
    About why Strat didn’t send his fighter to defend the Yamato in time, IMO he shouldn’t.
    There are more ships to care about in the center, shooting those BB fighter planes actually better than saving that Yamato.
    Which IMO, saved in time or not he will just gonna die anyway. Look at the ships blob behind him.

    The only other good SEA CV player that i recognize is YONE.
    There are more but they seldom to play, not as much as YONE and Strat.
    Like the one who prioritize to kill 5 (all) of my team DDs than other ships.
    It was Ocean map and he knows well if the other ships at my team didn’t provide enough AA umbrella to cover DDs.
    Also many chinese players also did beautiful torpedo drops.

    Now if you positioned yourself as BB on enemy team, and deleted by Strat, i bet you’re the type of people who angry a lot pointing if your CV didn’t protect you enough.
    Even though your CV is actually competent.
    FYI the enemy team isn’t that potato at this video, except for some.
    They did good job with AA blob, they don’t broadside as much as Strat’s team.
    And the dont suicide when losing…
    Sorry that Minotaur at the end, he shouldn’t be played like that.
    He could use some island cover and plane spotting to shoot over island instead giving away his ship.

  17. cv in general
    do max damage and your team still potatoes
    granted this is SEA I believe

  18. This game need more CVs to end this BB shit overtake, i mean what’s the point to play CL anymore ? If you want HE play RN BB, if you want speed the French BB is coming.

  19. Hilariously broken.

  20. At 3:52 Aerroon mentions the web site he used for statistical information, but I can not understand what he said.  Anyone know what this site is?

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