[World of Warships] Damage record ft. Republique

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DonR;t drink and broadside!

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  1. I understand that ship now… WG said :
    “every broadside salvo you hit, you will get 12K damage no matter what..”
    The result : first 2 pens salvos dealt 12k damage, and at the same time, 3pens, 2 overpens salvo ALSO DEALT 12k damage…
    so what ‘s the point to get many guns if you deal the same amount of damage anyway?

  2. Nice game. Thank you for the strategy commentary. I can see the method behind getting a flanking position even when your team ( I used that lightly) decided to stay all in a ball above C. I guess that also kept the enemy team pointing to the North and gave you some really nice broadsides to play with. I know it is a sin, but I like using Conqueror AP. How do you compare Conqueror AP to Republique AP at distance. I usually use HE at distance unless that broadside calls my name to please shoot it.

    • Baron Blansit The Rep has greater pen values then the Yamato under 14.7km. That’s why I strive to get close with it. Conq AP is good but the dispersion is poor

  3. Wow cool. By the way, ships. Do you like the new warships in War Thunder?

  4. Nice one Runner

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