World of Warships – “Damn it Flambass” he says xD

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Another game in one of my fav tier 10 BBs, and probably THE MOST fav tier 10 BB.

I’m once again in division to 2 crazy ass dudes and we’re having fun.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Do another cancer div 🙂 Kremlin, Stalingrad, Smolensk.

  2. 13:42 French 💯

  3. the last volley was just 2OPs a bounce and a shatter don’t sweat it. :O

  4. actuale Flambass its from the movie “The great escape” where a german asks Papieren bitte to an escape englishman great movie btw.

    • have a thumbs up from me for reminding me of one of my favorite childhood movies and making me feel all nostalgic  ^_^

    • try without the mansplainging opening of “actually”,
      you sure its not from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when hes dressed as concierge on the Airship and throws the Kraut officer out the window?

    • @Nate Dogg well, if we are talking about in which movie it was used first, than “The Great Escape” would be it. But why always the contest between “which movie/game is it from”. Is it so hard to imagine multiple movies using the same thing, when, you know, someone is asked to identify themselves.

      I personally remember it from the first Medal of Honor game, where you were on a ship and you had to find more papers for higher clearance levels.

  5. Time to redo a LYON division (with MONKEY in the lead).

  6. I always assumed it was from the game Papers, Please.

  7. Really intense! GG!

  8. “Just one click and I’m on the bottom” haha

  9. In Medal Of Honor this was the mission in submarine base. You go undercover and place bombs in the submarine 🙂 This was my favourite mission in game! I was doing it every time I open game 🙂

  10. Im sick and tired of this. I now demand 50 games where ships keep sailing broadside to me for 1 min straight and i can carry the game. Just sickening

  11. Wargaming should allow players to pick a camo that they like and make it a permanent camo.

  12. Good ol medal of honor. I remember those days….

  13. Every game Flambass upload with division mates, they always die and he goes on to have a Stellar performance……

  14. >”why do you always have to be on top?”

    WG must give bonus base xp to CC accounts. I was in a game with Notser, he did literally nothing the whole match and still ended on top.

  15. “Thats when you know you’re playing with Flambass!” so far quote of 2020

  16. In the second have of the game when you pushed B the reds threw away their ships. So many broadside!!!!

  17. PS1 yea i still can remember that mission
    which u just had one Passport and they just watch it,some of them were ok the rest said Nien :))

  18. 10:52 that is the basic – 4% to enemy dispersion camo on Venezia Flambass

  19. 1:30 oh man the u-boat level in medal of honour. That takes me waaay back

  20. Flambass just said “Jimmy Paterson”…. I now like him even more.

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