World of Warships – Dancing with The Devil

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In which Garlicdrone takes the Pepsi Challenge against not one, but TWO aircraft carriers. But there’s a method to his madness.

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  1. Been playing this game for 8 years, and can confirm that WG is still working hard to throw this game under the bus. But cheers for the vid, Jingles, entertaining as always! 07 old man

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Yeah that is true , I have clan mate that was off line for 1142 days , in 800days he was gone I have write him and massage in game that i hope he is fine and did not died on corona or something , I had no hope he will ever respond , and he did in Saturday , he have writen that he got married and had daughter so he quit game , but now he is back … I have call him fool for getting back to game 😉

    • I concur, 8 year ‘veteran’ here. Back in the early days I was so keen to get playing. Nowadays I have to build up the will to play it. Unfortunately it’s the only game I play nowadays so quitting isn’t really on the table. I wish I could find another game I could invest my time and money in.

    • OK, I guess I am an insensitive capitalist pig, but I truly do not understand the blatant hostility WG have for the players that are paying them money.
      Also in since closed Beta. But I still enjoy the game. I just play around Tier VII except for Ranked and other events, to avoid the high tier fantasy ships. There are a significant number of experienced players in the mid and even lower tiers.

    • i quit a few years ago with zero regrets, still entertaining to watch a Jingles vid though.

  2. Read the title and was instantly hoping this was a Vampire replay, since HMAS Vampire was nicknamed The Bat, and The Batmobile, and the first thing I though of when reading the title was one of Joker’s catchphrases from the 1989 Batman movie: “Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?”

    • 😂 Jack Nicholson is the best Joker, imo! Just like Danny Diveto played the Penguin perfectly and I can’t see anyone else in the role! My favorite Cat Woman is still Eartha Kitt! And Wonder Woman played by Linda Carter!🤤 That was the best time to be a kid! 😂

    • @Paul Vamos for me the best Joker is hands down, without a doubt Mark Hamill. Just the fact that you can’t even spell his name without Arkham is nothing short of incredible. It’s a shame he announced he will no longer voice Joker because Kevin Conroy died, we lost an undeniable legend when he shuffled off this mortal coil. Man fuck cancer. In terms of live action, while I appreciate Nicholson’s take, you just can’t beat Heath Ledger. Joaquin Phoenix takes second place purely because of the raw emotion and cadence present with his delivery, with Nicholson in a close third because he was more obsessed with Vikki Vale instead of being a threat to Gotham, Cesar Romero takes fourth mainly because whilst he had plenty of funny moments, he didn’t leave that big an impact like Ledger, Phoenix and Nicholson, and the less said about Jared Leto the better.

    • @Josh Creepa Yes, Heath is better but Jack is my first movie Joker and I also think Jim Carrey would have been a great Joker! 🤣👍

    • @Paul Vamos Jim Carrey slayed it as Riddler though.

  3. I loved old style CV RTS gameplay exactly for how different it was from other ships. The tense standoff with opponent fighters, trying to outsmart opposite CV player. It was interesting, unlike current mode.

    • I preferred the old one as well.
      Especially as you could build either for airsuperority with lots of fighters or strike with more bombers.
      Think also the idea that you could assign a squadron to provide cover for an allied ship was a neat idea.

      And do not forget that carriers were vulnerable back then. Being caught alone in the open was a sure way to get killed.
      Now they are imune to fires an flodding most of the time. Have automatic defenses against other planes and subs.
      And the russian carriers can nearly outrun a destroyer.

    • Never tried to play the old style CV but could appreciate the skill involved when a good player showed up so somehow that meant being sunk by them wasn’t so bad.
      Todays CV’s? Not likely! I’m afraid I have no respect for any CV player simply because of the mechanics of the game – like Subs (urgh) they are too easy to play well and have too many gimmicks going for them.
      If I wanted to fly aeroplanes I’d play a flight-sim. If I wanted to captain a sub I’d play a sub-sim.

    • @Jack Aubrey True, and the real problem is CVs and Subs make destroyers more or less useless.
      They both can spot better, both can do stealth better,
      The only defense you have in a DD is speed and stealth and both classes more or less negate that advantage.
      Not that it was not hard enough already with all the Hydro and Radar.
      And nowadaays nearly every ship has torpedoes as well, so another reason for a deastroyer is gone.

    • The CV rework ended the game for me when WG decided to push ahead with it despite the testers and the community were opposed to it. I haven’t played it since then and watching the replays from the Game of Throws doesn’t make me miss the game at all because the game I knew doesn’t exist anymore.

    • The worst part of the rework for me was that I had just unlocked the Bogue when they did the rework. As a strategy player by nature RTS carriers were the love of the game for me.

  4. Richard Winstanley

    This mode was awesome for grinding tier 8 ships. Lost count of the amount of battles had no carriers in them. It was wonderful 😀

    • You will grind much faster and with more fun T8 in Ops lol.

    • Sure it was, and wargaming actually listens to player feedback and cares about the players and wishes to provide a good experience with out gouging money from people at every possible turn

    • Richard Winstanley

      @SEN Pt More fun maybe, but you dont grind faster. Ops give more exp than Co-Op, but significantly less than Randoms and this new game mode.
      Plus Ops is way too dependant on the team playing the objective, which most just dont do, especially in Cherry Blossom.

    • @PaperiLiidokki – sarcasm 100% + 1000% from me :p

  5. aQuestionableQuestion

    Err Halland with the special captain will monster any CV. Mino’s are also a good bet if you can stay alive long enough. The Kidd isn’t the only ship that can give CVs a hard time

    • As a CV main, I can agree

    • and ship that can get into main gun range of a cv can give the cv a hard time. I have managed it in slow as excrement american battleships.

    • @Jaqui Greenlees Also if the CV is tier 8 and doesn’t have an armored flight deck, ends up in a tier 9 game, they need to be careful of Musashi with spotter plane. Several times I’ve had our CV spot the enemy CV, see they aren’t moving and within one or two salvos suddenly there isn’t an enemy CV anymore. Sadly if it’s a Brit CV or against the tier 10s this isn’t effective because they gave them armored flight decks…much sadge.

    • Yep.

      Halland, petro and mino are some of the few surface ships capable of neutering a CV.

      Petro actually excels with an AA build because if you can bait a CV into focusing you with the AA captain skill you get a significant reload boost for your radar and dfaa. Downside is no hydro, but it’s a petro and that thing is a beast.

      Halland is halland and eats planes for fun.

      Mino is like petro in that it gets the extra range needed to deter a CV but personally I’d only take the AA flag and spec mino for your playstyle because unlike petro, mino likes to have quite a few skills.

    • @luketfer new mexico, 1 broadside and full health serov went to the bottom.

      pensicola, 2 full broadsides and full health serov went to the bottom.

      both were my personal battles a while back.

      you get a cv in range of your main guns and they are having a bad day.

      this morning, ryujo went from full health to 25% with my dallas dumping he into her bows. then the sub on my team nailed her with a torp and she went to the bottom. victory as last ship on other team.

  6. That Lexington was missing every drop. Not even a Kidd can stay alive against a competent CV, couple of bomb drops and you’re done.

    • The bombs aren’t what you need to worry about, they have RNG so they aren’t predictable. It’s the tops you need to worry about, one good prediction drop and you’re toast

  7. I haven’t seen anyone splash 70 aircraft by themselves since before the CV rework. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the fun police suffer death by a thousand cuts in that manner.

    • Aw man I still remember my AA spec Fletcher being the bane of CVs late game coz I can pretty much deplane them and hunt them with impunity

    • @cipher 34 (FOOD) My best memories of making CV cry was the Farragut with the AA hull. God damn that thing shredded planes and a lot of CV players didn’t even see it coming, in more than one way xD

    • @ainumahtar I still remember the captain skill that improves AA when you manually click the planes and my hipper probably trolled a lot of CV captain back then
      Cross dropping me ?
      Well good luck with your squad a 105mm flak is on your ass

    • What’s more satisfying; death by a thousand cuts like in the video or DevStriking them out of existence from across the map? Personally I go for the latter

    • … until dopamine wears out from high numbers and you realize most of those are low highpoint disposable fighters and could be dealt by under-tier ship with worst AA…

  8. Ah good times, i remember watching and enemy cv send his entire plane payload over a mountain to kill a montana, then he discovered the desmoines behind that island with a full AA build, he lost all his planes after about 5 seconds, good times

    • mine will always be a tier 8 CV sending planes over my fully AA specced Queen Elizabeth and suddenly finding they had very few planes left. The Queen Liz, when specced for it, was an AA monster and often took CVs offguard. It was her ‘trade off’ vs the Warspite who had much better turret traverse time and a better heal but worse AA.

    • @luketfer  oh yeah I remember that, you actually had to think about who to attack and the specs of the ships to do good, now it’s just braindead play style

    • AA builds used to be so much fun. I remember playing an AA spec destroyer (I think it was one of the American ones), and while it wasn’t amazing in a gunfight, the reverse ambush of planes when they’re engaging a seemingly easy target and suddenly they’re getting scattered and shot down by a surprise destroyer.

    • Jinan with build has a 99 aa rating

  9. Jingles missing that the concord bridge also dropped torpedoes with the Lexington to make the ‘cross drop’ has to be one of the biggest Jingles moment in history

    • naw, it’s all the time irl Jingles has spent doing the voodoo rituals to get better matchmaking and skills in game in wows that has zero impact on the matchmaking or game skills. 😉

    • He was thinking about that ex-girlfriend down in Baton Rouge “I should call her…”

    • What about bottoming out a nuclear submarine in Cold Waters, dragging it backwards across the mucky hill, “taking off” at the crest of the hill to regain “flight” and power his way up to a shallower depth so he could pump out the flooding and continue his campaign? Ya know, his iconic Jingles Landings, in a fuckin sub.

    • @Jesse GDThat one felt surreal like nothing else, best Cold Water clip by far.

    • Kinda figured 😂

  10. Kidd to the aircrafts carriers : i am not stuck on this map with you…YOUR ARE STUCK ON THIS MAP WITH ME !

  11. Well….This is the first time in a while I have actually been on the edge of my seat, rooting for the kidd.

  12. Jingles – I loved it in the beginning of carriers at tier 4/5. I could always sneak around a map corner and slaughter a carrier in a Destroyer, And I did it too, many times. Back in the days when Carriers were not so OP. Also, you need to add some to the story of your Crazy Louisiana GF in your next Mingles. 😃

    • This trail deal with the mines and smoke planes had me pulling the same thing several times with my Cleveland. They’re so busy playing with the new gadgets they didn’t see 152mm of pain aimed right in their sides.

      Kept air striking in front of me to clear mines and kept pouring the beans to them. It was glorious 😂😂😂

  13. “Kidd might be the only ship in this game that carriers might want to stay away from” – Friesland, Groningen and De Zeven Provincien want to know your location

  14. 16:58 actually Jingles minefields have 40s activation time, so a BB has still time to create a safe path with depth charges through the mines and get into safety before mines activate

  15. Just took a trip to USS Kidd this summer – it is well worth the visit! If you can’t see her in person, USS Kidd does have a YouTube channel (and a website with a virtual tour) – all sorts of great stuff. Thanks for all your great content, Jingles

  16. Another factor that made cross-dropping such a death sentence was the old flood mechanics. Even a single flood did massive damage, and if you got tagged with multiple floods, you either used your damage control or you died. (This also made torpedo boat destroyers much more lethal.)

  17. The Kidd is actually supposed to be going into dry dock soon as soon as the Mississippi River rises to release her from her cradle. Nice to see a replay with her.

  18. OH MY GOD THAT’S ME!!! I’ve been watching for years, ever since the HMS Hood video (which, oddly enough made me decide to go into the Navy, Hooyah!) and sent in the occasional replay. I never expected to get featured, but this was one hell of a game. I was running my mouth a lot lol, but all that matters is who’s standing at the top when the battle’s over. Thanks for the highlight Jingles and keep up the great work o7!

  19. As a pre-rework Hiryu captain main, I will say that I didn’t mind that I couldn’t sink an atlanta. That’s what my team was for. I just cleared the way for them.

  20. i actually like the japanese one with the smoke as it is actually useful being able to support a cruiser when you can drop smoke on him when needed.

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