World of Warships – Daring Impression

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A disappointing impression the Daring and comments on all the British destroyers in general. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Daring Replay – Discord Server

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  1. Watched the stream the day before showcasing this new line can’t say I was to impressed either lackluster to godawful is the easiest way to put it.

  2. WoW, sounds like they are totally screwing over the brit DDs. Imagine if they did this to the Japanese or US DDs.

    • Drvnwolfie I’m not sure about “totally” screwing them. At their core, the Daring seems like it has a lot of potential. BUT it also seems like they’re really hobbling it by not giving it a speed boost, given how slow the ship is already. Just think. If they decided to not give the Khab a speed boost, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world for the Khab, since it’s already quite fast. But on a DD that’s already the slowest tier 10 DD, the lack of speed boost seems like a real killer. I hope that they give it back the Speed Boost consumable. I think that it desperately needs it.

    • crucisnh WG defines British DDs as defensive gunboat type DD, so I don’t think speed fit in to that definition. Plus, 35 knots is already faster than akizuki

  3. But… But… Notser, they’re “defensive”!

  4. wow, just watched flamu and now notser commentary on daring… its like 180 degree turn.

  5. Wow Flamu and Notser’s comments on this ship are complete 180 Degrees!! LOL!
    As for me, I’m leaning more toward Flamus opinion but Notser does make Good Points!

    • OK, maybe I’m wrong, DefAwesome. But I seem recall Notser saying that he considered himself a DD main at some point, which is why I referred to him as a DD main.

    • Flamu’s first impression of the Daring was not exceedingly positive.

    • Actually, no they are parallel in their opinions. Grant it, Flamu gave a commentary with a positive outlook, they both agreed on the same thing concerning torpedoes, speed, and a host of other things. Notser’s commentary was not very positive in his outlook because he is disappointed. Flamu points out his disappointment on the wide spread vs single launch.

      Both agreed that the ship is extremely slow compared to the other tier 10s. Flamu focused on the Daring’s gun system and what it was capable of. That was his most positive commentary of the ship and its sonar; however, he wasn’t pleased with the shallow range of it though the duration was great.

      The overall view, both agree that the Daring is lacking in being able to compete when it comes to speed, using torpedoes as the current meta for destroyers. It was all in the presentation of the commentaries, one sounded positive the other sounded disappointed.

    • Totally agree, can’t abide the man! The way he talks to people and always crying about ships that dont play the way HE thinks they should be played. Very Negative person and thats why I prefer Notser and Jingles both brilliant to watch and with lots of good humour! 🙂

    • Daring’s ridiculously fast reload combined with good concealment might be powerful, but for the line as a whole the lack of engine boost is going to be a huge detriment. Especially with the lower half of the line that don’t even have hydro either.

      All 9 ships in the line need to be balanced, not just the Tier 10. Seeing as German DDs with their much stronger hydro can have both hydro and boost at the same time, why can’t the British DDs get it too? And Notser is absolutely right that wide spread torps are worthless and shouldn’t exist on ships that have single-launch.

  6. I like hearing the differences in opinions for this boat between you and Flamu. Different play styles maybe, but it shows how one person may see a spec as an advantage and the other as a hindrance. Only time will tell how it actually plays after final adjustments. Great video though thanks!

  7. Notser, you forgot that even the Graf Zeppelin has hydro

  8. Now….
    *wait for flambass opinion*
    And i bet jingles gonna mix gearing and daring up

    • I did it about 10 times in my opening, it is super easy to do with these two

    • Not sure why Jingles would mix up an RN DD with a USN DD. After all, he is a proud RN vet. I could see him mixing up ships from two other navies. But Jingles mixing up an RN ship with any other navy’s ships? That’s rank heresy. Heresy, I say!!!! LOL.

  9. Why can’t they make the tier 8, 9 and 10 have a 3-click option on the spread button, for wide, narrow and single options ? and on the whole British torpedo thing… can they not have a partial loading system like they do on the Italian tank line in WoT where if you only shoot 1 round/ torp it reloads that one fast, but if you use 2 or 3 or 4 in the magazine / launcher, that your reload gets exponentially closer to a full 120 second reload ?? Offer that versatility to being able to make a difference when you can, or when you desperately need it ?

    • Partial loading system would be awesome, I’ll have to see what the devs say about it

    • Yes I hate that my Haida has to use all 4 torps before the bank is reloaded…makes attempting to chain floods a useless endeavor

    • I’d prefer if they just took the wide spread out and made it just narrow and single options. Wide spread is only rarely useful, and if you need a wide spread you can just make one manually with the single launches. Narrow spread on the other hand is useful if no need to dump all your torps in a hurry, and wouldn’t have time to single-launch all 10 of them.

  10. The whole Flamu vs. Notser thing is just more tiresome stupidity from and for dull-minded people who like to fling poo on the internets like monkeys fling poo at the zoo. Case in point being some of them crowing here about how they think Flamu arrived at a conclusion 180 degree opposite from Notser’s regarding Daring. That however ignores the fact that it’s quite evident that both Notser and Flamu agree that Daring’s lack of base speed and no speed boost consumable is problematic.

    Flamu complains about Daring’s torps with regard to angles, range, speed, detection and potential damage. However, Daring’s stealth mitigates the limited broadside arcs of the torpedo tubes and the 10 km range of the torps themselves. IMO, 10.5 km to 12 km would be more comfortable but 10 km is not so horrible. Flamu complains about 62 knot torp speed but that’s mitigated by 1.3 km detection! 62 knots is not bad and considering the lower detection is hardly a meaningful difference from 66 knots. Flamu complains about Daring’s 16 km potential damage per torpedo however Z-52’s torpedo potential damage is a mere 14,400. Compare that to even little old T8 Ognevoi torpedoes which have a potential damage rating of 15,100!

    Despite all of that, Flamu still concedes ultimately that Daring’s torpedoes “work very well”.

    I arrive at position on such topics by critically weighing as many reviews as I can, including Notser’s and Flamu’s. I use my own brain to arrive at my own takeaway. From that, I very much suspect Daring needs more speed. Either that comes in the form of 3 to 4 knots of additional base max speed or a generous speed boost consumable. Since Daring’s long torp reload is around 120 seconds/2 minutes, maybe, MAYBE… buff the torps up to 10.5 to 12 km range, then test it again.

    • we know there are some points that are similar in flamu and notser videos such us the torpedo wide spread and slow speed, etc. we said 180 degree because of what we feel after seeing each video, we didnt say all the points contradict. for example after watching flamu’s the viewer feels that the ship is very interesting and after watching notser video they realize more about the drawbacks of said ship and now the ship feels meh.
      please stop being toxic and aggresive, calling people monkey, stupid and dull minded are so childish how old are you. if you are an adult, talk like an adult, respect people and be open minded. not all people are as clever or genius as you are.

    • steve natsume: Who is “we”?

      I’ve read the comments; I know what’s been said. That doesn’t require being a genius. It merely requires reading.

      Perhaps you haven’t read all of the same comments here that I have.

    • how high is your ego that you dont realize by calling people monkey, dullminded and stupid means that you portray yourself as being more clever or genius than other people? i read the comments alright, as far as the ones i read none of them said that all the points flamu said contradict what points notser said. infact they knew that some points are similar. egotistical, defensive, and close minded..sigh
      this will be my last reply because i knew what you are gonna say and if i reply again this wont stop.

    • steve natsume: Apparently, you and I haven’t read all of the same comments.

      Don’t worry though, not everything is about you, your kingdom or “we”. 👑

    • …and it would have been really fun and interesting had we seen one of those games. I generally love your vids and commentary but this feels like so many of your other DD video’s lately where a ship isn’t sunk or in this case, even hit with a torpedo. I perhaps only get 30 minutes of video time on the average day and I choose watch you. So, for me to watch for 16 minutes and see virtually no interesting gameplay, makes me want to skip your DD vids. As a DD player myself, I can not relate to DD game play, where its best weapon isn’t being utilized thoughtfully and deliberately especially when this platform’s concealment is as good as it is. Thanks for your thoughts and I agree that a really strong speed boost skill would be fantastic!

  11. I don’t really want to see another power-creep-ship, so I am all for WG using restraint on this one.

  12. The Budgie Admiral

    You might want to try equipping vigilance skill. The tooltip says the skill also increases torpedo detection range by hydroacoustic. I will try it out, since I tend to do quite a bit of smoke firing.

  13. Why don’t they just give the DDs the British HE pen then it would solve the IFHE problem and stay in line with the British theme

  14. SO wait until the alt-UK-DDs get released? Oh I’m sorry, the Commonwealth DDs, with narrow/single torp options and roaming smoke.

  15. Battleship Mutsu

    Would you say that this was “A Daring” video to make *Bu dun tss*

  16. TheLordDeliverence

    I was looking forward to the British line for so long, but instead it’s such an unusual line up. AP firing cruisers, Battleships that primarily fire HE and now these DD’s. Hopefully they come along and bring out a second line of British ships that are similar to all the other Nations ships in the game.

  17. Michael Murillo Boudewins

    its a bit weird that they solved the i-have-to-skill-ifhe one the japanese and intruduce at the same time the next ship which has to do it … :/
    i like the idea of a defensive dd line, but i think the actuall execution is really bad at this stage

  18. This was said in your stream: The Royal Navy doesn’t deserve these ships.
    The RN deserves better ships than what they have in game.

  19. The British DDs might not be able to take a cap, but I think it would be a monster when it comes to holding one. Maybe that’s what Wargaming was going for. A dedicated ship type that moves into a cap once it’s taken and locks it down for your team; freeing up other destroyers and cruisers so they can push into a different area. Speed not as important, high trajectory shells, monstrous DPM, low detection and fast torpedoes with an option for single spread. If they got rid of hydro and replaced it with some form of hard counter for radar these destroyers would be the perfect ship to play king of the hill.

    • That might be the case for Jutland and Daring, but it really doesn’t work for the rest of the British DD line. None of the others are DPM monsters.


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