World of Warships: Daring In The WoWS [WIP]

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Some tests with the new British Daring. You can see a DPM comparison. She’s still a work in progress.

World of Warships footage of the new tier 10 British destroyer Daring.
Test ship provided by Wargaming through the Community Contributor program.
#worldofwarships #daring


  1. Тимми Барч


  2. “What you want Darling ?”

  3. Darling~♡

  4. Boku No Daring Da!

  5. Lewd smoke screens.

  6. TBH I think I will still prefer the German DDs.

  7. “torpedeos of death”

  8. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

    Also Miku best girl fite me

  9. I want Stalin in the Stalingrad

  10. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    I understood that reference…
    Gurren Lagann >>>>>>>>>>>> Darling in the Franxx
    10/10 not enough Giga Drills and badass transformations.

    • Eeehhh. When it was airing then Code Geas > Gurren Lagann.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Aerroon honestly too much legendary anime aired in 2006-2007.
      I could say first half of death note.

      I only made the TTGL and DitF comparison. Since darling is a crappy copy paste version of TTGL – mixed with some Evangelion, Star Driver and Eureka 7.

    • First half of DitF was promising, but then the second half just killed it, as it was just a rippof of many Gainax twists and endings, like Gunbuster, with the 2 lights returning to Earth; Eva, with the franxx who are acctually the same monsters they were fighting against; TTGL, massive transfromations of mechas etc. with none of it making sense in-universe or having any soul like the originals.
      Also let’s not forget the bland and boring dr. Franx backstory, which killed much of the potential world building, the unneeded “alien invaders” twist (which is somewhat a rippof of the anti-spirals from TTGL), the Klaxos are suddenly all chilll with the humans because the assimilator aliens are the real bad guys.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Clearly I can tell you watched mothers basement. Honestly though, I take some of his points with a pinch of salt (he kind-of blew his reputation thinking Re-Creators was a modern master piece in the making – it was obvious it was going to be pretty meh at the start – but that ending killed it completely).

      Dr franx is obscure but the least interesting character in the series (so what if he had a bland back story – at least it explained the past events of the series) – relating this to “ruining world building” is pretty petty – it seriously tilts me honestly. I mean Lord Genome had little to no back story – but TTGL still delivered gloriously through other aspects.

      The reason why Darling got so much “automatic hype” – since it was the Hiroyuki imaishi “mecha anime” 10 years after guren lagann – we kinda expected it to be a copy paste parody of TTGL and Eva (considering typical Studio Trigger).

      But… so what if it was a parody / inspired off TTGL/EVA – what mattered was the story – which was good for the first half… UNTIL Studio Trigger decided to thinking they can squeeze everything in 1 season and went ham.

      Honestly it was obvious Darling had slower progression than TTGL even after the first few eps. I found they spent more time on the character development – which is a good thing – as it will sting if anything happens to the characters (yeah about that). I even expected them to compensate for it by adding another season – but nope – they ruined all that world building by trying to squeeze it all at 24 eps.

      They just needed to take their time. – overall it was more Drama over Action – so they just needed more time for Action… but ofcourse they decided to squeeze the entire final fight of interplanetary engagements to a span of 2 eps. = hell we dont even know a thing about VIRM – its just an antagonist for the sake of plot – that we barely know anything about.
      The final fight scene triggered me.
      SPOILER WARNING for TTGL and Darling!
      With Apus and Strelitzia yolo rushing the enemy planet with the HringHorni spear…
      it was literally a RIP OFF of King Kittan yolo rushing the Death Spiral machine with a giga drill.

      Difference is for TTGL – it actually felt sad and it allowed Cathedral Arca to transform into Chouginga GL ~ which is undeniably one of the manliest and greatest transformation sequences of mecha in anime history…

  11. TrungVN the Purpdonkey

    Darling <3 <3 <3 <3

  12. Daaarliing!!!!

  13. What will happen if u play this ship with “darling” in the franxx OP in the back?

  14. cries in japanese destroyers

  15. Hmm. I…. don’t think pitting Ducky against Daring is….. a right choice. Since Daring will face Harugumo. XD

    • Yes, but there are obviously other things to consider too. In a real fight they’d both be firing HE and Daring would deal more DPM that way.

    • Aerroon True indeed. But 10 100mm guns is still a scary prospect. So best hope you doesn’t bump into one while your gun face the other way. 😉

  16. You did NOT just make a franxx reference

  17. Very nice smoke penis 😀

  18. Rageusran W.Horizon

    Hakuryu vs all DD pls.

  19. No Daring vs Khaba? Disappointed!

  20. Thank you Aerroon your the only one to do these comparisons .. note to self don’t let your RN DD’s with in secondary range of a CV …… other wise she is looking ok .. with the right cap skills and upgrades 🙂
    What about the rest of the line as it’ll take a while to get our Darling ….. I mean HMS Daring 🙂

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