World of Warships: Daring Is Caring

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Daring is an amazing destroyer. It has a heal, great smoke screens, hydro, good DPM – basically everything you could ask for.
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0:00 Daring Match
18:46 End Screen
19:40 Captain Skills & Upgrades
20:48 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy destroyer Daring.


  1. Hi,I’m first

  2. Ramírez León Efraín

    Nice replay!, greetings! ;))

  3. halloooo, und welcome!
    great editing as always, fast forward that boring maneuvering for the first 2 minutes with your commentary intro.

  4. I would really love to have your speed boost at the start of your games.

  5. Bite My Shinny Metal Arse

    It´s true dude.. Daring is (S)caring

  6. One of the MANY things I dislike about this game is if you get a very passive team at the start and hang back, as well as DDs that suicide rush with no support. The game is over in the first 2 mins. I can count the number of fingers on one hand the times this has been turned around by the passive team. Usually only if the enemy team pushes to win harder and runs into a crossfire.

    The team that gets cap control early and holds that control as well as has the best DD players almost always wins.

    Too much is reliant on so few players in a team if it’s a win or loss.

  7. the skill one that gives 5% extra AP damage is a good choice for your last 2 points of ur commander. Also soon is gonna be buffed to 7%

  8. I’ve noticed that destroyer dispersion is absurd

    • The new Germans have half the dispersion of normal DDs too 😀

    • Michał Banasiak

      It could be if you targeting other DDs with dispersion talent for 15 sec after detection, that is really annoying from like 6 km on low speed shell dds.

  9. boristhebarbarian

    Hey Aerroon, I have noticed you never use RDF when you play DD. For me that is a must have especially fo IJN, Pan-Asian, Euro and UK DD’s. It allows me to be more predictive of the enemies intentions since i am lacking the skill and analysis of enemy intentions you display. I feel the need to survive the first few minutes of a game are well worth the 4 captain skill points and a slight decrease in firing speed. Would you agree that different skill levels need different captain builds like this. If so what would your captain skill suggestions be for noob DD captains?

    • Michał Banasiak

      RPF/RDF is necessary if you are lazy and don’t want to risk being surprised by other dd hunters. You can suplement this by You own awareness and believe me 4 points can be beneficial in other talents for sure. Especially for Daring type DDs.

    • A good noob DD skill is Priority Target. Like RDF, it helps you gauge enemy intentions. It tells you when 5 ships are targeting you. It also tells you when you’re detected and ignored, useful data for gunboating. Notice that Aerroon does not use it here; it’s utility diminishes with increased player awareness.

  10. Great stuff.
    But couldn’t you just detonate the Henri IV?

  11. RearAdmiralBIGCORE


  12. I estimate speed with all surface ship classes in general as approx 1 square on the minimap equals 1 minute. Some ships go faster, some slower and map sizes are different but as a rough estimation it served me well for the last couple of years, at least T8 to TX which i play 90% of the time. Also capping equals 1 minute, so it’s easy to guess kinda accurate how long it takes to get a cap from some spot on the map.

  13. Has there ever been a “normal” replay by you? 😂😂😂
    The game is a adverisement for buying the Daring. Maybe you should change your job and sell ships. Great game Aerroon! The player sailing the Vampire did not know his ship, right? Thank you for uploading this great YouTube video.
    All the best!

    • Michał Banasiak

      Well exactly my thoughts. That Vampire should use its crawling smoke and its 5km hydro and push Aerron of the cap. But thats premium owners, You cant be sure if it is not like first game for them 😀

    • @Michał Banasiak
      Same thought here …
      Why does he not use …
      Why does he not activate …
      All the best Sir!

  14. Dimitar Kodzhabashev

    very good game! here are the games I’m used to seeing from you😆👏

  15. ‘Who Dares Wins’

  16. When does the GB DD line become sexy to sail? I’ve gotten to the Jervis, and I feel it’s very….mediocre, at BEST!

  17. they had an italian player playing CV in their team that’s why they lost kek

    anyway, ggwp aerroon!

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