World of Warships Daring Tier 10 Royal Navy Destroyer Preview and IFHE Issues

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Today we have a preview of the Tier 10 RN DD Daring. This gunboat has an ultra fast reload. However, it also has a reliance on IFHE, which has become an unhealthy trend.


  1. Have you guys been given all the British DD’s? Vulgarr has shown off the T5 Acasta and I’ve seen Daring and Jutland vids, but so far nothing on the low-tier ships where people (especially newcomers) will start.

    ETA: Hyde is the vicious nasty one; Jekyll is the meek and mild doctor. I know you stuck with HE to make a point on the first Yammy, but I can’t help but think switching to AP might have been the better option there. Seems to me if you take a captain up the line, you should have enough skill points by the time you get to the Daring… but I think you are GENERALLY correct in regard to IFHE. I suspect it needs to either be baked in or become a skill requiring fewer points. Alternatively, deck and side plating need a major global nerf at high tiers.

    • Yes they have all, watched flamu stream from tier 2 and up

    • Hopefully we’ll see some of the lower-tier stuff appear here. I know the best players won’t be in them for more than one or two games, but it’s a different matter for the newcomers.

    • But_Can_ You_Meme

      The thought of new and therefore bad players trying to use these DD’s as my teammate is a scary thought. However, i will enjoy farming the easy xp of said players. When they are on the other team and completely at the mercy of my team due to their lack of game knowledge, speed boost to escape and skill, it’s gonna be funny ripping them apart…

  2. no speed boost in radar meta =death

  3. Ship looks like it’ll be outclassed by the Japanese t10
    Also excited for even more he spam in this game ?

  4. Khaba frightened?

    Come on, shoot your 130 mm shells from 11-12 km at full speed and those returning floaty 114 mm shells will still be in the air after the Daring explodes and sinks.

    Not to mention that neither the HE or AP will pen the Khaba often.

    I can’t imagine Khaba being worried, but I’d love to see the video.

    • But a Daring doesn’t need to engage a Khaba at 11-12 km due to the 5.7 km detection, either Khaba will force an engagement with a Daring for a cap or stumble upon one, and then at near 5.7 km the floaty shells don’t matter as much and Darings RoF, hydro and smoke will keep it alive.

  5. but wait if IFHE being a must have is bad. What about concealment expert? Why would that be OK to be a must have. I know it is a must have on almost all ships in the game but still that shouldn’t be the case too right?

    • That’s what gets me, Concealment Expert is all okay, but IFHE? God forbid! And if you only think of taking something before Concealment Expert, heavens will rain fury upon you.

    • The difference between CE and IFHE is that with very few exceptions, all ships take CE. But with IFHE, there are only a very few ships that really “need” it. And that makes all the difference. Furthermore, the ships that don’t really need CE can do just fine without it. But any ship that “needs” IFHE, DESPERATELY needs it, otherwise they become almost completely ineffective because their HE becomes almost useless.

    • Ooooooo, good question!

  6. The crazy thing is WG just changed the Akazuki having to have IFHE to do anything and now they come up with no ships that need it. Just nuts.

  7. Why can’t hit the gearing…missed like 8 full salvoes on him…tells me that either aim wasn’t a strong suit or the gun placement causes off-aim shots often depending on how you’re angled

  8. Oh boi I made it in the video :^)

  9. Colonel David Davenport

    Great video! I agree 100% about IFHE – 4 points?  What a handicap to provide the right build for a lackluster DD!

  10. Was going to leave a Daring pun here but i already used it v.v

  11. I really wish WG makes some big changes to these ships, I love the tier 8, 9 and 10 designs but the line is not that appealing

  12. Regarding IFHE. I think that the IFHE skill should be removed. And at the same time, all guns of 6″ or smaller should have IFHE baked in, and guns that are larger than that don’t need it so they don’t get IFHE baked in. This would fix the “IFHE required” problem across the board. And we could all move on to other issues.

  13. Maybe Warbaming needs to consider baking in the 1/4 pen HE rule for all dd main battery guns <150mm or 120 or some play-tested value. Which is what they are doing with the 100mm IJN dds currently. Just a thought, idk . . .

  14. looks interesting ship.

  15. New line new issues

  16. andreas pedersen

    I’m sure it will get the famous special RN HE with extra dmg and penetration?

  17. my first thought was a minimino… not quite but quite similar

  18. So ifhe makes every dd a gun boat. Yay, like they dont start enough fires anyways, and coupled with torps and smoke and people wonder why the bbs camp in the back. Fires to overpowered, and it works on shattered shells.

  19. IFHE should be: No IFHE = pen level 1. With IFHE = pen level 2.

    As it is with 114 mm ( and Akizuki 100 mm used to be) it’s No IFHE = No damage. With IFHE = some damage.

  20. 82 shatters on that Yamato at the beginning with ZERO damage? This whole line looks unappealing to me. I guess IFHE does help but….meh.

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