World of Warships: Daring Version 2 WIP, T10 RN DD

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The RN is still currently WIP but we got a new version of the Daring, the T10 to show off! With some small tweaks to the ship its much more enjoyable! Check out this great game in this currently WIP ship!

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  1. Eustace Stritchers

    Ummm…First? Really, nice work Mejash. I played with you a couple of times as a random pleb and you are definitely one of the better CCs.

  2. Tier 10 gadjah mada lol

  3. Heya, Majesh. This is Schindlers_stink_fist, I see you in game quite often. I’m usually the DD driver. Lol Thanks for the vid, really looking forward to this line.

  4. Operational Tactics

    7/10 of a kilometer is 700 meters… 😉 I think the Daring looks like a fun ship. Seems like an ambush type dd like the lower tier US dds, but it looks fun 🙂

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